Happy No Meltdown Monday Morning!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 21, 2009.

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    :frozen: It's a big pile of frozen out there!

    No other way to say it. Any melting we had yesterday is a sheet of ice this morning. It's about 19 - not cold by midwesterner standards, but pretty darn cold for December in central virginia!

    easy child stayed the night last night since her gym, which is normally open 24 hours, closed at 8 last night and reopens of 5 this morning. Which translates into her having to teach her 6 am water fitness class this morning :frostbite:! I was not to hip on her trying to dig out her car and skate to work by herself this morning.

    So we will venture out in about 20 minutes to see if anyone, in their right mind, was feeling like getting in the pool this morning! Our plan is to wait for 15 minutes to see if anyone shows up, if not we will hit the hot tub then come back home!!!

    I'll be working until 1 today since our secretary is out of town this week. I still have two batches of fudge to make that I'll be taking upto moms on Thursday to share with various family members - they love my fudge at Christmas :christmaslights:!

    Well, it's no meltdown monday, make sure your difficult child gets the message!!

    Enjoy your day, stay warm :2cold:.

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    G'day for Monday.

    Sharon/LDM, 19 F is cold by my standards. I have never been anywhere that cold. And you're still going for a swim? I vote for the hot tub also.

    The weather was a little warmer today and sunny again, but although there were plenty of people strolling to the beach wearing very little plus a towel draped over their shoulders, I didn't feel inclined to join them. Too tired, too sore. The weather is getting hotter for a few days, Wednesday should be fairly hot indeed before it begins raining again for Christmas Day. I know I said "rain" but although it's damp enough to make going to the beach unpleasant, it's not really enough to water the garden. It also is limited to the extreme coastal strip and so doesn't make it into Sydney's water supply. The dam levels are very low again. The desal plant will be online in a few weeks, although it's only going to supply 15% of our water. A waste of energy, in my view. They could have expended the resources far more efficiently by working on recycled effluent or stormwater, not trying to clean up seawater.

    I've had a fairly quiet day today after a very rough night. After the carols event last night I had post-performance syndrome (the overactive mind going over and over, picking it all to pieces and reliving it, trying to mentally improve it whether I want to think about it or not) and finally dozed off after the eastern sky was well alight. husband let me sleep in but I woke by myself (not sleeping well anyway, hip pain is definitely coming back) after about 4 hours.

    Despite the lack of sleep I've been fairly alert today. I got some work done on our family Christmas card, posted some of them. Will post the rest tomorrow, emailing the rest - anyone here want me to email a card to you? At least it would arrive sooner than my card to Star last year. And at least hers did arrive, even if it was after 9 months.

    I took myself down to my physiotherapy appointment at 2 pm. She was running a few minutes late so I ducked in to the post office next door to buy some stamps, had my cards stamped just as she was ready, so I didn't get to post them until after my appointment, by which time the postman was taking his late lunch break so I missed the mail deadline, I had to use the post box which won't get cleared now until tomorrow afternoon. The perils of a small village!

    The physiotherapist knows me personally but has never treated me before. She was all professionalism and only wanting to look at my problem hips. She did give me the exercises my doctor wants. I'm very confident in her ability to identify the problem, as long as she is given the brief to look at the whole picture. Things she said began to click with me, made sense in light of things I've been told recently by other doctors and other things which have been happening. I now need to get back to my GP and talk to her about my new ideas, see if she can help me find someone who will listen and maybe work on my health problems from a different direction.

    After my appointment I headed back home, dropped in on my BFF on the way. We had another sniping session about last night's carols event (good therapy for me, I'm still feeling frustrated). Her neighbour's funeral is tomorrow, I'm planning to go and take another friend. BFF is going in the hearse with the widow and her kids, they really need her help and support. She had the girls with her last night for the carols, their mother stayed home, poor darling. It's been so tough for her, her husband was first diagnosed 18 months ago but as recently as six months ago, it looked like he was going to make it, they thought the surgeons had got all the cancer.

    From BFF's place I headed back home, did another batch of exercises according to the physiotherapist, reheated leftovers for dinner and I'm heading for bed early.

    Tomorrow I'll collect the neighbour to drive her to the funeral, we'll leave home early enough to make sure we can get a parking spot. After the funeral I have to head back home in time to turn around almost immediately and go out - husband, myself, mother in law & difficult child 3 are going in to the casino to see Mama Mia on stage. Tomorrow night, but we'll do a bit of Christmas shopping on the way then go have dinner in the casino. I am going to need it after the funeral.

    We'll need to pace ourselves tomorrow, mother in law is increasingly frail these days but right now I'm moving fairly slowly myself. At least husband & I know our way around the casino - not that we're gamblers (far from it!) but we stayed there a few years ago for a couple of nights, we got to explore the place.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

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    Dang, wish I had read this sooner....we already had a meltdown. Next time I'll have to check the boards early, so I can inform difficult child of the plan for the day!
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    Well, today is the beginning of Christmas Break for the kids at school *sigh* Because of easy child's 3 day visit to the pediatric ward at the hospital for her pneumonia, I am off work on FMLA until she recovers. It is probably for the best due to what is happening with difficult child 1, but all three of them have been FIGHTING all morning. Luckily though, we have not had any major meltdowns here yet, but I fear they are coming....