Happy Halloween Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    :frenkenstein: Happy Halloween :witchcrafting:

    Good Morning Friends,

    I'm off to work in a bit. difficult child is wide awake and in a major difficult child Halloween mood:goo::jack::ghoul:

    husband and I had a nice evening. We ended up going to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (his fave restaurant period) and then went to look around a book store. Lastly, we stopped at Perkins on our way home so he could get a piece of lemon meringue pie (his late b-day "cake").

    Plans for the day include the usual napping, football, and health club. Of course, difficult child is going trick or treating:frankenstein: and easy child loves handing out the candy:ghost:

    I hope everyone enjoys a not so scary Halloween:pumpkin:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Saturday.

    Sharon/WO, the lemon meringue pie sounds good. difficult child 3 doesn't like them because the texture is too creamy. He doesn't know what he's missing! Enjoy Halloween tonight.

    We've had one of those glorious late spring days today. I had a meeting with my writers group. Had to meet easy child 2/difficult child 2 first, she asked me to bring some of her stuff from home - sewing scraps, netting, tulle, trim etc - so she can work a bit more on her race day hat for next Tuesday. She arrived in full rig, looking like Morticia Addams at the races with her miniature black velvet top hat and fringe of black netting, perched on her head rakishly above her diamante hairclip (I'll have to remind her, she should be carrying a riding crop to complete the outfit). Apart from the hat (which she had wanted to show me) she was wearing her usual casual choice in clothes (including the black lace gloves).

    This was just as the other writers were arriving for our meeting. I had a lot of 'splainin' to do!

    I got home after the meeting to see little kids wandering in supervised groups, trick or treating. it's beginning to catch on a bit more here. At least the kids are now supervised by a parent, plus they only visit homes where it's clearly OK and generally prearranged. husband & I were sitting outside in the garden and saw one large group completely bypass our house. We would have managed if they had visited, I bought a 3 Kg bag of M&Ms a week ago, but the kids clearly had a pre-arranged route.

    I'll find out tomorrow if my neighbour suffered his usual Halloween attacks. I must admit, I didn't see any sign of the usual egg-throwing vandalising hoons this year as I drove home.

    Tomorrow is the annual art festival in the next village. husband, mother in law & I will go round about mid-morning. I've also got a friend with an art gallery exhibition, it opened this afternoon but I was at my meeting. I promised her I'd drop in.

    So tomorrow is a day full of "Kulcha", as well as relaxation and sunshine. We have to make sure that we dress appropriately to enjoy the exhibition of art in the bay - the sculptures are placed on the mud flats, perfectly dry at low tide but as the water flows in, it all changes. It's never more than knee-deep where the sculptures are and this time of the year, the water is pleasantly warm on the flats. I really wish I could space-warp you guys over here for this, tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Halloween, folks.

  3. Fran

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    Good morning all.
    with-O sounds like a lovely birthday celebration for husband. Good luck with difficult child and his trick or treating. I'm like easy child. I love looking at the kids in their costume. Unfortunately, the homes here are pretty far apart for little legs. A Halloween party is given for the neighborhood which everyone is invited to. We will attend that late afternoon.

    Marguerite, I'm betting you love that late spring day as a treat before the grueling heat of the summer is upon you.
    Have fun at the annual art festival. Sounds like a nice way to spend a sunday.

    At our house the jello in a brain mold and heart mold are done and cooling in the fridge. :witchcrafting: difficult child has been up and getting himself ready. He has a busy day today. Picking up girlfriend and her friend plus going to the train station to pick up another friend from Difficult Child. Since all the other guys are still sleeping he is getting his to do list done.
    It's a gray and drizzly day. Feels like autumn.
    husband and I plus the dogs are going out to run errands. Poor Lizzy is not a happy girl with all the noise and strange voices of 4 strangers in the house. She is glued to my side. Wonder if she will wear her angel costume. LOL. I lost my mind and I'm sure they will wear the costume for 1 nanosecond. Just long enough for a photo I hope.

    Hope you get lots of treats and no tricks this year. :ghost:
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sharon, I hope difficult child has fun tonight and is able to morph back into his slightly-less-than-difficult child self when all is said and done :p Sounds like it was a very nice evening out.

    Marg, I would LOVE to see pictures of the sculpture display -- sounds wonderful! And easy child 2/difficult child 2's riding getup sounds delightful! Snap a picture for us next time!

    Fran, I just know the guys are going to have a great time at your place tonight. I just hope you and the dogs survive! :rofl: I love the movie karaoke idea and will try that out with my kids -- I think they'd love it too.

    I quasi-supervised pumpkin carving in the back yard last evening with the three kids. This is the first time they've all done their own with zero intervention on the part of a parent. Kinda scary thinking we could ever get to a point where they could be left alone (for the most part) with knives and within arm's length of eachother with no bloodshed! :p

    easy child got up early this morning and was already in her costume in the back letting the hens out when I got up at 7:30... I think she's excited :D The boys will likely sleep a while longer as is their habit on the weekends. easy child has a bye week for soccer but both boys have games this afternoon, so we will be busy today. Not sure where we're taking them to trick or treat, but we'll figure it out eventually. We don't get many kids in our neighborhood, so we'll probably just have them do our street and then head down to a neighborhood in the "flatlands".

    I'm finally coming out of my funk and have managed to accomplish some deep cleaning here and there, and I got about 8 loads of laundry finished yesterday! I'm feeling very satisfied :D I hope my streak lasts a while because this house needs a lot of work.

    husband will be working on a new run area attached to the coop this weekend with difficult child 1's help. A small retaining wall has to be moved along with a lot of dirt and plants. His chiropractor's not happy with him. :( Last week he rebuilt one of our raised vegetable boxes with some scrap lumber -- but also decided he needed to sift all the soil for rocks and other debris. Ugh. Sometimes I think he just makes work for himself!

    :ghost: Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! :ghost: