Happy Hump Day (Wednesday)

pigless in VA

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Rains have hit Central Virginia. We were very dry, so I am comforted by the rain on the roof.

pasa, how many windows did you lose in that horrible hail storm? My dad had a tornado rip up 66 trees at his river house. That was a month ago, and he is still super bummed about the long clean-up. Weather is a powerful force.

The crazed vibe continues at the middle school. There is a rumor that the kids are using social media to arrange fights inside the school. I don't know why our school system thought it was a good idea for young kids to all carry computers. They find too many ways to use them inappropriately.

On the up side, my irises are blooming. I'm so glad that I took the time to plant flowers in the yard. They cheer me every day.


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Good morning!

I have a doctor's appointment in a bit to hopefully discover why I've been having pain (that's been getting worse) since September. The NP I usually see is out of the office this week, so I'll be seeing someone else. Hope he has some new ideas.

Hubby's favorite cat is not doing well. She's a rescue that was an indoor/outdoor cat until she disappeared last December. She was returned to us about six weeks ago. Now she's strictly indoor.

It's supposed to rain, complete with thunder and lightening, later this afternoon. We need the rain badly.

Have a wonderful day!


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Pigless, my irises are done. :( Mine are very early bloomers, which is a pity, because after that they're just leaves.

It rained sideways here yesterday, and still seems like it could any minute, but the sun is starting to peek. I'll have to check my flower bed and see if my soap is still there. I have a deer problem...stupid in the middle of town...but they destroy my shade plants - especially Hosta.

I may as well plant lettuce. So last weekend I shredded Irish Spring soap and scattered around them. I also took bamboo bbq skewers and stuck them in the ground pointy-side up, all around and in my plants, punji-stick style. Hopefully, if the deer decide the soap just means their meal is clean, they'll balk at pierced lips!

If not, well, I guess they'll be safe from roaming bands of teeny-tiny zombies.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day...which in my office means FOOD! It starts with doughnuts and ends with a carry-in luncheon. I admit, I was lazy. I bought ham and turkey lunch meat and cheese and made a deli tray. I'm kinda in, "Who the heck cares" mode about everything these days.

Except my flower garden!

Be afraid deer. Be very afraid!


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Good morning my friends ~ Weather here continues cool. Sun today after several cloudy & rainy days. Bright but blustery.

I saw the eye doctor this morning for a long-overdue exam and am happy to report my eyes have stayed about the same! I went ahead and popped the $280 for new frames & lenses, thinking to gain an actual second set of glasses. I have bifocals (for years now) and the doctor says they've made advances with the progressive (no-line) lenses so I decided to treat myself.

Took me forever to find a set a frames that I liked ~ I've had the same set of frames for decades! But when I finally found the ones I wanted it was like coming home. So that's nice!

Just finished with our annual audit in the office yesterday, feel like a kid on the first day of summer vacation today!



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Started my day off with a flat tire on the freeway. Sigh. Had IEPs to attend after school and missed all my classes with my students. So, sitting at Philz Coffee pounding out the emails, apologizing to the classroom teachers that I can't meet with their students today, etc. And apparently my car has weird sized tires so I wait for them to arrive from...wherever they have these things, hopefully by 4 p.m. today. Let's hope we don't get the call to come pick up Dear Difficult Grandson because we ON FIRE this morning before school.

pigless in VA

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Lil, I use electric fencing to keep the deer out of the garden at the farm. They make a solar powered unit to power it which isn't terribly expensive. There's also a deer repellant spray you can use. I'll see if I can find a link for you.

HMBgal, it's annoying when the repair shop has to order parts. I hope you got your tire fixed.


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Best thing I've found to keep deer out of the garden is to feed an adult human male a large amount of red meat; then pour enough beer down him to really get his kidneys working.

Take him out to the garden (best do this at night if you live in a heavily populated area) and have him give his kidneys and bladder some exercise at 8 or so foot intervals around the perimeter of the lawn.

Deer are more afraid of humans than they are other predators. The red meat byproducts in the man's urine reinforce that there's an apex predator in the immediate area. The beer both gives the man "ammunition" to complete the job, and removes any inhibitions he may have about stumbling around in the yard peeing every few feet.

When we had our house in Chicago, half our small back yard was veggies and fruit. We had a horrible problem with rabbits and rodents. husband was quite willing to "treat" the garden, but our next door neighbors had a full view of our yard and also had motion sensor lights. husband at half his steak, one night, half the next, drank his beer on the second night, and peed in a bucket for two days. He then went out and poured "predator pee" around the edges of the garden. Worked like a charm.

The GSD we had at that time, Hanni, was on a raw diet, and her pee would've worked even better than husband's. Problem was that she would've sooner burst than peed somewhere other than in "her" spot at the back of the garage.


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Well, I guess I'll stop complaining about the gophers, skunks, cabbage butterflies, moles, aphids, and every other darn thing that goes after anything I try to grow. I don't have deer...yet. The mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats seems to be keeping them away.


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I use electric fencing to keep the deer out of the garden at the farm.

Not sure what that would do for resale value, lol. It's in my front yard. :)

feed an adult human male a large amount of red meat; then pour enough beer down him to really get his kidneys working

Again, front yard! In the middle of town! :916wildone: I'd rather the men in my family not get arrested for indecent exposure - and I'm pretty sure I don't care to handle the bucket...so...I guess I'll invest in deer resistant plants if the punji sticks don't work.

I'll definitely be showing your post to Jabber though. He may want to quit "marking his territory" every time we go to the new property! LOL!


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If you want to get rid of the moles, treat your lawn for grubs. That's what the moles are feeding on. They'll eat earthworms, but really prefer the grubs. As another benefit of getting rid of the grubs, you won't have nearly as many Junebugs and other harmless but ugly beetles around later in the season.

We had moles at the house. Worse yet we had a dachshund and were fostering a mixed toy terrier of some sort. Both dogs were digging fools: true "earth dogs". They took care of the moles, but left the yard looking like an artillery range when they got done with it. Our old GSD, Hanni even got into it and "helped" the two little dogs with the digging, much to their disgust. Once they chased her off a couple of times, she settled down on what was her lifes's mission for a couple of years: digging up the catch basin.


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Well, husband and I weren't as squeamish about pee and such things. Being around so many tiny baby kittens, and the not to occasional super-senior, we got peed on fairly frequently.

Stu was all set to initially to walk out and whip it out, but i reminded him of the indecency laws in Cook County. He'd already talked his way out of an "indecent exposure" rap for not being as discreet as he should've been when "watering a tree" in a forest preserve. We had just gotten back from Germany where everyone pees everywhere, and hadn't quite gotten adjusted back to American standards.


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The sandwich tray went over great, but there was a lot of food, so guess what Jabber's having for dinner tonight? :p


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Wow. Everyone gardens. Ok.will just have to go on with my own stuff. I have a black thumb.

Any other dog lovers? We used to have quite a few.

Anyhooooo great day. My bone marrow test done due to white cell count being low came back no for the scary stuff. And remember the OWI for my accident because i had a small amount of anti anxiety medications in my sysyem? My lawyer,who was once the attorney of our city, told me not to worry...that he will talk to the DA and the charges will most surely be dropped to wreckless driving. He sounded very confident and I suspect he is used to the few DAs in our town and the one judge. I feel great. That OWI possibility made me sick. I mean...I never have even been drunk in my life...I was not intoxicated.

Cold and yukky in Wisc. Poor jumper comes back from Florida to this.
Have a great day/evening


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Yes, today was disgusting down here by Milwaukee as well. 40, windy, and drizzly.

The few warm, sunny days we got earlier in the month were just a tease.