HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! Any plans? Tears too...

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    To my greatest mentors, Happy Mothers Day!!! (although I know a few of our warriors are sad and this thread is for them too...you are all good mothers, even if your kids don't appreciate it).

    We always do everything low key. Hub and I are going to the casino later on to gamble a few nickles and hope for a few bucks :) About it. Oh, yeah. We're having a cookout if it doesn't rain. Money is tight this year partly because Lucas is graduating in two weeks and we're making a big deal out of that, so I put a bug in hub's ear to buy me certain special flavors of top notch coffee (I'm a coffeeholic). So that is probably going to be my present from him.

    What are your plans? Are you happy this mother's day?
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    Going to picnic with my sisters, nieces & nephews, and my mom. Q has had at least one ugly moment per day lately so I hope it goes ok. I view this as my mom's day. I intrinsically know it is my day too but of course dont count on his showing appreciation, once in a while he will on his own say it and I have to appreciate it because for him it is big. Even if in the next breath he blurts out something less than grateful sounding.

    Hope everyone gets a moment of peace and happiness today. I still feel it is an honor and privilege to be a mom period. Would never not want to have been on this journey. Just would prefer a smoother ride lately!

    Oh God gave me a mother's day present sort of....we passed a garage sale and Q likes to look at them. I had exactly two dollars. His helmet broke which he needs for everything of course, including horse back riding (they have some so they do let him use those). But they are so expensive. So this place had several. One blue with all the soft pads inside and one toy hawk one which was missing all the pads. They were made by the same company so the home owner said we could just pull the pads out of the blue one and put it in the Tony Hawk one he wanted. We didn't negotiate the price, just gave her the two dollars and I was happy for the mother's day present of not having to spend a fortune on a new helmet! I have seen this one in stores and it is expensive. That was a fun time! He loved wearing it at horse back riding yesterday, I heard him tell everyone about it.
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    We're grilling out for the Moms - mother in law, my Mom and bio-gma. Of course, I am preparing all the food. But I know I'm at least getting a card - husband and Onyxx ran an errand yesterday (!) and when they came back I wasn't allowed in the dining room for about 15 minutes. LOL! Then they left them on the table. When I moved them for dinner I noticed that Onyxx had written my name on one envelope - with "(Mom)" after it. (SNIFFLE!)

    In a couple minutes I'm going to go pounce on husband and make sure he wakes up...

    OH - I did have one awesome thing happen already... Jett started his laundry with NO PROMPTING AT ALL!!!
  4. buddy

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    Step, happy first mother's day with Bean! Kind of a special mother's day to have a new life growing inside. Makes me smile.
  5. Rabbit

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    Happy Mother's Day to all! Hugs Rabbit
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    The boys and I are taking my mom and niece out to my sister's for the day (maybe). Mom took sister to the ER yesterday. she had a severe upper respiratory infection so don't have a clue if she's going to last the day. She refused to cancel because she has "too d*** much food in my fridge to cancel". So, we are going but everything after lunch is up in the air. We usually just sit around and play games and the boys go off to another room to play video games. They get bored out there and we spend ALL holidays out there because sister's SO of 20 years gets bored anywhere else so "at least this way 'sister' can spend some time with us without 'SO' wanting to leave right away" as Mom says.

    I have asked the boys for some help with a couple things this morning and of course they are glued to the TV (intensely playing with the dog during commercials) so NONE of it is getting done. I told them I didn't want anything for Mother's Day and of course they took me literally so I won't even get a card. Today is just the same as every other day except for the trip to my sisters. I just hope they don't argue and "bicker" as much as they usually do. THAT would be heaven for me.

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you all!! And I agree with MWM that ALL of you deserve a good day whether our kids care or not.!!
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    Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mom's on the Board. And it doesn't matter whether your kids acknowledge you are not - YOU know that you are a wonderful Mom. YOU poured your heart and soul into your children and love them even when they are unlovable. So YOU are a Fantastic MOM!!

    The way I look at it is that I didn't have them so that they could give me a card on a second Sunday in May, so it doesn't matter either way.

    Today, it will be just husband & I. And since we are finally having nice weather here, we are going to take the motorcycle out and take a long ride around the Hood Canal. We will be dropping off cards for my Mom & Grandma and a card to husband's Grandma. husband did mail a generic card to his Mom.

