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    Happy Friday Everyone!!! I'm glad to see the weekend is almost here. It's been a long week with appts. almost every night after school. I even made it to book club last night which was lots of fun. After that, I ended up staying up with easy child/difficult child and husband watching the Olympics (after Project Runway, of course). It was interesting to see how in to the skating easy child/difficult child was. She was so happy about the USA gold she was jumping, rolling on the ground, and screaming.

    After work tonight we are taking our weekly Friday late afternoon nap! Hopefully then we will motivate ourselves to get to the health club!

    Wishing everyone a fun Friday:icecream:
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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, sounds like a great family time together watching the Olympics ~ it's been fun here as well.

    It's been a busy week here as well; I have a couple of appts today but they are here at the house. I love when people come to me.;)

    I have piano lessons this morning ~ I have Ava Maria about down & am working on a piece by Beethoven & another by Handel. One is a Bagatelle the other a Gavotte. Lots of fun to play.

    Have a good Friday.
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    :cool_dog:Free Choice Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sharon, I know you are ALWAYS happy to wake on Friday mornings! I am loving the Olympics and so is easy child - she got off at 9 last night and actually stopped by here to watch an hour of it with me! I'm glad though that it's the weekend so I can stay up and watch without regard to getting up early! Have a great Friday!!

    Got a call as difficult child and were getting home from school yesterday that asked if we were planning on attending the science fair last night. Keep a secret she said, difficult child came in third in physical science and would be getting a trophy on stage! So I convinced difficult child that going would be fun so I got to see the boy go on stage and get an award.

    Tons and tons of stuff to do today, both around the house and in town. I'm hoping there are enough hours before picking up difficult child to get in all done!

    Have a fabulous free choice friday :jumphappy:

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    Sharon/WO, look after yourself and don't let all those appointments tire you out. We were cheering at the Olympics today too - Australia got a gold medal in the women's snowboarding! difficult child 3 & I were watching it this morning (our time). We don't get many golds in the winter Olympics - something to do with not enough snow to learn on...

    Linda, enjoy your music. I was doing some medieval music with my choir on Wednesday night. Which Ave Maria were you learning? The Beethoven and Handel sound like fun. Both were musical geniuses. Beethoven could work wonders with tat most basic of musical intervals - the minor third. The first thing we ever "sing" in life is a minor third (think of a baby calling out to a parent - they automatically sing in a minor third), so it always connects with us at a most primal level. Beethoven's Fifth, and "Moonlight" both are loaded with minor thirds.

    Sharon/LDM, congrats to difficult child for that award!

    We've had another quiet day today. difficult child 3 was a bit slow in his work but otherwise was mostly on track. I've not been on the computer so much, I'm forcing myself to rest a bit more until I get used to my changed level of activity. So I've been watching DVDs on my laptop.

    It's late tonight, I just got on to the computer after a few hours' break. husband is in the shower, I need to go shower after him and head for bed. We both need our sleep, desperately.

    Tomorrow our neighbours' son is getting married. I've offered them some ivy from our garden, I don't know if they will take us up on it but I need to be ready for them to come knocking early. We're not invited of course; I'm not trying to wangle an invitation. I don't particularly feel like a social occasion, but if we're going to be cutting our ivy back anyway and it would help decorate their marquee, it would be good to combine this. Even though they're next door, we never have problems with too much noise coming form any party they hold; our place is well insulated from sound. We have more trouble with noise from neighbours across the road.

    A good friend dropped in this afternoon to show me the bra she was recommended to wear after her lumpectomy. I think I have one that will do, but I might need to go shopping when I'm out on Tuesday. She showed me her scar - if mine looks as good as hers I will be very happy indeed. She didn't have any lymph glands removed though, and I have to have that. Only one, hopefully. Plus I finally got onto the surgeon's secretary, my worries over some misunderstandings over the things the doctor has ordered have all been straightened out. Everything is falling into place as it should, so I'm relieved. A week to go - a week from now, it should be a done deal and we'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with. Even better further on, after the detailed pathology.

    I keep thinking I have other stuff on tomorrow, but I can't think what it is. I've got some work to do with an article I'm working on, I also need to do some cooking and take photos so I think I'll do it all down at mother in law's place and use the opportunity to cook lunch for her at the same time. It's forecast to be hot and sunny for the next few days, so I might see if I can get some beach time in before we head too far down the autumn path. Sea temperature is still 24 C (75 F) which is delightful for swimming.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

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    Marg, I've just completed Moonlight Sonata & am working on Bagatelle Op.33. No.6 by Beethoven. I agree with the thirds; he also includes lots of accidentals in his works.

    The Ava Maria is by Schubert ~ pretty complex piece; the Gavotte is by Handel & is just fun to play.

    I'm starting on the Fataisie Impromptu Op.66 by Chopin this week ~ another beautiful piece in my humble opinion.

    Music is my respite - my zen. That with art have helped me stay sane.
  6. Finally, it's Friday!!!

    Sharon (WO), the book club sounds like such fun. It's nice to have some "me time" mixed in with all the other duties. Have a good workout this evening!

    Linda, I would love to hear you playing your piano. We bought a piano for difficult child when he was taking lessons several years ago. It has set idle since he decided to change instruments. One of easy child's friends occasionally visits and gives it a lovely work out. I guess that I need to sell it, but I love to hear it played and have hopes that difficult child might come back to it some day.

    Sharon (LDM), that is such awesome news about difficult child. I know that you were bursting with pride!

    Marg, I do hope that you can get some good relaxing beach time in this weekend. It's good to hear that you only have a week to go. My thoughts and prayers are with you all the way. I'm just so glad that you have caught this so quickly.

    easy child has gotten himself a job! I always tell him that he was born with a golden halo of luck. On of his classmates ,who graduated a semester before him, was hired by a robotics company. This classmate recommended easy child to the management there. They called him, and asked him to come in a chat with some of the team members. A week later, they call and offer him a job! husband and I are stunned that he has a job that "found" him... LOL... One of the really nice deals about this job is that they are willing to accommodate his goal of hiking the Appalachian trail this summer. Needless to say, he is a bundle of emotions! Joy and terror are all mixed together. The only sticking spot is that the job is located around 25 miles from us. We are all so spoiled by taking the train or walking every where that driving is kind of an alien notion. He'll be in the commuting crowd now . If the job works out, I'm hoping that he can get himself an apartment much closer to the job site.

    Poor difficult child is taking a class that has exams on Saturdays. All of the numerous classes in the University for this particular subject come together in a big room to take the exams together. This is a new concept for me. His first exam in this class is tomorrow, so we'll be off to take care of that. Due to severe budget cuts in the University system, he has to buy his own test (Scantron) forms. We truly live in a new day!

    I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. This week has been particularly taxing for some reason, I'm not really sure why. I'm being furloughed one day next week (four fourlough days have been added at my job due to budget cuts), so I'm hoping to rest, and turn my lemons into lemonade.

    Have a nice, peaceful Friday everyone!

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    Congrats on the science fair award that is great, Julie