Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

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  1. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    :happy_new_year: Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, today is the day to start fresh. Don't look behind look ahead!

    Have no regrets about what didn't happen last year - look to this new year wtih renewed optimism.

    Together we can make the choices necessary to ensure a healthier us 2009!

    For all the "oldtimers", let's keep on plugging. For those new to the forum, welcome!

    A happy and healthier new year to all!!!!!

  2. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Happy New Year! Great idea. I'll "put the past behind me", or is that "don't look back" or "don't look at my behind"?

    When the kids FINALLY get up today, we'll take a hike to the canyon behind our house to see what it looks like since the wildfire went through. That will be a good start for me, I think.

    I'm also several days into being more diligent with taking a calcium/D supplement. I'm hoping for better nails AND better bones :)
  3. ML

    ML Guest

    Manster and I took a walk/bike ride this morning! He's totally on board with the new program. We went about 2 miles, I might have pushed him a bit. We also chased each other on the jungle gym equipment at the park. It reminded me of those days when I was the oldest mom on the playground (at 40) and the only one climbing on it. Now, at closer to 50, it's really funny!

    I'm excited about a new beginning.

  4. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Oh. My. God. I gained weight during these past 3 weeks. I can't get back on track until school starts. I'm enjoying eating, having wine with dinner, and indulging like I don't normally do. I'm going to start my diet on the fifth. I never have wine during the school year, but I have to enjoy myself, I won't have time off again like this until the summer.

    My son was in the psychiatric hospital, and forget it, I had bigger problems than my diet. BUT, I'll be back!!! Although my Dr says I'm at a good weight, I do always feel fat.

    GVC- I hope you had a fun walk with the kids, and there wasn't alot of damage done by the fire.
    ML- Cool!!! Fun day! I know what you mean about being old, but if you're chasing him on the jungle gym, good for you.-Alyssa
  5. Wiped Out

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    Happy New Year All!:)

    Sharon-A healthier '09 sounds like a great plan! Good advice to look ahead with optimism!

    Gvcmom-I hope the hike was a good one! I hope the fire damage wasn't too great.

    Ml-Your bike ride and playing at the park with Manster sounds like fun!

    Alyssa-Indulging is a good thing at times. Also there are times (such as your son being in the psychiatric hospital when other things take priority) Do you teach? I didn't know that! I teach 4/5th grade.

    I was basically a slug today, decided to make it a lazy day and start fresh tomorrow. I told husband we're going to the club right away in the morning so we don't put it off. He wants to take before and after pictures. His 30th class reunion is this summer so he is looking to lose some weight. I'd love to lose another ten!
  6. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I need to get with the program. Today was a lazy day, but Hubby and I hit the gym tomorrow.

    I'm so glad to have this Healthy Living board available!
  7. trinityroyal

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    Happy New Year everyone!

    Sharon (LDM), I love the idea of looking forward instead of back. Brings to mind one of my favourite sayings: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

    Gcvmom, hope you and your brood were able to get out for that hike. Sounds wonderful.

    ML, I am also that crazy mom hanging from the monkey bars with my little one when all the other parents are sitting in the gazebo. Hope you and Manster had a great bike ride.

    Alyssa, be gentle with yourself. If your doctor thinks you're at a good weight, then you probably are. Our perceptions can play havoc with our bodies if we're not careful. Plenty of time to diet. If you're eating healthy things and getting up and moving, then you're doing great.

    Sharon (WO) and Mary, nothing wrong with the occasional lazy day. I think right after the holidays it's good to take one day just to do nothing. You can get back to your regular routine feeling refreshed.

    husband and I spent the whole day yesterday lying around. He slept, and I read an entire book. It was delightful. I have real trouble sitting still, so it was really good to be able to just bask in the glow of the fireplace and lift nary a finger.

    Back at work today, and planning to start my New Year's workout routine when I get home this evening.

    Happy 2009 everyone!