    I did have some nice blessing this weekend. easy child made the 25 hour drive up here to swap the car for the truck. So easy child was here for about 48 hrs. He's already left to drive back to MN. Ant made the 5 hour drive and showed yesterday. It was a nice surprise. Of course, he went out with friends yesterday and hasn't been seen since. Hopefully he catches up with his Uncle and doesn't miss his ride home. But that is HIS problem.

    Steph gave me the nicest gift and she doesn't even realize it. She sat and talked with me on Friday night about very personal things in here life. And considering that this time last year, I didn't know if I'd ever have my girl in my life again..... what a blessing this has been. Of course, having your daughter talking about how she might want to get back with her loser boyfriend because she's missing the sex isn't my favorite subject. But what a difference a year can make!!

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to the greatest group of Mom's out there.
  8. Hound dog

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    Nothing going on here today. easy child has to work. Nichole can't even seem to get her husband motivated to come down and visit his OWN mother for Mother's Day. It's peeving her off.

    So I'm just chillin' with the dogs. Might do some light housework. Might not. Was hoping to work on the garden some more.........maybe whack more weeds.........but it's raining.

    Got phone calls from both my girls wishing me Happy Mother's Day. The one from Nichole started with Aubrey wishing me Happy Mother's Day. lol (her idea) She's so darn cute.

    I hope everyone has a good day today. No difficult child antics, just a peaceful happy day.

  9. ThreeShadows

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    Happy Mother's Day! I will be eating under the roses which are climbing up the pergola. husband and I went to Wegman's and bought all kinds of deadly but delicious foods, including two varieties of the hundreds of French cheeses.

    The birds are singing in the garden, the peonies, irises, roses and other flowers are bursting with life. All my senses will be delighted today!

    The twins have always had a rivalry going, so difficult child 1 wished me well late last night on FB and difficult child 2 called me this AM to wish me a happy day. Sneakily, he asked me if I had heard from his brother. I knew he was fishing to find out if difficult child 1 had remembered! Then he proceeded to post that I was the best mother in the world, LOL! He is really outdoing himself, let alone his rival brother.
  10. Tiapet

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    Mother's Day began yesterday evening with yelling and screaming match with everyone and then again first thing this morning bright and early as usual. Younger difficult children. I'm up and trying to simply read the Sunday paper and then cut my coupons which is routine. Arguments over the WII and TV, which they JUST got back! Middle difficult child being mouthy as get out to me, everything she says out of her mouth proceeded by B**tch to me. Oh excuse me, stupid B*tch! Ordering me around. Telling me how I'm not going out today and how she knows I have plans to go out and go shopping because "it's Mother's Day". Yeah, I do. To the grocery store to get some food (normal Sunday thing) and then to get HER birthday gift stuff! Her birthday is tomorrow.

    Oldest difficult child conspired with other half to get me out of house for "a couple of hours" today so she can do something, though I had already planned to go out as above. She wanted me to go out to lunch/brunch or something but I don't eat but once a day anyway and I had already had meat out to go in crockpot for dinner so if I eat midday I won't eat dinner.

    I know she planned on most likely cleaning/picking up house because as par for the norm, no one has been picking up their **** laying around all week and I've been on everyone to do so and she knows it. She likes me to be gone when she goes all out like that because she will blast "her" music and go nuts quickly to get it done.

    I worry leaving the younger difficult children with her today though because they aren't in a good way (some days I can get away with it for a short time if they are on a good or semi good/even keel). If they are in bad ways, like they are this morning, everyone just gets fighting and she has no patience and she will go off on them and it's just pure H*LL and I know what goes on when I'm not here and what I will come home to. ~sigh~

    But, I do have to go out today no matter what so I have no choice. I have to wake her up to do it which is never a good thing. It's better that she wakes up on her own (BPer's are notoriously, in my house anyhow, very difficult if you wake them).

    So yeah, today will be some grocery shopping, birthday gift getting and wrappings, dinner in crock - something like stroganoff and we'll have egg noodles, green beans and I might pick something up I see and like for dessert. Then it is Survivior Finale (always on Mother's Day, I wonder why that is???). I'm sure they won't be peaceful for it, they never are anymore. I'll try to bribe them with dessert, it might work if I'm lucky and then I'll get the last hourish in peace! LOL

    Only 1 week and 2 1/2 days left of school for them and then....OMW! I'll be in daily strife because they will be home all day fighting, arguing, yelling...MOM>>>>I"M BORED!!!!

