Happy Mother's Day Sunday Morning

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  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :queen: Happy Mother's Day this Sunday Morning!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday morning. I know Mother's Day is not the best for many moms with difficult children in their lives - but you are a mom, you have loved and given your all and I salute you and wish you a wonderful day!

    Mom was absolutely, totally shocked when we showed up yesterday! We had a great visit and even sat down and looked at tons of old photos she got when she was down at her sister's recently. After we left, my sister and her daughters and easy child and I went out for dinner. It was a great day!

    When I came downstairs this morning, you could have knocked me over with a feather - sitting on the top of my laptop was a homemade M'sD card from difficult child!! He obviously left it after I went up to read last night. Totally surprised and unexpected because this was not something he made in art like when he was in elementary school - in other words, no one told him to do it - it was 1/2 done on the computer and 1/2 handwritten.

    Hope your day is filled with peace :flowers:

  2. crazymama30

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    How sweet of difficult child to make you the card. It does mean so much more when the do something because they want to, not because someone told them to. I am glad you had such a good time with your mom and family.

    I am once again off to work. I would like to get off early, but doubt it will happen as the census is up and the hospital is busy. husband left me a very nice card on my computer that I found when I woke up this morning, he is good at picking out cards, it usually takes him hours. Not sure what I will find when I get home from work, as husband is sick--he got the nasty virus I had and we all love him sooooo much when he is sick. NOT!

    Happy mother's day to all!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Happy Mother's Day Fellow Warrior Moms!

    Sharon-Your day yesterday sounds wonderful and how great to wake to a homemade card from difficult child:) Enjoy your day!

    Yesterday morning husband, difficult child, and I went to a free boot camp. It was 37 degrees and windy. We had to run this huge hill (in the winter it is a sledding hill) along with lots of other challenges. husband and I have decided for Mother's Day and Father's Day that will be our gift to one another-we're going to sign up for 6 weeks in June after school gets out-it's 3 mornings a week at 5:30 a.m.!

    Last night husband and I went to our niece's and played games with her and sister in law-great time.

    Lots to do today-we have a lot of cleaning to do and we need to make it to the health club. husband is planning on taking difficult child to the movies today to give me a bit of a break.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:mothers_day:
  4. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    CM-You snuck in on me! How nice that your husband picked out a nice card. Maybe because it is Mother's Day he will be easier to be around even though he is sick.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Happy Mother's Sunday.
    LDM, what a lovely gift to your mom. I know she was tickled. Looking at the old photo's is always so interesting. Congrats on difficult child learning the meaning of giving.

    CM hope you enjoy your day and they send you home early.

    WO isn't boot camp amazing? It's really a challenge. You feel so good when you can actually complete it. Have fun. Glad you and husband are going to give yourselves that gift. You will be tickled when you complete it.

    Hope all of you can find some joy with being a mother even if difficult child makes you question your dedication somedays. Hope all of you can find a reason to honor your own mom. She did the best she could too.

    My easy child sent a small bouquet of flowers. It's his first time of doing such an adult gesture. He is growing up that's for sure.
    difficult child had a card picked out, signed, sealed and ready for weeks. I appreciate that he planned ahead.
    Two son's who are learning about thinking about someone besides themselves makes it a pleasant day.
    husband has gone out for fresh bagels for me. We will have coffee and bagels and read the paper outside
    while the cardinals feed from the feeder. Don't you love spring?

    Happy Mother's to all of those who know that there is a higher calling to parenting than any
    other job regardless of the child.
    Hugs my friends.
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Happy Mother's Day!
    Little Dude's Mom - Now that is a gift to be cherished! The best gifts are those from the heart.

    Crazymama - I hope the census takes a turn at work and you can get off work early.

    Wiped Out - Wow, boot camp and you are volunteering to go! :) Good job!

    Fran - Sounds like you are off to a start of a very nice day.

    I have enterred the "It is now up to the kids to think on their own in regards to gifts for Mom" stage. It has been a great year for us in both difficult child and Diva worlds so I am looking forward to a nice day even if they do not think to give me anything.

    Last night Diva told me of a brilliant idea she has. She just got a job that she really enjoys after two to three years of looking. (we found out that Wal-mart is giving her a bad reference after telling her to her face that she was a great employee and they wish she wouldn't leave - that was about 3 - 4 years ago.) She is going to college in August but plans on coming home once a month and on breaks. Her brilliant idea is to KEEP the job and work when she is at home. She has already talked to the person who stated that would be acceptable. That way she keeps on the employment list and will have a job next summer.

