Happy Middle of the Week Morning!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Mar 19, 2008.

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    :bunny_ears:Good Wednesday Morning!!!!!

    Been up for about an hour already. My back was bothering me so bad I just had to get out of bed. So I'm down sitting by the fire and enjoying some nice smooth coffee and hoping my back loosens up in time for me to hit the gym at 8. I'm just thinking that my change in "movement" has thrown my body off kilter. I'm sticking with it though! I feel so much better.

    Keeping Linda in my thoughts this morning. I believe her first appointment is this morning at Mayo. If you see this Linda, I'm thinking about you :angel2:.

    So difficult child asked me last night, "Did you get stuff so I can dye some eggs?" :easter_eggs: Well heck, haven't done that in two years! My mom will actually enjoy doing that with him 'cause it's probably been many, many years since she has dyed Easter eggs. I'll have them do that together on Saturday. Mom will be here Friday morning and she wants to hit Costco first! I will tell you that it will be a whirlwind of shopping while she's here. She is definately an "on-the-go-gal". She keeps me hopping :lady:.

    Wishing everyone a great Wednesday as we work on the downhill side of this week. I'm just working for Friday afternoon when spring break begins!!!!!!

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    Good morning LDM. :)

    I'm sorry to read that your back is bothering you. You may want to take a motrin before hitting the gym!

    Today is Duckie's last day of school before Easter break. I have some errands this morning then plan to take a nap before volunteering at the school library later. We have Brownies tonight.

    Have a great day!
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    G'day Sharon & TM. And Linda, somewhere in the vicinity of Mayo Clinic.

    Sharon, I hope your back settles down for Easter. Would acupuncture help? And dyed Easter eggs - I remember making dyes by soaking crepe paper in water, and using a djanting to put wax on eggs, to make batik eggs for Easter one year. Frankly, tying them up in a stocking with a few parsley leaves and boiling them in dye is much less trouble.

    TM, Duckie finishes school on Wednesday? We go until Thursday, then school is back on Wednesday.

    husband unmoulded the candle last night and we found it was green - we didn't polish out the verdigris from the inside of the copper mould. And it won't all polish off, so we have an off-white marbled with green Easter candle. I began painting it, I found a lovely design which I have adapted. It's from this site - http://candlecarving.googlepages.com/pictures
    - and it's the one from Gethsemane Lutheran, but without the tree. I thought the waves design at the bottom was apt, for a church on the beach. The trouble is, the glass paints I'm using (oil-based) are taking DAYS to dry, so I hope it's dry by Sunday.

    I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 to her specialist this afternoon then got some urgent errands done. husband wanted me to buy Easter eggs from our specialty chocolate shop especially for his sister's family who arrived this morning (staying with mother in law). They always bring chocolate from their favourite place in Perth, and we want to give them some from our top people here. A bit of sweet rivalry going on!

    We just got back from having dinner with them.

    Tomorrow difficult child 3 & I are collecting our friends from Philadelphia from Sydney airport. They're staying in the city for a few days, coming out to meet us on Saturday for a long drive into the countryside. It should be fun!

    If I'm too busy to post, have a happy Easter/Passover [tick whichever is applicable].

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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Sharon, I hope your back feels better soon!!! I think TM has a good idea - Ibuprofen is a wonderful thing!!!

    TM, A nap sounds like a great idea!!! Just reading about your day makes me want one too:sleeping:

    This morning is easy child's final time as an oral speller for her school's spelling team as she graduates from the middle school and will begin high school in the fall. My "baby" is growing up so fast!!! husband is going to try to make it to the meet as both of us really want to watch her participate in her final one. Her team has done really well the past couple of years - always placing either second or third out of all the participating schools. easy child brought home a trophy for placing first as the best overall speller out of all the participating schools last fall. She is a bit nervous this morning as she wants her team to do well as it is the last time she'll be able to participate... So, please send good wishes her way this morning - THANKS!

    I'm a bit sad this morning as it is hard for me to believe my daughter is growing up so quickly. On the other hand, I'm so proud of her!!! Well, I guess I better get ready to go - I definitely don't want to be late.

    As always, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today.:flower: WFEN :easter_eggs::bunny_ears:

    And, Linda, I'm thinking of you too this morning and sending positive thoughts your way...
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm in a rush but want to wish you a good morning too!!! Your candle is not only going to be beautiful but also DRY by Sunday!!!

    Got to go. WFEN
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    Sharon-I agree with the others-take some Ibuprofen-I hope you are feeling better soon. It's fun that difficult child wants to dye some eggs:easter_eggs: We weren't going to last year and then difficult child wanted to-not sure yet about this year.

    TM-Glad to hear you are going to squeeze in a nap-you deserve it!:sleeping:

    Marg-A chocolate rivalry sounds like fun!:D Enjoy your fun days ahead!

    WFEN-Keeping all body parts crossed and saying a prayer she does well at the spelling meet! You have every reason to be proud!:beautifulthing:

    I've already been to the store and back because we were out of milk and eggs. This morning is our meeting with one of the people from the program that we are hoping difficult child will qualify for.

    This afternoon easy child has a haircut. I know she is nervous because it will be her first real haircut. Unfortunately she has to get it cut because she is having some breakage from not taking good enough care of it.

    I also plan to squeeze in a nap and husband wants us to take difficult child out on a pass to see a movie.

    I definitely need a visit to the health club:exercisebike:

    I hope everyone has a calm, peaceful day:peaceful:

    Linda-Wishing you well at Mayo!:kisses: