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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, May 10, 2008.

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    I'm up early and about to leave for work. Luckily I went to bed by 9:15 last night (I could barely keep my eyes open) so I am not feeling too tired this morning.

    I had a nice birthday dinner last night with my godsend and his family. Of course, there was nothing healthy on the menu and I have to weigh in today-not a good thing. Oh well, not much I can do about it now.

    As far as plans for the day, other than napping and the health club we'll see what happens. I really should mow the lawn (and shouldn't complain because after the long winter it should be a good thing) but we'll see. husband is taking difficult child to a movie-Speed Racer (or something like that).

    Wishing everyone a Saturday with many reasons to smile and laugh.:flower:
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    :coffee: Good Morning Sharon and all to follow!!

    I am really needing the coffee this morning. I was up pretty late thursday night, last night I went over my cousins because my aunt and uncle were in town. Had a few drinks and stayed up too late again!!!! I'm driving up with difficult child to visit mom for a few hours and I would prefer to go back to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sharon, glad you had a nice time last night. You only have weigh-in once a month right? How's easy child doing? Hoping you can get a nap in this afternoon :sleeping:.

    So the kids came to me thursday evening and asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I told them that I wanted to go to church with them, then go to Lowe's and get two trees for around my hot tub. Then I wanted to go on a bike ride with them. Then I wanted easy child to give me a peticure. So they bought it! I have my mother's day planned!

    Fran, if you read this post this morning, I was just watching coverage on the Bush wedding - it's going to be 94 degrees down there in Texas today! Bet you are loving being in the east!!

    Have a great Saturday everyone :winks:.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Sharon/Wiped, your birthday dinner last night sounds lovely. And a binge once a year - don't stress. All you need to do is just go back to where you were and forget the guilts. It was your birthday!

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like your hot tub will be really tropical, with the trees around it. I'd love to do that but we have very large, aggressive mosquitoes here. One landed at Mascot Airport an they pumped 2000 litres of Avgas into it before they realised...

    Today was a relaxing day for us. difficult child 3 did finish off his school maths work (at last!) and had his new baby budgie Lucky sitting on his shoulder just about all day. By mid-afternoon Lucky decided to test his wings - not a good idea, since the pet shop clipped him aggressively, and he can only flutter a couple of metres. He crashed into the wall and has damaged his beak (I think he'll be OK) so I've been searching websites to find more information.

    Looks like tomorrow difficult child 3 & I will be building some new perches and maybe a mini-playground for Lucky and Daisy, our older budgie. Both of them seem interested in the wild parrots (Rainbow Lorikeets) constantly outside our house - they both answer them when they hear them. Daisy's not too sure about Lucky - she will perch about 6" away from him but otherwise tends to warn him to keep his distance. She's been on her own for almost a year, when her partner died (flu). And now she's a bit crotchetty.

    Lucky, on the other hand - difficult child 3 had him wrapped in a towel when we got home from mother in law's. After Lucky broke off a small piece of his overgrown beak, it bled a little so difficult child 3 tried to clean him with a damp corner of a tissue, moistened in last night's bath. But Lucky decided to flap into the bath and when difficult child 3 tried to fish him out, fell in again. So we saw a huge bundle of towel, with a little budgie head poking out the top. I'll have to explain to difficult child 3 that budgies often enjoy bathing.

    All the info I've found on taming budgies says to take it slow and steady. Oops. We didn't do that. But I don't think it matters, because we now have a budgie that seems happy to spend an entire day snuggled on difficult child 3's shoulder, or tucked into his forearm watching TV.

    I think they've bonded...

    Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

  4. dreamer

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    Sharon, glad you had a nice time last nite! Hopefully weigh in will go just fine today. LOL about the lawn....thats just about how I was thinking about it, it was such a LONG winter, I mowed my 2nd time for the season yesterday and kept telling myself- "this is a good thing" LOL. BUT I am nowhere near as busy as it sounds like you are....days I mow are days I set the whole day around that chore.

    LDM/Sharon-Your Mothers Day sounds nice. I am glad they bought in on your ideas. :) Enjoy! If you were not driving today, maybe you could grab a small snooze in the car?

    Marg, your child and the budgie sound so sweet! I hope the beak will be OK. I do not know anythng at all about birds- my mom was absoltely terrified of all birds, (LOL my dads second wife bred birds, but I never spent time with dad and wife) My kids especially my son has expressed interest in birds, but with a dog, 3 cats, a rabbit, a turtle and a betta, in our teeny house, I think a bird might need more supervision than we would properly provide. Glad the maths done! YAY!
    I have no set plans for the day- will take it as it comes-hoping to work in yard, I think- cuz I do have some annuals I should get into the ground. I am also creating my version of an ice cream cake for easy child- her special request- the cake part baked last nite and is in freezer, now to assemble it all. Of course, the usual, drop loads of laundry in here and there thru the day- the things I do on autopilot all day long, LOL---Seems once I get myself up and going, things just kinda jump in and say "do me" :) I bet you all now how that works, reminds me of a TV commercial that used to be on where the wife says I am going to bed now- and she walks away from the husband-----and on her way she does all kinds of little shore type things. When she finally does get to the bedroom, her husband who was NOT "going to bed now" is all tucked in cozy in the bed----becuz when HE decided he was going to bed, he went to bed. He did NOT stop to check the doors and windows, add water to pet bowl, transfer the last load of laundry over, let the dog out one last time, stop to wash those stray dishes from someones snack, ya know? <giggle> THats ME. LOL . Thurs got intense, Fri was busy and today I am hopefully gonna just go at my own pace. :)
    Everyone have a great day! ANd Happy MOthers Day! (in case I don't post tomorrow, or you don't check in tomorrow)
  5. ML

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    Good morning! I just love springtime in the Rockies.