    Diva has a very nice boyfriend. I get the impression that he is "waiting" for her. His mind is set, she is not ready. Nice to see that she isn't rushing into anything and he is respecting her needs.

    difficult child continues to do awesome. He received some top awards in Jr Rifle club this Spring at the State level (after only 3 months in the club) and also placed in the top 20 in the Pespi State Bowling Tournament this past weekend. School is going very well - outside of AR reading (he just refuses to read), he is getting A's and B's.

    So, for me, Mother's Day is not gauged on what I get for the day but how the year has gone. If the year has gone well and the kids are doing well, than I can enjoy the day. Things are going well for my kids! :)

    difficult child is working on a large round flower garden for me. We bought top soil for it yesterday but need to wait until the cold weather goes away to actually plant anything. difficult child has done ALL of the work in the garden, clearing, raking, putting down the top soil. He really enjoys it and did a great job tending to the smaller flower garden he set up for me last year.

  7. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folks.

    It's been a lovely Mothers Day here today. husband & I took mother in law into the heart of Sydney today to go see "Calendar Girls" on stage. We left mid-morning to make sure we got in there in time (after my difficulties with city traffic yesterday) and to also get a parking spot. I know the city well and we found a parking spot within coo-ee of the theatre. We then had a leisurely lunch in a cafe in the Strand Arcade (a lovely place, beautifully restored to colonial grandeur) and then walked back over the road to the theatre. I had my mobility scooter (so I could lend it to mother in law if she needed it - I could have walked) and she had her walking frame. She stubbornly stuck to her frame and wouldn't use the scooter, so I zipped here and there, checking out which was the best way to go and I found the cafe for lunch the same way.

    A wonderful performance, proceeds to leukaemia research. We really enjoyed it, talked about it in the car all the way back home. I must admit, I did feel the connection to cancer treatment a bit close to home. The play is mostly funny, but all the pathos that there is, connects to cancer. And right now, that is close to the bone. Perhaps that was good for me - I need to be sure I am really in touch with what is going on, and not simply burying my head in the sand over it all.

    When we got back home, we collected up our various leftovers, cooked some rice and headed to mother in law's place to throw something together with leftovers.

    While we were out, difficult child 1 tried to ring on my mobile to wish me a happy Mothers Day, but we were out of range. However, he rang as soon as we got back home. difficult child 3 told me easy child had rung and also at the same time wished me a happy Mothers Day (at 7 pm!). Then difficult child 1 rang and talked to me ("Happy Mothers Day!") and after we got down to mother in law's, easy child rang down there and there was another short chat. So all my kids remembered, again. Although I think there was some reminding going on. easy child 2/difficult child 2 wished me a happy Mothers Day yesterday evening.

    Tomorrow it's back down to earth, well and truly - I've got my cleaning lady in early so I've got a load of washing set to run overnight. I have some sewing to begin on tomorrow, I have to begin working on costumes for the play. We bought fabric for it all yesterday. I want to get as much as possible done before my radiation treatment starts.

    So tomorrow I have to really get creative!

    Enjoy your Mothers Day! At least as much as a difficult child family can let you...

  8. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    LDM/Sharon, your day (yesterday) sounds like it was wonderful! Glad you had such a nice day~love the card!

    CM, Happy Mother's Day - how nice of H!

    WO, Sharon - Boot camp! How fun~Happy Mother's Day!

    Fran, your day sounds like it's off to a nice start - fresh bagels and flowers! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    My girls made reservations to take me out to brunch this morning. I've had one cup of coffee and now I'm holding off till we get there. My day will be spent studying for the most part. I'd like to go see the new Ironman movie tonight. My H is deliberately goading me into an argument right this second and I'm trying to ignore him. I wish he wasn't coming to brunch with us, that's terrible!

    Happy Mother's Day everyone - all of you are special and wonderful. ♥
  9. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Happy Mother's Day , everyone!
    Aw, Sharon, that is so sweet! And even better that he did it with-o being prompted.
    Crazymama, I hope your husband is feeling better. That is no fun.
    Sharon, you are a glutton for punishment! I'd rather go sliding on that hill :laugh:. You are in great shape.
    Fran, wise words. Your sons are definitely becoming more mature.
    Andy, your garden sounds awesome! That is so neat. I'm not sure I want to gauge my own Mother's Day on how the yr has gone ... I'm taking it one day at a time. ;)
    Marg, your day sounded lovely! I know what you mean about not wanting to put your head in the sand in regard to cancer. I'm a passed master at that. Teach me how to sew!
    Jo, good idea to ignore H. This is your day to enjoy, and that means peace and quiet, too.

    I've had a very quiet morning so far, which I love. Walked around the yard in my nightgown (eat your hearts out, neighbors! :laugh:) drank tea, had cereal, read the paper. I'm going for a walk, and then to visit P at the rehab ctr and bring her clothes I bought on sale, so she can pick out a few and return the rest.
    :sushi: We're going out for sushi tonight.