Happy Middle of the Week Morning!!!

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    :its_all_good: Good Morning Friends!

    Another early day for the littledude's house. easy child is teaching the 6 am class again. Yesterday morning was fabulous!! She worked us out hard. There were two guys and three ladies and after class, one of the girls asked easy child if she would be there tomorrow; easy child replied, "yes, I'll be teaching wed and thur too." The girl said, "well then, I won't be here!!!" But she laughed and said she was just kidding!

    difficult child had his quarterly psychiatrist appointment. The biggest thing to come out of the meeting (really just a medication script appointment) was the doctor's astonishment at how much difficult child has grown. He took him in another room and weighed and measured him. As soon as we walked in his office he remarked at how much difficult child has grown since April. He has gained 12 pounds and almost three inches!!!!!!

    So, mom called yesterday to talk about our beach trip. She wants to come down on Friday even though we don't leave till Sunday because the traffic on 95 south is a bear on summer weekends. No problem. But, she is visiting her sister for Labor Day in Charlotte and doesn't want to drive back north after our beach trip. We get back on Wednesday but mom won't leave until the next Monday! Her sister is out of town for a wedding until then........ difficult child's "zombie" birthday party is that Sat (more info on that in another post!) and I'm sure she will get into that :highvoltage::holymoly:!!!!!n

    easy child and I didn't get to the university yesterday but got tons accomplished. We will do that today.

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday :peaceful:

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    Sharon/LDM, I hope your visit from your mother works out OK. It sounds like she's extending it a bit. That's OK if she isn't the sort to get underfoot.

    We had the specialist appointment yesterday, for easy child 2/difficult child 2. Today I saw my GP, took mother in law along too because she has a suspicious-looking growth behind her ear which I think needs to be biopsied. The doctor agrees. mother in law is not happy about it, doesn't want a fuss made.

    As for me - I have to have a CT scan on my neck to see just ow much compression there is on the nerve roots. So the test is tomorrow afternoon. As the morning is already booked for my weekly cleaning/cooking session (with help) I'm going to be very busy.

    This evening was difficult child 3's drama class. It looks like we're going to lose the drama teacher again, the most important term of the drama class year is the final term, and tis teacher is quitting before then (she has a clash with her timetable). It will be a big disappointment for the kids to miss out on their annual drama presentation. I've been asked if I will take the class - I'm not sure if the organisers would have me anyway, but I'd rather not take it on when I'll also be busy with difficult child 1's wedding. I really hope they can find a replacement. I wish this teacher had told us earlier of the clash - she must have known at the beginning of the year.

    Have fun at the uni, Sharon. I hope easy child finds it worth pursuing.

    Enjoy your Wednesday.

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    Good morning friends & fellow warrior parents!

    Sharon, mom's travel plans sound a tad complex. Have fun at the beach.

    kt woke me early - 4 a.m. Something is on this young lady's mind but she isn't talking about it. I know that she & husband are having a "tiff" if you will, about some of the music she would like husband to download for her phone. Part of it is that kt isn't earning the $ toward the music. The other is husband refuses to download certain CDs & kt is protesting - very loudly, that we don't trust her, that she is an adult, that the CD isn't insulting to women, etc, etc, etc.

    Doesn't matter - the CD isn't happening until she is an adult & can do it on her own.

    I have PT this morning & a nursing visit this afternoon. I get a pair of ace bandages to wear on my legs - the latest in fashion is my understanding. Ugh! The edema is a bit extreme & we need to get it under control. But ace bandages - not leaving the house wearing those.! :bag::embarrassed::itching:

    I'm into my last week of home health care - I've learned a great deal in the management of my illness. I've met a few people that, in another setting, I would consider friends. I'll take the knowledge & move foward.

    kt is heading off to a nearby waterfalls with PCA for a picnic today; husband is up to his "ivory tower" to work the day away, so I may find some bits & pieces of alone time today.

    Enjoy your day friends - may it be filled with cooperation, peace & quiet.
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    Little Dude's Mom - Congratulations to easy child - sounds like the job is working out great. difficult child is getting taller! Summer growth spurt - taller than you yet? My difficult child mentioned the other day he can't wait until he is taller than me but has atleast one more year to get there. Looking forward to hearing about the zombie party.

    difficult child woke me up - his neck and chest hurt (oral surgery and anxiety). I got up to giet him some Motrine than couldn't get back to sleep. I have dry cough - like a smoker's cough but have never had a smoke - and it started kicking in when I tried going back to bed. Maybe a nap later?

    I made my first e-mail purchase yesterday - actually purchased the same item from two different people. A Creative Memories item that I have not seen before but looks like fun. husband told me he had a pay pal set up but didn't know for sure how to tap into it so I called easy child to get instructions.
    Have a great day to everyone! :) :) :)
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    Some of you snuck in on me -

    Marg - sorry about the drama teacher. Hope the CT tests are in your favor.

    Timer - I hope KT settles down and gives up the CD fight - unfortunatly, my easy child knows how to download music and has found some obnoxious ones. Someone has got to invent a replacement for ace bandages!

    Have a GREAT day!
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    Good Morning,

    Linda-It's great that easy child's class went so well yesterday! Sounds like a long visit with your mom. I so wish I was going to the beach with you! I haven't been to the pool in about two weeks-it's been too cool and cloudy. Hard to believe it's August!

    Marg-You sound so very busy with appointments and other things. I hope the drama teacher hangs in there or they can find a replacement.

    Linda-Kt protesting about music sounds so typical teen and so not fun! I hope she has fun at the waterfalls and you enjoy your alone time. Maybe we should work on fashion ace bandages!

    Adrianne-I hope you are able to get in your nap! I know I don't do well with little sleep. Enjoy your new Creative Memories products!

    A busy day ahead. I think I'll have time to fit in the health club after dropping off difficult child at camp and getting easy child to her physical.

    Then husband wants to go to a 12:30 movie. It's a comedy which we could both use. The kiddos were driving us crazy yesterday!

    After camp difficult child has a therapist appointment. My most important question is when will I fit in my nap???????????

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful: