Happy Thanksgiving !

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Ephchap, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Ephchap

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    Just wanted to take a minute to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My oldest is doing well at his new job and is engaged to a wonderful young woman. They bought a home this time last year and are doing well.

    My difficult child is going to be a father in about 3 months. He has really stepped up to the plate. He bought a 2 bedroom condo, is working at a parts plant, and is drug free (knocking on wood here). He and the mother to be of his child are planning a life together and doing well.

    My youngest, my daughter, is doing exceptionally well at school and is happy. She's on a path to a medical career, which is what she's always wanted.

    My husband and I have weathered through raising three children, surviving their teen years, surviving difficult child's drugging, and will become grandparents early in 2008. We are now almost empty nesters, as the only one still officially living here is our daughter, and she's away at school most of the time.

    It wasn't always like this, so I do feel very thankful.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, and to everyone else on this board (who do not wander out to the other boards much).

    Have a safe and blessed holiday.
  3. Ephchap

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    Thanks, BBK.

    How did everyone's Thanksgiving go? I used to dread the holidays coming. It seemed that once we got through Thanksgiving and then Christmas, my difficult child would spiral downward.

    Here's hoping that each of you survived without any chaos and stress.

    Hugs to all,
  4. DDD

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    My computer was down and out for the holiday so I am a day late.
    Happy Thanksgiving! There were only nine of us so it was a piece
    of cake. None of the discerning diners were present so I cut corners and made it easy on myself. I didn't make gravy from scratch, or potatoes from scratch and skipped the homemade dill dip altogther, lol. I bought a pecan pie at the grocery store
    brushed egg white on the crust edges and stuck it in the oven for
    thirty minutes. Am I bad?? The pumpkins were from scratch and
    everyone thought the pies were "as good as ever, Mom".

    My easy child son and his family came down from Tally. Bless his heart
    he insisted that his family clean up afterwards. For the first
    time since l960 I took a nap while others cleaned up. Yeah!

    easy child/difficult child called and said "let's NOT talk about the holiday, Mama".
    They had diced pressed turkey pieces/gravy poured over mashed
    potatoes. on the other hand, he remembers that exactly two years ago he was
    in a wheelchair on Thanksgiving and needed help eating. He knows
    to be thankful.

    Yesterday was NO CARB day! I personally declared that there were
    NO carbs in my pumpkin pie leftovers OR in the big fat turkey
    sandwiches etc. Today.......carbs exist again. LOL DDD
  5. SunnyFlorida

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    I'm back. :thumbsup:

    We took everyone to N. FL where we've got this little two room cabin with 4 bunkbeds and a rollaway. Everyone would be me, husband, difficult child 1 and baby, easy child/difficult child 2 and girlfriend. We went in two cars and bought a blowup mattress with us. difficult child 1 and baby slept on the mattress and then easy child/difficult child and girlfriend and husband and I shared a bunk. (yes...we like to be cozy) :smile:

    We spent from Wed - Sun together. :thanksgiving2:

    It was chilly 40's in the am (that's chilly for us 85 degree people!)

    We cooked, ate, shopped, the boys hunted and chopped wood. Lots of fun.

    We all got along really well. :dance:

    Let's hope the rest of the holidays are just as great.
  6. Ephchap

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    So that's the reason I felt a slight tremor in the earth! You didn't make everything from scratch! OMG! :rofl:YOu are too funny.

    How wonderful that you help cleaning up. I think taking a little snooze on Thanksgiving for the first time since 1960 is waaaaaaaaay overdo and wellllllllll deserved!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!


    Just the fact that all of you survived and didn't kill each other would have been remarkable in those tight quarters ... but you had fun! Sounds like the boys are growing up and moving forward. Ahhhh, isn't it wonderful?

    Glad to hear you also enjoyed yourself!