Happy Holidays Autism Poem.

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    jannie trying to survive....

    sent to her by a mother of a child with Autism.......

    Happy Holidays to all.......

    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the house
    The creatures were stirring
    Yes, even the mouse

    We tried melatonin
    And gave a hot bath
    Asleep early for Christmas?
    ...an unlikely path

    The children were finally
    All nestled in bed
    When visions of Christmas
    Ran through my OWN head

    Did I get the right gift?
    The right color and style?
    Would there be a blank stare
    Or even, maybe, a smile?

    Friends & family come
    But they don't understand
    The pleasure he gets
    Just from bending his hands.

    "Just make him stop it," some say
    "Just tell him "no",
    You must learn to be tough.."
    On, and on they do go...

    We smile and nod
    Because we know deep inside
    The debate is moot
    Let them all take a side

    We know what it's like
    To live with the spectrum
    The struggles and triumphs
    Achievements, regressions

    But what some don't know
    And what some don't see
    Is the joy that we feel
    Over simplicity.

    He said "hello"!
    He ate something green!
    He looked me in my eyes
    He did not cause a scene!

    He peed on the potty!
    Who cares if he's ten;
    He stopped saying the same thing
    Again and again!"

    Some others don't realize
    Just how we can cope
    How we bravely hang on
    At the end of our rope

    But what they don't see
    Is the joy we can't hide
    When our children with autism
    Make the tiniest stride

    We may look at others
    Without the problems we face
    With envy, with wonder,
    Or even distaste,

    What we want them to know
    What's important to see
    Is that children with autism
    Bring simplicity.

    We don't get excited
    Over expensive things
    We jump for joy
    With the progress work brings

    Children with autism
    Try so hard every day
    That they make us proud
    More than words can say.

    They work even harder
    Than you or I
    To achieve something small
    To reach a star in the sky

    So to those who don't get it
    Or can't get a clue
    Take a walk in our shoes
    And I'll assure you…

    That even 10 minutes
    Into the walk
    You'll look at us all
    With respect, even shock.

    You will realize
    What it is we go through
    And the next time you see us
    I can assure you

    That you won't say a thing
    You'll be quiet and learn,
    Like the years I learned too
    When the tables were turned."

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    Merry Christmas! :)
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    OH! I love that. :)

    Now I need a tissue. *sniff*

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    I love it.

    Thank you.