    I can't even yell "calgon take me away" because my darn tub in this place is one of those pre-fab shower enclosures that has a narrow tub that no adult can really sit in. Gah! I miss my old house in NC, it had a beautiful garden tub I could get lost in! :( Oh and to top it all off, SO came back from his business trip (to Disneyland of all places no less!) with a really bad head cold so he's sick as a dog!

    REALLYYYY?????? Ok, well I'm used to this, like us all. Just another day in the life of a warrior mom......expect no less and be pleasantly surprised....ur ummm....yeah....something like that! lol

    Oh and I forgot....I did get a card for Mother's day....from STAR!!! :) It was BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you so very much!
  11. Marcie Mac

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    The boys gave me my presents yesterday -don't know why because they are both here today LOL Jamie bought me a dozen beautiful roses and a big container of cherries (my favorite) and Dan gave me some of my favorite candles from Bed Bath and a hugh coffee cup that says "A Giant Cup of Who the F Cares" Had me laughing cause he has not had that attitude in ages. Too bad no one in the house does any whining anymore so I could waive that puppy in front of their face :)

    I took the eldest and gkids out yesterday for breakfast and a morning at Speed Zone. Didn't get a HMD from her or them but was just glad to see the gkids :) Other than SO following me around getting on my nerves saying Stop doing the dishes, its Mothers Day, Stop doing the laundry, its Mothers Day its a nice peaceful Sunday.

    Mom isn't up yet - we got her a beautiful Orchid plant and I hit up See's Candy (her favorite) for some treats and SO just went down to the local cafe to pick up some breakfast for her.


  12. helpangel

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    I've learned to expect a horrible day on Mother's day the past few years - when I expect horrible it doesn't seem like it was half bad.

    So I woke up this morning with a cat (Misty) standing on my chest digging thru my blankets, "oh how nice kitty wants to cuddle, NO OW OW kitty wants me UP NOW!" Now I hear the other one (Charlie) out in the kitchen singing the blues. :furry:

    Oh gum on my bedroom carpet (nice touch) feel my way along the walls to the kitchen to see the cats have not one bite of food and there is about a teaspoon of water on bottom of the bowl. Feed & water the cats/ its the least I can do they cleaned their whole food area of all those food pellets that end up on the floor.

    Coffee need coffee... so stepped on a mini wheat (wasn't aware they could break skin) turned on coffee maker - found a bandaid, unburied sink to get water for coffee maker - made this wonderful cup of coffee and sat down to enjoy my peace and quiet.

    Day was going pretty good until phone rang a couple minutes ago and woke both the girls up (its almost 2pm here) lets hope it continues to go so well and doesn't go downhill from here.
  13. recoveringenabler

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    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL, WARRIOR MOMS! I hope all of you have a peaceful and calm day filled with loving kindness and joyful moments.

    My SO gave me flowers and a card, my granddaughter gave me a beautiful card with sweet sentiments on it, thanking me for always being there. Made my heart sing to read that. I spoke to my Mom on the phone, sent her cards and gifts, she lives with my brother in North Carolina. I made scones for breakfast, YUM! I used the fabulous Kitchen Aid mixer folks were talking about on another thread. My daughter had one in her storage unit and gave it to me when she gained access to her stuff. It is a lot of fun to use. I am considering making bread with it, does anyone have any good bread recipes? SO is making us dinner tonight, it's a surprise, so I don't know what we're having. He made dinner last night too, a whole weekend of not cooking YAY! We're relaxing now reading the papers and enjoying the quiet morning.

    I have no idea if I will see my daughter today or not. The last few years, until just a few months ago, we've been estranged so I don't know how this will go. She lives 5 minutes from here, but who knows. I've learned to have no expectations where she is concerned so I am not disappointed. But, regardless, the day has already been a good one with my SO and granddaughter.

    I feel as if I have a lot to be grateful for these days. My daughter is safe. She seems better. She has a place to live. That was my greatest wish and (as of today) that has happened, so for that reason alone, this is a wonderful Mothers Day and that is my absolute best gift.

