Happy Saturday Evening

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    The blizzard has ended!!! YEAH :)

    We have two (2) snowplows in the cul de sac! Last 12 inch snow was plowed two days later. What a treat to be plowed out before you need to be. Now, I hope our driveway snow removal guy shows up before morning- don't know if I can get through the snowridge. Suppose husband will go out and work on it. Hopefully difficult child will help (difficult child already shoveled a path to his tree earlier today).

    Now difficult child wants me to take him to Target tonight to check out mountain bikes. He says all we need to do is get out of the driveway and then we will be on our way. He is so stubborn about this. He thinks he needs a bike NOW! I told him he needs to wait until tomorrow. Maybe his dad will take him after church just to price them. I am going to help with a benefit at church.

    husband just told me that difficult child broke his shovel so he doesn't know if he can shovel us out. He better figure it out, he has to shovel out the state car parked in the cul de sac if he wants to get to work on Monday morning. Our driveway guy will not be doing that.

    Wind advisery in effect but snow is so wet and heavy it won't be blowing around. Snow showers predicted for tomorrow night!

    YEAH!!!! difficult child is outside helping dad shovel - they are working on clearing the sidewalk.

    I better go get supper going.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Oh my that's a lot of snow for this time of the year. My difficult child gets that way too when he wants something. I'm glad difficult child is helping with the shoveling.