Happy New Year!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Marguerite, Dec 31, 2008.

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    Happy New Year, everybody!

    We just got back from mother in law's, we spent most of the night watching "Colour of Magic", a 2008 movie based on the Terry Pratchett book of the same name. We paused the movie to watch the final countdown.

    In Sydney, we don't have a ball that drops or anything. We just have all cameras trained on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Everything is set up for the main Sydney party at the Opera House, although there are parties going on all round the foreshores. Apparently we've been 'blessed' with Paris Hilton's presence for New Year. wow. (not)

    The final countdown - and right on the stroke of midnight, the fireworks begin. The whole of Sydney Harbour is involved, including Middle Harbour and the inner harbour, right inland up the river. The display is wonderful, it finishes with the Bridge looking like it's completely alight, a waterfall of fire with a crown of exploding fireballs.

    We're so close we could feel the explosions. If we'd been at our house instead of mother in law's (she's down in a hollow) we could have stood in the street to watch the fireworks. Certainly from our island beach today, if we'd been there tonight we could have seen the city fireworks. We were invited to a party at friends' tonight around the corner, they would have a fabulous view of the harbour fireworks.

    After the fireworks finished we went outside to let off sparklers and difficult child 3 let off some caps and glow sticks. husband's niece made some champagne cocktails with hibiscus flowers (husband quietly reckoned it made the very dry champagne more palatable) and I made it more palatable again by adding some fresh strawberries. We then watched the rest of the movie, so we're late getting home.

    It's now 2 am, we're heading for bed and taking our colds with us. It's 25 C even at this hour (that's 77 F). A warm night, but not too hot. Pleasant.

    I LOVE summer, although I'm not enjoying the fire danger being so high. Tonight (Wednesday) was the time for watering the garden and I missed the window. I'll have to wait for Sunday now, to get the next chance to hose the garden. My vegetables are wilting badly, I'll need to pour a few watering cans on, from the rainwater tank. The drawback of summer.

    Walking home tonight we could see the stars so clearly. Being far enough away from the city to avoid light pollution, our night sky is wonderfully clear. Orion was overhead but heading toward the west, the Southern Cross would have been behind us. The sliver of moon would have set hours ago.

    In the morning it will be hot again, the family have planned another beach trip. mother in law said she's staying home this time. We need to enjoy the beach weather in the morning, there are strong winds forecast for the afternoon and evening.

    Enjoy your New Year and have a Happy New Year! Let's chime in around the world, when it's new year for each of us!

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    Happy New Year, Marg!! I hope you get a good night's sleep and have a wonderful day today!!

    Just curious- is 2009 looking any better than 2008 so far??
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 12 more hours to go here in NY. I am hoping that 2009 brings us all peace and progress. I think pure happiness is a bit too much to ask for - hu?? lol For us anyway!!!

    Marg: It sounds like you had a nice evening. I am glad to hear that. I agree, "NOT" for Paris Hilton!!!

    God bless.

    Shawna :)
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    Happy New Year!

    I just love hearing Marg's summertime experiences during our winter, it reminds me that winter will eventually thaw. I love summer.

    Just relaxing, making lasagna, watching movies, playing board games and trying to say up till 10 our time which is when the ball drops in NY. Manster wants to stay up till midnight, I said fine, just don't wake me up lol.

    Love to all

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    Happy New Year, Marg and everyone!
    It is so strange, reading about your new year way ahead of us. :)
    Your writing is so beautiful and eloquent, I felt like I was right there in Sydney Harbor, watching the fireworks. I love fireworks!

    We're going out for sushi, just husband, difficult child and myself. easy child will be overnight at a friend's.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Stay safe, healthy and happy.

  6. Happy New Year, Marg and everyone else! Here's to hoping that 2009 brings us all a year with a lot less headaches and grief!

    It is almost noon here in Las Vegas, and I just found out that they are closing the office at 3pm today - YAHOO! We secretaries were hoping that they would.

    It's just going to be difficult child, my boyfriend, and I at home tonight, my daughter and one of her friends are going to babysit the son of one of our neighbors.

    So here's to a happy and safe New Year! :happy_new_year: