Happy Friday Morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :princess: We made it to Friday :princess:

    It's almost 30 degrees colder this morning that it was yesterday :cold: but it it feels right for the week before :thanksgiving1:

    Couldn't really stay abed this morning. Keep thinking about easy child getting on the plane this morning. You know how it is...... They pulled out of here in two minivans (6 kids in each one!) and headed to Baltimore last night. They stayed in hotel near the airport last night and their plane leaves for San Antonio at 8 this morning. I would imagine they are waking and throwing on some clothes now! I wouldn't want to resonsibility to wake up 12 teenages at 5 am :surprise:

    I am hoping for a relaxing weekend. I am going to run to the grocer this morning right after taking difficult child to school, then I'm going to come home and straighten up the house. I did all the landry the other day so I should be good until Monday. It's been a long and busy week for me. I'm in need of some down time. :bath:

    Don't forget it's Free Choice Friday - Mine will be falling asleep in my chair by the fire tonight!

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-How exciting for easy child-I so remember those DECA trips and how much fun we had! Good for you that you will be getting some down time-you deserve it! :bath:

    Rough night last night at our house but not with difficult child. It was easy child and I way overreacted to something she said-ever wish for a do-over? I felt a bit gfgish myself-not my best mom moment ever. Oh well we settled our disagreement but she is having a hard time doing the right thing after messing up-poor girl-I actually feel bad for her.

    It's cold here this morning-only 22 degrees :cold:I peeked at the extended forecast and there is some snow-probably just flurries and only a high of 31 by Thanksgiving day. :blizzard:

    After work we head out for Michigan. I'm excited about the game but my body is feeling rather tired and I wish I could just zap myself there and avoid the whole traveling thing!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day-hi if you snuck in. :flower:
  3. happymomof2

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    Good Morning, it's a bit chilly here as well. I do hope it will be cool for Thanksgiving - kinda hard to get in the mood to do all that cooking when it's 80 out.

    Since I am new here I will have to study up on the abbreviations. My son will be home today, Monday and Tuesday. Teach sent his work home for those days. Hoping by the time they go back to school after Thanksgiving break the Attend will start having some affect on him.

    One of my sisters will be coming this weekend to help me out with mom. She comes every other weekend. I really look forward to it. I actually get to go somewhere, even if it's just to run errands.

    Hope you all have a great day.

  4. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:
    LDM- Crossing fingers that your quiet weekend goes off without a hitch. :bath:
    Sharon- I bet easy child will look back on last night when she makes the same mistake with her own child. Go easy on yourself. :bag:
    Duckie has another half day today and husband flies in from Maine this afternoon. I have some paperwork and bills then I take Duckie for her Christmas picture. :blizzard:
    Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :thanksgiving1:
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Sharon, I'm sure easy child is going to have a great time!!! I definitely wouldn't want to have to wake those teens either!!! I'm glad you're going to get a chance to relax and unwind this weekend. :bath: :flower:

    Sharon, Don't be too hard on yourself over last night with easy child. Not one of us is perfect. You're a great mom and she knows it!!! Enjoy the game!!!:fan:

    Laura, It's nice to see you here. I hope you get a much deserved break from caretaking and have some time to do something special just for yourself. :bath: :reading: :smile:...

    TM, Have fun taking Duckie for her Christmas picture!!!:picture: I used to love picking out a special holiday outfit for easy child, taking her to see Santa, and having her picture taken. Sometimes I miss her younger years so much...

    Today is a stressful day for me. I have another Team Meeting for difficult child 2. The SD certainly knows how to prolong having to provide services - This entire process was started last March - We still don't have a decent IEP for difficult child 2. :grrr: Anyway, I'm in full :warrior: mode!!!

    I'm hoping to get a bit of time to take easy child Christmas shopping this weekend. Other than that, I'm hoping it will be peaceful...

    I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today :flower: :autumn: WFEN :thanksgivingday:
  6. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Sharon I, I hope easy child has fun. It's always worrying when there are so many f them so far fro home... right now it's "schoolies" week in various parts of Australia. It actually goes for more than a week, a lot of it is on the Gold Coast and it's a place for kids to head for when they've finally finished their high schooling. We never let our kids go, it's a bit too wild for our liking. And there are the older blokes who prey on the kids, known as 'toolies'.

    Sharon II, it IS hard when we fail to be perfect with our kids. hey, it happens. And I can't believe how cold it is for you! I'd love the chance to experience more snow some day, when we can just live with it for a while and see how we adapt. It was a bit rough only getting it on the last day in our unit, in New Zealand - we were supposed to be on the road after that, but couldn't go anywhere because of the snow, we were too busy trying to get past roadblocks to really enjoy the novelty of it all.

    Laura, welcome to the morning thread. I hope you enjoy your respite over the weekend.

    TM, enjoy your time with Duckie.

    difficult child 3 hasn't been able to concentrate too well over the last few days. It's been a disrupted week with me heading out to doctors etc. So today, with husband home and difficult child 3 complaining that with his dad home, it was even more difficult to concentrate, I suggested getting away from a lot of the distractions and taking the portable classroom to the beach. So we did - the 'portable classroom' is a large-ish beach shelter which pegs into the sand. I call it the 'floobadoop', in honour of Don Martin, onomatopoeic cartoonist from MAD magazine.
    And in one hour at the beach, difficult child 3 got his maths work finished, all but one problem which he was able to work on back at home with no difficulties.

    So it looks like we'll be doing more of that.

    We didn't swim, although I did stick my toe in the water. Cold, but not too bad. About 19C according to the news. But the water was crystal clear, that lovely turquoise you see in tropical island posters, apart from the royal blue of the rocky areas on the sea floor. A faint breeze to take the sting out of the sun, and no other footprints but ours. A few fishermen on the rocks, but our little beach was reserved for me and difficult child 3.

    I think it really does help him relax.

    Works for me.
    Back home, Daisy the budgie is flying around the house and perching on the curtain rail in every room, as if testing to see which one she feels happy in. The trouble is, she forgets the way back to her cage and gets agitated when she wants her seed. I keep having to close doors to herd her back.

    Here's hoping she learns fast, so we don't have to worry so much about her.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  7. Kjs

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    Good Morning to all.

    Sharon - how exciting for easy child. Can't help not think about them, but sure the trip will be memorable. Good you have some time for yourself...This is always a stressful week

    Sharon - with you here on the 22 degrees. Went out for coffee and it is 22 here also. Drive careful during this holiday, frosty road, deer mating season.

    Laura - "kinda hard to get in the mood to do all that cooking when it's 80 out." Where the heck to you live?? How about "trading houses" for the Thanksgiving Holiday?? You deserve some rest. People who take care of their parents have my highest respect. A hard job.

    TM - Holiday pictures were always so much fun. We stopped once school started, but just not the same. Enjoy!

    WFEN - don't envy your day at all. Good Luck.

    And for myself...Physical therapy for my elbow (post op) after work today. Then going to bed.