Happy Friday!!!!!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Happy Friday Morning Friends!!

    I am running late this morning. Class starts in 29 minutes!

    It's cold here this morning - 14 degrees - but tomorrow is forecasted for 65!!!!!!

    I've a really busy day today - tons of running around in the am, then book fair set up at noon.

    I hope your day is productive - don't forget it's free choice day :tongue:

  2. Rabbit

    Rabbit Member

    Good Morning Friends! Hope Everyone has
    a GREAT Day and a nice weekend!
    Sharon- Enjoy the nice weekend weather! I am also
    expecting nice weather soon!
    My day is full of appointments For difficult child 2 and 3.
    Hugs Rabbit
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-65 sounds like a dream come true!! We won't get quite that warm but are getting a warming trend! Enjoy your class and the book fair.

    Rabbit-I hope you find a bit of "me" time in your busy day.

    It's only 5 degrees right now but is headed to 39 today!! Tomorrow they are calling for 46 degrees!:)

    No appts. after work today. I should go to church but often we take a nap on Fridays after work. We might even sneak off to a movie tonight but I'll believe it when we actually do it. Friday nights we are both usually too tired.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing day:peaceful:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, you sound busy. I hope the book fair goes well. I love those.

    Rabbit, don't tire yourself with too much to do.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you get the warmer weather you're wanting.

    It's late at night here, heading for midnight. Today's appointment for difficult child 3 was productive, definitely worth the trek into the city. The iced water helped us stay cool, that plus the air conditioning. We didn't get a swim when we got home, I just had too much to do. This evening I took the washing in (leaving the swim things out there, we usually just grab them off the line as we head to the beach) but just a few minutes ago, it started to RAIN! Of course it has stopped already, the storm was only a tiny blip on the radar screen, but it is still rumbling. Sounds like we're in for a few hours' dry thunder. Here's hoping we don't get too many fires started by lightning,or tomorrow will be a nasty day for us with forecast record high temperatures. We have 40 fires across the state at the moment, and the TV news is saying that it's expected that tomorrow will make parts of our state "the hottest place on Earth". It can't be the hottest ever, perhaps they mean the hottest at the moment. I just saw some TV coverage of the effect of the massive, long heatwave on the food crops - fruit cooking on the vine/tree/bush. Meanwhile Queensland is expecting more rain while thousands of homes are still isolated in the floods.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  5. artana

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    Hi all,

    Sharon - I wish 65!!! Wow, take full advantage of it tomorrow.

    Rabbit - Good luck with all your appointments.

    WO - Enjoy your evening off. You definitely deserve it.

    Marg - I hope the fires don't reach you. Good luck.

    I am better today. My easy child on the other hand woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and diarrhea. It was only one time though, so I sent him to school. Some days I hate being a working mom, since I would really have liked to have kept him home just in case, but I don't really have much time off.:/
  6. Happy Friday All,

    Finally, it is here!

    Sharon, I hope the book fair goes well. easy child always adored book fairs! He has my love of books. Enjoy the warmer weather.

    Rabbit, I hope that the appointments go smoothly, with no rushing :)

    Sharon, I've got my fingers crossed that you do get to see that movie.

    Marg, the rain sounds like a pleasant surprise. Maybe the lightning will be minimal, we can only hope. We get those storms in the summer as well. The power is unbelievable due to the high temps here . They are awesome to watch, but truly frightening.

    artana, I hope that easy child is feeling better soon.

    We are finally getting back on track here after difficult child's hospitalization. He's still quite weak, is using crutches and is wiped out by his school day. We finally had to give up his last class of the day, Spanish 3 - because he just got too far behind while he was in the hospital. He has statistics, calculus, and band left. He adores calculus, so it's not as bad as it sounds :). We have frequent doctor's appointments, so dropping the last class of the day really helps. I was shocked that the school was so willing to work with us on this. I think that they finally get it.

    It has been bitterly cold here, and a pipe in husband's outdoor brewery froze and burst yesterday. Fortunately all of the water was flowing outside, but we have quite a skating rink in our carport! The plumber will be visiting today. He tried to make it last night, but he was just overwhelmed by other folks' broken pipes. Ah, the joys of cold weather!

    Everyone enjoy your weekend!

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  7. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Good Free Choice Friday all!

    Little Dude's Mom - Sounds like you are on fast track today! The book fair will be great fun.

    Rabbit - Another busy person today. Hope you make it to all the appointments on time and none go longer than expected.

    Wiped - Truly a "Free Choice Friday" for you tonight.

    Marg - "Hottest place on earth" I think I shall wait awhile before visiting. I would invite you here but the temp change from hottest to coldest would be a shock to your body. I hope you can continue to find ways to stay cool. Must be getting old.

    Artana - Yes, the very worse part of working outside the home is when the kids are sick. Such a stressful morning coming with terms of what to do for the day.

    1 Day - It would be very hard to make up a foreign language class after being gone for so long. Not so easy to do the homework without the in class coverage of the materials. I hope everything else is caught up soon.

    Today is our first of two Fabulous February Friday. I hope I have gotten everything needed. I will work until 11:30, pick up some pizzas and head to school. I am hoping it is warm enough for the kids to play outside so that I can set up the gym for two of the workshops (decorating boxes and a craft). I need to talk to one of the teachers about using her classroom for the cards person to set up between recess and the first session. Can her kids go into another room?

    My work area is working out well so far. My phone needs to be looked at. When someone called my number, they got the answer machine of the person who is in the office I was first assigned to. Once the phone is set up correctly, I will need to program it with my voice mail and set up a password to pick up messages. This is so goofy - the messages go through your e-mail also.

    We still don't have the copier and fax machine set up. That will be a great big plus to have it sitting next to my desk. I can fax as soon as I prepare the papers for faxing.

    difficult child is selling chocolate bars for his class trip fund raiser ($1 per candy bar). I think he sold 6 1/2 boxes last year. He sold 2 boxes (50 bars per box) already this week. One box alone last night. His teacher said she can give us two boxes for the weekend. He loves to go door to door. Last year this was such a huge self esteem raiser for him. He received top prize of selling the most boxes (about twice as many as the 2nd place person).

    7:30 already? Looks like I had better get going or I will be running late also.

    Have a great day everyone. Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.