    I send all of you prayers for peace and warm wishes for an easier path.
  14. keista

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    I've always hated Mother's day. Growing up, I got to spend it graveside. Thought it would get better when I had my own kids - not so much. It was just an even bigger reminder of what I missed out on growing up. Nope, not liking today at all.
  15. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    HUGS, Keista!
  16. SuZir

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    My mother's day is already in the evening and it went just fine. Thursday night, Friday and even Saturday were stessful with sorting out difficult child's current drama but I have reason to hope that it will turn out just fine in the end. And today everything went okay. difficult child was relieved because he had been able to talk about the matter with someone and was also feeling little bit hopeful and presented good mood whole day. easy child had little bit typical teen going on at times but was mostly his nice self. And husband was still trying to make up mother in law fiasco earlier. So I got spoiled. Breakfast to the bed and sons trying their best. Brunch went also well (mother in law, who is indeed still breathing, didn't talk to me or difficult child much, but I didn't miss that at all and I think difficult child didn't even notice. mother in law has never liked him so nothing new there.) I mostly talked and had fun with other relatives. The cake boys made wasn't perfect success this year, it tasted just fine, but it seemed to be borrowing its design from very low Pisa tower. For the late afternoon husband had got us tickets to the sport game (maybe more to his and sons taste than mine, but I did also enjoy myself) and after that we barbecued at home. Now I'm having my laptop, new and lovely quilt and glass of wine and I'm sitting outside and watching my garden which is just starting to turn green and the sundown and listening birds who are very busy starting their nesting season. difficult child left for his home, easy child is doing his homework and husband is cleaning up the kitchen. Just now it is all good.

    I do wish you all the happy mother's day! Even if it is not going as you would hope, just remember, you are awesome mothers and that is what counts. If people around you are not remembering to show their appreciation because of that this year, make sure, that you remember to do it for yourself. You have earned it!
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  17. Wiped Out

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    Happy Mother's Day to the most inspiring group of Mothers ever! You are the warrior moms that deal with more than you ever expected and you do it with grace and a sense of humor and you come here to offer support to others.

    My Mother's Day was nice. Many years my Mother's Days have consisted of my kiddos screaming at me or totally ignoring me. difficult child has been difficult child (a milder version). husband took me out to breakfast with difficult child and gave me some nice workout clothes. I think the brightest part has been easy child/difficult child. She went shopping with me the other day for my Mom's gift and then drove to Green Bay with me yesterday to take her out to lunch. She doesn't particularly like going to Green Bay so I really appreciated it and know my mom did too. easy child/difficult child is even giving me some nice jewelry that I was going to pay for by myself.

    I did manage to get my workout in and mow the lawn!
  18. SuZir

    SuZir Well-Known Member

    I'm not the only one getting workout thingys for mother's day. Good!

    Though I got mine already at Friday. difficult child gave may two kettlebells ("the right kind") and a pilates ring. He gave them early so he had time to teach me to use them properly ("and not a stupid way they teach you in the most gyms.") I had complained my back at times hurt while running ("because you have lousy core muscles"), so difficult child decided that best way to show his appreciation was to torture me with very hard exercises (my stomach and back muscles and my bottom are really feeling the effect right now.)
  19. Liahona

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    I'm in shock this mother's day. To really appreciate this you have to have the back story. husband doesn't do holidays. Anniversary, Valentines, my birthday, ect... he completely ignores. He will buy presents for the kids for Christmas and their birthdays. His complete lack of thinking of me even goes as far as he will fix a meal for everyone else except me if its dinner time. The neighbors have his number so I get flowers from them on these occasions.

    This year he got me a present and flowers and a card! The little kids also brought things home from school on Friday. This has been the best mothers day I've ever had.

    I think it might be because I'm pregnant and have bad morning sickness. I've lost 10 lbs in the last 4 weeks. I don't care. I'm just glad he got something.

    Of course difficult child 1 is completely clueless and selfish today, but oh well, its going so much better then I expected.

    Happy Mother's Day to all.
  20. keista

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    10Q 3S

    After posting, my son came in and said, "Now I'm only doing this once and only because it's Mother's Day" then he proceeded to give me a HUG! OMW I keep tearing up thinking about it. The reason it's so monumental is because they boy stopped hugging at the age of 5. I'm lucky if I get a hug once a year - usually birthday or Christmas because he got the gift he really wanted. So I got a bonus this year! Put a smile on my face for sure.