    Sharon/WO your day sounds great. I especially envy you the nap :)

    Sharon, I'm with you on the sleep deprivation. Too many late night and wondering why I woke up at 6:00 am.

    Marg, I'm glad you had a good day and hope you are sleeping like a baby as I type.

    Dreamer, take it show and steady girl. We could all stand a bit of pacing I think. We are always on over drive.

    One thing I love about this time of year is garage sales. I'm between sizes and am looking for clothes to get me through till the next one (downward I hope). difficult child and I love to do this together. I may clean this mess of a place later, or I may not. I'm starting to care less about the mess. husband will grill tomorrow. I plan on talking a long walk, a long bath and some long overdue self care (like a pedicure and facial).

    Happy Weekend to all ML
  6. Andy

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    Good Morning to some and Good Evening to others!

    Wiped Out - Happy belated Birthday!!! What did you enjoy for your dinner? I saw Speed Racer is at our movies also. I haven't heard about it but it does look like something difficult child would like - we haven't been to a movie for a long time and I have been planning to go soon. When an appropriate movie comes to town I try to get difficult child to it. Not too many of those.

    Little Dudes Mom - Wonderful Mom's Day plan - I have only asked for No Names Steaks on the grill. The more I think of it, I may order Applebees' Car Side To Go Spinach Shrimp Salad to go with the steaks? Will probably take difficult child on a bike ride also. He and the neighbor boy asked for one last night but it was at a bad time to cross a certain road and today is suppose to be rainy. So difficult child on Sunday and maybe both boys later in the week.

    Marguerite - I am finding that a puppy in the house has really helped my difficult child's behaviors and found him relishing in the responsibility of cleaning up accidents in the house (yes, he actually does so in a joyful mood and smile on his face). I hope your difficult child's Lucky will do the same thing. They love taking care of pets and feel so grown up with knowing how and being able to do these things. Makes your heart feel warm just watching. :)

    Dreamer - Enjoy your "take it as it comes" day today! Already knowing you will have ice cream today is probably putting an extra smile in your step? Hope your day remains carefree and happy.

    I wanted to sleep in today but got up at 8:15 (which is still sleeping in) to let puppy out. difficult child and I need to deep clean the living room to puppy proof it and have more room for difficult child and neighbor boy to play Wii when it is too wet to play outside. If husband was home this a.m. I would go to garage sales alone - I don't know if I can get difficult child to go to any. He is such a homebody.
  7. dreamer

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    Adrianne- your dog looks kinda like ours except ours is tricolor. His paperwork had said he was bichon-poodle- but- he kinda looks more maltese-with a touch of ****zu (he doesn't have a pushed in snout) Lucky is our first "small" dog, and I was nervous when we got him at first, but it was ME who wanted him, LOL- when I was sick, he was to be my cuddle buddy. It worked out great! Our whole family adores Lucky. We used to take him everywhere, especially when we went to watch parades and fireworks, he used to sit in basket of my scooter, LOL- but he is older now and does not tolerate those things as well as he used to.

    Ahh, the ice cream cake? One of my favs, made with chocolate cake and chocolate peanut buter swirl ice cream, but----I prolly won't have any. :-(
    easy child wanted it- she was mad at me becuz she had said on her birthday she did not want it, but now has changed her mind, LOL- her birthday was May 1...LOL- silly kid....so we are haveing it sort of kind of like late birthday. Goofy kids of mine seem to not realize I would bake anytime, if only they would eat what gets baked----I LIKE to bake, but- my kids are not baked item eaters, usually. Really, neither are husband or myself. I sure do enjoy bakeing thngs, especially cookies, tho. I used to "share" more baked goods, but now so many people are on such restrictive diets etc, I seldom bake cuz I have a hard time findning people to feed things to. LOL!
    It is chilly here today, and I heard it is supposed to rain all of tomorrow, rather heavily. :-( drat.

    For tomorrow, well, my FAVORITE thing is to have buffet brunch somewhere - BUT I am being careful what I eat now, and my kids are not impressed by such things, and they are SO expensive...I also would love to go to a zoo....but again, my kids make it difficult......not worth it in the end to try to get them to go along.....and with the rain? II am thinking of setting up my own brunchy thing- lots of fresh fruits, vegs, maybe scramble some egg whites.....add some pretty flowers to table to make it look very festive and fun.....in hindsight, as chilly as it is, I wish I woulda grabbed a turkey to roast, LOL----(ah but, I have a hard time finding turkey this time of year)

    OK sorry- got to rambling- it's what I do best- sorry. LOL.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Sharon-Sounds like your Mother's day is well planned!! I usually weigh in every week I work but only have to weigh in once a month.

    Marg-Glad you had a relaxing day-I always love those types of days! Dinner was fun but it was my godson's birthday not mine.

    Dreamer-I hope your day is a peaceful one and goes at the right pace today! The ice cream cake sounds cool!

    Adriene-Actually it was my godson's birthday last night-not mine-guess I didn't word that well. I hope you get to go to your garage sales! Sorry you didn't get to sleep as late as you hoped.