Happy Memorial Day Weekend


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No Saturday thread yet? I hope you all have pleasant plans.

Not sure what Jabber and I will be doing this weekend. Thanks to lots of reasons, money is tight, so no trips. We might head down to the property, but the rain has been crazy. Blue skys one minute and a toadstrangler the next. We'll go at some point, since the cemetery where my parents are is close. Other than that, my plans involved paint and varnish, but the constant rain makes that problematic. So maybe a lazy weekend?

Hope you all find time to relax.


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Well, I got that load of laundry done, so it's no longer taunting me.

A "decor" fell off one of my tops in the dryer. I could hear it rattling around in there, could see the space where it was missing, but couldn't find the darn thing to save my life. I just hope it hasn't somehow gotten into the "works" of the dryer.

I woke up this AM with all 4 of Thomas' legs wrapped around my arm. He didn't want me to get up. Unfortunately, I REALLY had to pee, so despite his (vociferous) protests, I extricated myself and ran (hobbled) for the bathroom.

When I headed back into the bedroom to get dressed, he flopped over and started mrrroowwwwling, trying to lure me back into bed.

Fuzzy ol' beggar gave up and went back to bed alone. HE slept until 1230.

Meanwhile, Squeaky has been all over me since I got up.

I went out to my mother's on Thursday. She got some old 8mm films of me and my sister as small children transferred to DVD, we watched those together, which stirred up an awful lot of stuff which I'll write about once I figure out how to put it into words.

Right now it is bouncing around the inside of my skull stiirring up more and more old stuff that I thought I had well-buried, or at least hadn't thought about in decades. I'll likely post it in FOO, when I get it sorted out enough to output it coherently.


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I am on forced house confinement so as to not compromise my recovery by picking up some other foul ailment. I am missing my grandson's soccer tournament and bbq. My Gizmo is ticked that we are not out and about. I am waiting for all the stuff I ordered from online grocery and amazon. The books I ordered came yesterday. We have a new baby in the family. Liam came into this world weighing a whooping 9lbs. 10 oz. The mother only weighs 98 dripping wet. Three more days of this and I will pull my hair out.


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Husband and I teamed up and mowed the lawn. We moved lawn furniture out onto the lawn patio and sat and relaxed with a great breeze on a hot day. Middle son and his family stopping over later to head to watch fire-works later tonight. Daughter and her family might come as well. But if not, we will see them at some point over this weekend holiday. Wishing everyone a peaceful heart, at least for a few days.

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We are having rainy, cool weather here, too. Damage to the plants from the Weed & Feed is becoming more apparent. Those I watered immediately are faring better than those I did not water the day it happened. (The Weed & Feed was in dry form.) We've had over two inches of good, hard rain in the past week, and I am sure that helped.

I did learn that perennials will come back the next year.

We aren't doing anything special for Memorial Day, but we will be barbecuing on Monday. Wishing everyone a nice holiday weekend.

Drive carefully, peeps.



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Hi, everyone.

Hubby and I went to breakfast, went to the store to get things for a salad, then he went to a movie and I took a nap. The dog is annoyed that the cats have eaten his breakfast, but he didn't want it, so...

Weather is getting to hot for my liking - we'rein the 90's today and will be slowly ramping up to the 100's later this week. I hate this weather. There's a limit to the clothing you can remove and still go outside.

Hope everyone has a good (what's left of the) day.


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While serving in the Persian Gulf, My late husband discovered that the men's robes, called an 'abaya' are actually much cooler than Western clothing. The robe traps a layer of cooler air against the body and absorbs sweat, so it also helps with evaporative cooling.

I'm not suggesting that anyone run out and buy a burkha, but I personally have found that a long, loose sundress with nothing on under it, is actually cooler than being naked.

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I had a nice lunch with my mother yesterday. I helped her clean up after the horses in the afternoon. We talked a lot. There is something about being out with nature which grounds me, centers me, strengthens me, and calms me.


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Hi all. Hope your weekend stays calm and peaceful. Normally we would barbecue with Sonic and Jumper, but both Jumper and I have to work this weekend. For me, I work Monday and Tuesday as well.

I have wedding next Friday. It is a "casual" wedding, but still have to buy something to wear. I dont own even one dress or skirt. Guess this will change.

The bride and groom to be go to college and live in Alaska. They have interesting stories...lol. both came from Wisconsin originally. Alaska sounds cool, but almost like a different country.

Have a magnificent holiday weekend, one and all!!!


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Long weekend? Really? We don't have one. I have to WORK on Monday - a real work day - even though three quarters of the people I support are in the US.

No, I can't complain. We got our long weekend LAST weekend :D