Happy Sunday!!!


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Thought id start a thread for both saturday and sunday.

Our weekend has been peaceful and quiet and the weather continues to be cool and cloudy in good ole Wisconsin. I found outi have a sinus and ear infection when one of my ears blocked up so I went to immefiate care. Will have to see ENT in order for the water to be removed. Work mon. And tues. So not until wed. Oh, well.

Jumper may drop by today (back from Florida) or else another peaceful day...cleaning and laundry, maybe dog park.if it would just get into the 60s. Is that too.much to ask???

Hace a great day ri all.

pigless in VA

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Good mawnin', SWOT. I'm sorry to hear about your ear infection. I still get those sometimes, too. It's cool and rainy here, too. I will most likely dig some more in the garden today. I am trying to remove some "monkey grass" from my flower bed. I wish I had never put it there.

We plan to have lunch with my former in-laws at noon. Ostensibly that sounds nice except that they are not the best company. I find lunching with them to be very emotionally draining. My significant other is who carries the conversation. He knows how to talk to them and they adore him. There's a piece of that which makes me very angry as they never did speak to either son the way the do to my SO.

Candy has chamber music practice later today. She is the only child playing in two different groups which seems confusing to me.

Wiped Out

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Good morning!
SWOT I hope you feel better!

Pigless I hope things go smoothly at lunch.

I've been to church, the grocery store, cut up a bunch of fruit and am now going to take a nap! I really hope the rain and cold temperatures go away soon!

Scent of Cedar *

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I love the Morning thread.

Sunny and breezy here this morning, but very cold. 47 degrees!

No woodticks, yet.

We are settling in nicely. The house is in order and we will start on the yard next week. Regarding the faucet situation: D H was horrified to discover that I'd learned about shower faucet gaskets on YouTube. I told him about Tanya having successfully repaired her washing machine from a YouTube video, and went on to point out that D H solution to the kitchen faucet situation (turning the water valve under the sink off altogether) was, in my opinion, less than optimal. Talking all about what can happen to the pipes behind the wall should the amateur YouTube-watching person use too much force while trying to get her shower faucets off, D H said we will probably need a plumber for the shower.

But he did buy a tool having to do with smoothing the inside of faucets so they do not slice into the rubber gasket part. That was the problem, so D H told me, when we repaired the kitchen faucet the first time.



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It's mid-afternoon here in sunny California.

Keeping it low-key today, clearing out the DVR, checking FB and email, and petting the Onyx panther. Been texting with Miss KT; she's on her way to get a pedicure.

Hubby had to work today, so it's just me and the animals.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!