Happy Memorial Day!

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    I am proud to be the daughter, granddaughter, niece, niece-in-law, aunt and lets not forget the best, MOTHER of men and women who served in the military of this Great Nation. I can never relay how proud I am of each and every one of them. From my grandfather who served in WWI on a Navy ship as a firefighter, to my uncles and father who stood and fought against unthinkable horrors in Europe, Iwo Jima and Guadicanal. They served in Korea and Vietnam and lost their lives there attempting to save their platoons. And still, the younger generation...my kids generation chose to follow in those footsteps and follow those people into service to country because that is the honorable thing to do. Im proud to know these people.

    On this memorial day as we salute all who have paid the ultimute price, we also salute all the members of the armed forces who ever served and who ever will serve. For they are all brother in arms.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndPWPGvZSn8&feature=related"]YouTube - Heroes by Branded[/ame]
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    :) I come from generations and generations of vets all the way back to the settling of this country- am a grand-daughter, daughter, step-daughter, and cousin of war vets and a peace-time vet myself. I had hoped my son would serve as well. Sigh....I guess his JROTC time will be as close as he's allowed to get. Anyway, Happy Memorial Day to you, too, Janet!
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    Happy Memorial Day Janet!!

    husband was in for 14 yrs Navy/Army. His brother served Army. His uncles and grandfather went to West Point and were officers in the Army. (big wigs lol) husband's nephew is still serving. My brother in law is retired Army, sis also served, cousin served, have a great neice getting ready to ship out after graduation. I could go on but the list is pretty long. :D

    I'm proud of all who serve to protect their country. And offer my Thanks for that service. And pray that those in action are able to come back unharmed to their families and friends.

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    I am proud to say several of my relatives have been vets also. I am also watching one child make the decision to go into the service. Proud of them all that serve. I love being in the airport near here when someone comes home. They make a HUGE deal of it to welcome them home.

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    Thank you Janet. I am going to look for a tape I have with patriotic songs to play while the younger generation are here doing board games today.
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    That's a beautiful song. A heartfelt "Thank You" to each and every vet, living or deceased. You're in my thoughts today. At the moment my husband is golfing with his bff whose son just left for Iraq on Wed. I've known this kid since he was born, and all he ever wanted to do was to be a soldier. He's 23, just married, and this was his first year as a teacher, teaching math, and coaching a lacrosse team. He was in all the local papers recently, I'm very proud of him.