Happy International Women's Day!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SuZir, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. SuZir

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    Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman and have a happy International Women's Day!

    UN theme for this year's IWD is Time for Action to End Violence Against Women. Most of us live in Western countries with little to no institutional violence against women, but that doesn't protect us from violence in our homes. And it is certainly imperative to remember those countless women who live in parts of the world they have little to no security from violence because of the societal upheaval, poverty, out-right war or laws and cultural paradigms that make women powerless and vulnerable.

    It is also a time to celebrate our femininity, after all, it's quite nice to be a woman. If no one else is doing it, buy yourself a nice bouquet of roses to celebrate that. And those of you with daughters, do make a point of celebrating a day and share with her the history of strong women all around the globe.
  2. buddy

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    Well happy international women's day to you too. Cool.

    Let's see, women's news from the US...

    President Obama just signed the expanded violence against women act ....

    Wish there was no need ...
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    And back at ya, Suz. How wonderful that the US FINALLY (cough) passed this bill.

    I am sad every time I think of countries that still don't recognize that woman deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and equality. But one day...
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    Thanks for pointing out this important day. As a senior citizen I have a history of trying to contribute to the women's rights issues over the decades. Although "we" have come a long way I am shocked that so few young women grasp the importance of supporting the cause. I'm not sure how it happened. Young women who got excellent college educations (often as a result of hard fought for legislation guaranteeing equal access) have climbed the Corporate ladders (which used to sumarily discount females) and now are safely on firm economic ground BUT now they don't support Planned Parenthood, Head Start, Mentoring Programs, Domestic Violence Shelters etc. etc. Most of them don't even seem to "get" that realignment of voting districts is usually done to limit minority voices.

    Of my four daughters only one easy child actually gives of herself working hands on with the disadvantaged. I don't get it! Going to Church and dropping dollars is a good thing.
    My hope and prayer is that women will learn to support women at home and around the World. Thanks for marking this day. DDD