Happy Mother's Day!

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    Happy Mother’s Day to all those:

    • Mothers who love their children
      Mothers who despise their children
      Mothers who are emotionally healthy
      Mothers who are mentally unfit
      Mothers of ADD, ODD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and any other disorder kids
      Mothers who have intact families
      Mothers who have broken families
      Mothers who have primary custody of their children
      Mothers who have “visitation” with their children
      Mothers with children who have absent fathers
      Mothers without custody of their children
      Mothers who work tirelessly outside the home for pay
      Mothers who work in the home tirelessly, without pay
      Mothers who have loving mothers
      Mothers who dream of having loving mothers
      Mothers who married
      Mothers who are divorced
      Mothers who have adult children still living at home
      Mothers who have children in heaven
      Mothers who wear their hearts on their sleeves
      Mothers who are cold and heartless
      Mothers who can’t have children
      Mothers who give up their children
      Mothers who have Mothers in heaven
      Mothers who have Mothers on Earth
      Step-Mothers who don’t get the credit they deserve
      Step-Mothers who are biological mothers
      Step-Mothers who don’t have biological children of their own
      Caregivers who tend to those in need
      Women who are childless, not by choice…
      and the children who have all these mothers and those in between…
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    Happy Mother's Day to you too!
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