Happy Holdiay Monday Morning!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :labor_day: Good Morning!

    Won't be any of that beach sitting around here. We will be in the high 70's with rain coming in this afternoon.

    On my way to the gym for class early this morning and by the time most of you read this, I'll be back home in my bed taking an nap!!!!! At least that is the game plan right now.

    difficult child has his backpack by the back door and everything in his lunchbox but his grape juice and his pepperoni! I'm a little nervous about the "no medication" decision, but he wants to try - did get the lower does rx filled "just in case".

    The plan is for a cookout at four, but we'll see with the forecast. Fortunately, I can do the grilling and we can eat inside if need be.

    Hope your Labor Day is free of labor! Have fun!

  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning friends.
    I am home again. It is so good to wake up in your own bed even if you didn't spend much time in it.
    LDM, sounds like a fun day getting ready for the school year. Hope the rain holds off. I'll keep my fingers crossed that difficult child will grow with this new leap in independent decision making. I always have to remind myself that it isn't my job to keep them from making mistakes but to help them learn to make appropriate decisions and how to readjust when one does make a mistake. Big life lessons for your difficult child.

    We drove back from Pittsburgh last night with our 2 yr old niece. She was a gem. Now she will have to get used to 3 dogs and a whole new house. I expect "tia faine" will be holding her a good bit today. (I will be brushing up on my spanish. yes, she is bilingual)Other than scrubbing the less than clean kitchen and unpacking my only job is to have fun with her.

    difficult child was very frustrated that the dogs were unruly. LOL. I reminded them that he is much busier lately and they are bored. Much like he was before his life took on warp speed.

    He is conflicted about the apartment and the roommate. He isn't sure he wants to committ for a year and that the young man is verrrrrrrryyyy quiet and barely speaks. I did explain that he doesn't have to be best friends with a roommate. I'm not sure difficult child is going to move with this young man. We will give him the information and let difficult child decide. Meanwhile, he continues to date this young lady. (fingers and toes crossed).

    easy child seems happy as a clam. School is going very well and he is having fun. Work is going well also.

    It's been a good month.
    Tomorrow starts boot camp. I'm fairly nervous since I know how hard it will be but I am looking forward to the end when muscles are doing what they are supposed to do and doing it with strength.

    Hope your holiday is a good one.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Sharon-Sounds like a good plan to get your workout in early and then take your nap. In a few minutes I'm planning on heading to the club to get home early enough to take a morning nap. Enjoy the cookout! Keeping fingers crossed that the no medication decision works out!

    Fran-I know what you mean by it feeling good to wake up in your own bed. It's really neat that your niece is bilingual!!!!!!! Many of husband's brothers and sisters are but he and the other younger ones aren't. Back when they were in school the schools told his parents they needed to start speaking only English because they didn't know enough. So they did and husband understands some Spanish but not enough to speak fluently.
    Glad to hear both difficult child and easy child are doing so well!!!! I know you will do great at boot camp!

    I was in such a good mood when I started typing this and then difficult child became a huge pita-grrr! Heading to the club in a bit than a quick nap before my friend and I hit the pool one last time:beach:

    At some point I really should mow the lawn but I am so not giving up my last day at the pool (80 degrees is the predicted high).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:bbq:
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/LDM, you having a nap! Unheard of! And about time! Enjoy...

    Fran, difficult child has come a long way if he can contemplpate having a room mate. I'm glad he's been busy lately. It means socially his life is getting busier and more productive.

    Sharon/WO, sorry difficult child is being such a PITA. I hope the day isn't too unpleasantly hot for you.

    difficult child 3 had a Science exam today, te penultimate one for this school year (Trial School Certificate). The major exam will have to be done at the school centre but this one, we were able to give him at home. He didn't finish it, but I think he got more than half of it done. Which should mean he gets at least a pass. He really does need a lot more time than normal.

    Tomorrow is just another school day, then on Wednesday he has his Computer Studies Trial exam. The school have set up the exam on the school's website - he has to log in to do the exam, the exam site is only open tomorrow during school hours and at exactly 90 minutes after the student begins the exam, it will time out. Clever...

    Wedding plans are hurrying on. I'd ordered some mail order clothes in case I could use any of it for the wedding. Looks like nope. About half of it at least, gets sent back. Oh well... I'm without a car for tomorrow, it looks like. And on Wednesday we will be too busy (unless by some miracle difficult child 3 gets his exam finished early). I need to pin easy child 2/difficult child 2 down to discuss booking pre-wedding accommodation for the family. Tomorrow. I need to buy a cake-tin for the wedding cake, the pregnant bridesmaid had better have that darn baby soon so we can begin making her dress - and we have just over three weeks to go. The other three bridesmaids' dresses still need finishing.

    The calendar is filling up fast.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  5. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Sharon ~ I grill in the rain all the time (or at least I used to); enjoy your day with difficult child. He's apparently excited to get back to school.

    Fran, how fun spending time with your niece. I enjoy my niece T very much. Boot camp, huh? You're a better woman than I.

    Marg, hope your day without a vehicle gives you a good day of rest - doing just what you want to do.

    Sharon (with-o), I like your plans for the day - you can mow the lawn anytime, who knows when the weather will turn.

    I'm off to pick kt up from Residential Treatment Center (RTC) with niece around 10 or so this morning. We are heading out to look at that piano you all couldn't see (it's still up on CraigsList) & back home to a bbq. kt needs to be back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) early because of first day of school.

    Have a pleasant calm day friends.