Happy Friday Morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We made it to Friday once again!! This is always a difficult Friday for teaching because of all the conferences we did yesterday. Everyone is so worn out and those middle school teachers are off so that doesn't hurt:) O.k. enough venting!

    After work I'm hoping to go to the health club but Friday naps usually win out so we'll see.

    Be sure to stop by the happy hour in the water cooler today!

    Wishing all a beautiful day
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, Sharon. I hope you get to the health club today.

    I had a lazy day today, after hitting the books hard over the last few weeks. I finished my book but wasn't happy about the last couple of chapters and yesterday I worked hard, tidied up those chapters and was able to email it to husband who printed out two copies for me. I'm meeting with a publishing consultant on Sunday. Wish me luck! I still had a bit more work to do for that as well - I have to now sell the book to an interested publisher.

    So I figured, time to get my Vitamin D dose. I got on my scooter and took my notes to the beach, spent a little time soaking up the sun and writing up my pitch. The wind chill factor was up a bit but the sand underneath me was warm so it made up for it. Tomorrow morning I hope to get in a bit more sun time. Possible rain forecast in the afternoon - we're fully in a La Nina effect here, which for us means humidity,, heat and storms all summer. But at least the sea is very warm, I enjoy a warm sea to swim in.

    We saw an ad on TV tonight for a new movie - "The Immortals". I almost want into panic mode, the ad looked like someone had written something too similar to my book (which is based on the Minotaur legend). But I looked up the movie when I got home - it's okay, what I have got will still look very original. I just don't want the market swamped by mythology before I get to make my mark!

    It's already Saturday here (just) so I'd better get to bed. I need to catch up on sleep. I've been dreaming in Greek myths for weeks now, as I got down to the final chapters.

    For my next work, it's probably back to the future - I've got a partly finished sci-fi near future novella which could well expand into something bigger. Not as big as my current epic, thank goodness! Or there's the book on raising difficult child 3 and the hurdles we've had to jump. THAT one is going to offend people!

    Enjoy your Friday. I'll be thinking of you all enjoying your winter while I sweat it out at the beach, and in the garden pruning the star jasmine and fertilising the tomatoes...

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Sharon, Marg and all to follow!

    It's Free Choice Friday so I'm wishing everyone a fun and relaxing choice today! Mine will be hopefully getting a small nap in after 3.

    Sharon, wishing you a nap and a beautiful day too!

    Marg, good luck with the publishers! Enjoy the sunning and the pruning!

    I had a marathon day yesterday - left the house at 7 and didn't return until after 8. Worked a really tough day at the office and then straight to school to conduct a ptsa meeting (our president was out of town) which was supposed to run about an hour but ended up running 2.5! Busy time of the year. I've already been to the grocery this morning, I've a few little things to do around the house and I have a plumber coming at 9 to replace the thermal coupling on my gas fireplace in the family room. As soon as he is done I'm heading back to the office until difficult child pick up time -- after that I'm planning that nap!

    Have a great Friday all!

  4. hearts and roses

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    Good morning!

    Sharon, I vote for the nap myself! I am hoping to get one in after work and before dinnertime.

    Marg, Your books sound very interesting! I think it's wonderful!

    Sharon (LDM) - you are a go getter! Wow, grocers already! Enjoy your nap!

    It's a quiet Friday in the office today - most everyone is out so I am hoping to catch up on some things.

    I did my class presentation last evening and handed in my paper (which was not due until Dec 15th, but I wanted to get it off my head). The presentation went very well and I feel good about it. I overheard my teacher telling someone that I was her "A" student! I presented material on being a caregiver to an elderly parent. I touched on dementia and alternative living arrangements - something near and dear to my heart for the past two years. We had to present on something we know, so I chose that. The other topic I was toying with was our bodies and healthy living, but I didn't feel I had anything new to offer. We all know the benefits of balanced eating, good night's sleep and exercise. I was going to touch on alternative medicine and introduce some material on homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, but decided to go the other way. Anyway, glad that portion of my class is behind me. Now I can focus on journaling and the final.

    Have a great day everyone!