Happy Mother's Day


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Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms on here. If you weren't wonderful, caring, loving moms you wouldn't be on this site worrying about your adult kids. Do something nice for yourself today and celebrate your journey as a mom. Love to all of you!


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Thank you so much. I love the way you say to celebrate my journey as a mom. It is a journey and one that has always been paved with love. Happy Mother's Day to you and all.


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Thank you, you too! My son's friend drove from Daytona to St. Augustine to pick him up and bring him here for the afternoon. It was a nice visit overall. The three of us went for ice cream, went to the beach, and then I took them to IHOP. He had to go to a mandatory meeting today so when they left here they were going to a local meeting and then the friend was taking him back to St. Augustine. It wasn't all paradise and sunshine,for instance my son never once said thank you for IHOP and something happened when we got back to my house that ended the visit on a sour note but I'm not going to dwell on that. I'm just going to appreciate the good parts and move on.

Hope you all had a lovely day with or without your kids.

by the way the notion of treating yourself on Mother's Day, or any other day, was what led to my life long adoration of the Moody Blues 16 years ago that in turn led to wonderful memories and friends I would never have met otherwise. To put it in a nutshell, that Mother's Day was particularly rough for me and I ended up treating myself to a new CD as a gift to myself. I had it narrowed to five CDs and couldn't pick one, so I just closed my eyes and randomly grabbed one...which turned out to be a Moody Blues CD that literally changed my life in so many ways. It's just as important to love and indulge yourself as it is to love and indulge your loved ones...maybe even more important. Lord knows we all deserve it!


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Happy Blessed Mother's Day to all of us mother's and an early Happy Father's Day to the brave men that have an adult child that is troubled.
I had a busy Mother's Day, had a wonderful meal, a great swim, and my husband did his best to make the day special. My 37 year old daughter came by and looked a bit troubled, she usually scares me with some new health issue, this time I listened and tried not to get upset, I think she does this to frighten me, she is not as bad as she used to be with hypochondria, but when she fights with her boyfriend her hypochondria goes up. She had posted something very nice on FB, for Mother's Day, it took me by surprise and warmed my heart, now only if she means it.
We had dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend had dinner with his mother and family. They split up on holidays most of the time, I think because she does not like his family. I have met them and I would agree the word 'cold' describes them. I don't think they care much for my daughter either because of how wicked she could be but they did not even give my husband and me a chance, we are not like our daughter at all and we did not raise our daughter to act like she does, in fact we punished her when she was young and made her apologize to the people she had offended.
People have judged us harshly for our daughter's behavior. I have been told off plenty of times by other parents, her boyfriends and her friends for her behavior and God knows that we have tried our very best to raise a contributing human being. We have tried to stop a nasty behavior that we have spend a ton of money to help fix, spent all my time running to different doctors and have worked 24/7 to help fix and straighten out so when I have get told off for the way she acts it hurts to the core.
I know we have all tried our best from the resources that we had. Looking back, I wished I would have had the strength to come down on her harder and detach sooner.. I tried to work with it way too long. Only when I let go did she grow, it was a very slow process.

It gets weary always having to protect my emotions and assets..

How nice that some people have adult children that contribute to their parents well being.


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Being hard on our kids doesn't always assure they become better people. Some are born the way they turn out. Don't look back. It doesn't help and chances are she would have been this way no matter what.


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Yes, we do the best we can with what we have at the time. I sometimes wonder too if I had been harder on Kat maybe she wouldn't have had all the trouble. But likely it would have happened anyway. I had a nice Mother's Day. I had dinner with my daughter, granddaughter and adopted son. My sweet son sent me this text early in the morning, "When I first saw you interact with Kat I said in my head, "I wish that was my mom." Thank you for granting my wish. Happy Mother's Day. I love you more than life." That made me tear up in a happy way. So this year was a good one. And I am thankful for it.