Happy Hump Day

pigless in VA

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:good_morning: from Seattle. Oops, I mean Richmond. We just seem to be having nothing but Seattle weather.

Yesterday, I was a protor for my first Standards of Learning exam. My job was to sit with a child whom I will call Abby and record her reading her exam. Sadly, I was only allowed to say to her, "read your screen and continue on." Since the whole thing was on audio recording, I didn't want to "compromise" the test. Abby is an incredibly sweet child, but many, many times during the day she will do a "check in" with me. It consists of the following exchange:

A: Am I doing okay?
Me: You are doing great!
A: No, I am not great, I am cool.
Me. Oh, yes! You are cool.
A: Do you still love me?
Me: Yes, I love you.

If her check-in's do not go smoothly, she can deteriorate into a panicky mess. I made certain that she understood that I could not-talk to her during the SOL. When she did her check-in's I flashed her a big grin and a thumbs up. She understood and completed her test beautifully.

Today someone will have to give Jack (my one-on-one) the same exam. Considering that the boy has not listened to a word I've said for the past 6 months, I am happy to not be on the hot seat with him. When I work with him, he refuses to even login on his computer. In no universe can I see him completing a test on a computer.

My nana's oriental poppy is blooming in the garden. I will have to do a whole flower thread when figure out how to post pictures again.

Lil, I'm sendng you some special find a parking space quickly vibes. ~~~~~~~~~~


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We had more baseball sized hail overnight. My suv was in the garage thankfully. I will go out and check the damage later. I really don't want to know.


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Hi. Just woke up. Sounds like you were awesome with that kid, piggy. Thumbs up to YOU. Pass, ugh to the hail. In these parts that has only happened once. Shocked our world and sadly many stunned folks had to get new roofs and had car damage. Not at all fun. I'm so sorry.

Well, I'm off today but it's going to be busy. This morning I have a follow up to an ear infection plus a hearing test. Fun, fun. Then I have a few hours home until I go to a group therapy group I've gone to every other week for years. That's actually fun. We have all been together for so long..it's like talking to friends. Then my day is pretty much shot.

We are expecting a perfect weekend and I have three days off. The dog park for sure.Jumper will be dropping by, driving in from college with no work this weekend.

Have a super stupendous day, one and all.


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Good morning!

Going shopping and having lunch with my mom today. She saw a cute blouse in an ad and wants to see it in person.

Hubby broke a tooth Monday night, and went to the dentist yesterday. A temporary crown fell out, and the nerve is exposed. He has Vicodin and antibiotics, and a root canal scheduled for either Thursday or Friday. He is in a lot of pain and is cranky.

I have the second half of Day 5 of my Buddhism course to finish - didn't get it all done yesterday. I also received a new book to review. No jobs scheduled yet for the rest of the week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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I feel for my grandson's instructional aide when there is some sort of standardized test to be given, although he loves computers, fixes the ones in the classroom (except for the ones he's broken when he has a temper flare). So, good for you, Pigless (I would like to know the story behind your screen name). I'm glad I get to play with the kids and be a fun part of their day. I don't think I be a classroom teacher. I need too much variety, don't mind dashing from school to school and doing something different every day. And the pressure is off for any type of performance measurement. I do try and gather data on their IEP goals, but it's pretty easy. And we aren't allowed to really make a child do anything. We have to ignore challenging behavior, even things like running out of the classroom and all over campus, which several of them do. Just yesterday, a kid tore a metal-framed screen off of a classroom window and was banging it hard into the window trying to get the attention of the autism tutor inside. I watched this for about five minutes and was afraid he was going to break a window and hurt himself. When I approached him to say "No thank you," (which is all I'm allowed to suggest), the tutor came out and and said "We're ignoring." WHAT??? And the same thing happens when they are trying to throw my portable stereo, run off with my iPod (they've destroyed three of my stereos and two iPods). It's made me have eyes in the back of my head, I tell ya. And when they've hit, spit, scratched, or punched me, We aren't allowed to have a reaction or say anything because it's attention-seeking behavior, so we have to ignore that, too. Sigh.

Boo hail! I never appreciated how destructive it can be until in I had to had the hood replaced on my car, and all the metal trim where it hit and made big dents. Crazy stuff.

Have a great day, girls!


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No rain today but overcast and cool. Feels more like the end of winter or beginning of spring than May. I hate it. I am a warm weather bird.

I have a meeting after work today and I am dreading it. This person is negative and overly sensitive with no sense of self-reflection. I deal with her fine but she drags me down and when dealing with so much in my own child, I get exhausted dealing with others' woe-is-me sometimes. Not how I wanted to end my hump day, for sure. Had hoped to slink out and avoid it but nope. (Sigh)


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Part of the job AppleCori. Kind of like being an ER nurse: get messed up and on a lot, but those times when you really help someone keep you going.

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Good Morning, Everybody

I missed Wednesday's morning post altogether. Pigless hasn't begun the thread for Thursday, so I will just tack onto this one for now.

Here is my tip of the day: Coconut oil.

I don't know how we began using it. Maybe, something I read here. However we did begin, I am using it for both night moisturizer and deep cleanser and it is amazing stuff. I have very dry, sensitive skin and so far I am loving this. The moisturizer I use is dermatologist recommended and is over $20 for a little jar. My skin is actually moister and, especially on my neck, looks better. It is supposed to be good for wood furniture too, so I tried it on the the dining room table. Then, I tried it on some of the wood in the house. (The house is a log cabin.) It's the most amazing substance.

So that is my latest exciting thing.

No more ticks or spiders for the past few days. It has been very cold here at night, and it could be they all froze to death and I hope so.


Though there seems to be a colony of black ants in one of the kitchen cupboards. I have never seen anything like that before and cannot imagine where they've come from. It's an inside wall and an upper cabinet, not a lower one. Boom. One day, there they were.

I am not afraid of ants.

I am still deep cleaning, so not so much interesting to say. Rubbing alcohol, water, a drop of liquid dish soap makes an excellent window washing solution. I use a sponge mop to clean the windows, and a squeegee. No streaks and the job is well and quickly done.

Now that the ticks and spiders have, so I sincerely hope but know is probably not true, frozen to death, I will begin gardening with impunity.

Here is a scary factoid: Woodticks fall out of trees onto people.


Have a nice morning, everyone.