Happy Thursday!

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    :gingerbread: Good Thursday Morning! :rudolph:

    Good Morning All. I am really excited about the weekend - they are calling for snow here on Saturday :snowangel:! The jury is still out in regards to how much, but a couple inches is significant for us!!!

    Today will be a full day at the office for me. Bonehead will be out of the country for almost a month beginning the 29th. Once I finished my regular work, he and I will be meeting to discuss all that will need to happen when he's gone.

    difficult child and I will leave for school about 20 minutes early this morning as we are delivering Christmas gifts to his teachers. You know it's uncool for a 14 year old boy to deliver them himself!!!! He would like Mom to go with him......

    Wishing eveyone a great day!


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    Good Morning!

    Sharon-So true about 14 year olds thinking it's uncool to bring their teachers a gift-lol. I have a friend whose son was the same way when he was that age.

    Two days left before break! Tonight after school we all get to come straight home-this should probably go in the record books. easy child has no cheer practice and difficult child has no appointments. husband and I have some running around to do so maybe we'll even make it to the health club!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you get that snow you're looking for. One day I'd like to experience a white Christmas. difficult child 3 is asking, "Will there be a white Christmas in Australia this year too?" but what he means is, will there be snow somewhere in Australia on Christmas Day? It does happen sometimes, usually the top of Mt Wellington in Hobart, or the Snowy Mountains. Maybe once in ten years they'll get ephemeral summer snow on the alps... but otherwise it's always hot here.

    Sharon/WO, itwill be good to hve a night off form having to run kids around.

    Things slow down sooner here, difficult child 3's tennis classes finished last week, school finished yesterday for the local kids. They had their school picnic yesterday, it's the tradition every year, the entire school walks to the beach and spends the day there. Of course, OH & S rules mean no swimming permitted. Talk about cruel - spend the day at the beach but don't let them go in the water. But thye do play brach cricket, beach volleyball, there are books being read in the shade, a lovely cool ocean breeze... but we didn't visit them this year. Instead, difficult child 3 & I did our own stuff.

    Today we again had an easy day. I was busy with the Christmas card I have to finish and send out. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready to print them off.
    Also today - I had a go at making panettone in the bread machine. it turned out really well! I also made some bread rolls for the church dinner tomorrow night. difficult child 3 made a loaf of bread but didn't put enough water in the mix so it didn't rise well. daughter in law & difficult child 1 were here for dinner tonight, they took the dud loaf home. I'll put a loaf on first thing in the morning, it can be done by the time we get home.

    I played with the cookie press again tonight, I've filled a 4 litre ice cream container with the output. I'm going to take some tomorrow to give to the therapist.

    I saw my GP this afternoon. I had to leave at 3.30 pm to get there on time, I had to get the panettone out of the oven just as I was leaving. I'd made one big one and six small ones, so I threw a couple of the small ones into a tea towel and took them with me for the doctor.

    Tomorrow we have an early (9 am) appointment with difficult child 3's therapist. I'd rather skip it but we already skipped it last week for difficult child 3's school presentation day. So it's an early start. I'm hoping the traffic will be light, due to school being out for summer now. We'll be finished by 10 am, then we'll head straight home. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & her friend are coming to our place to do more baking, I really need to be home for them. I also want to fit in another beach visit tomorrow. We got to the beach today, I even went in for a short swim. The water has warmed up, it's lovely now. 21 C (70 F). It was a bit rough though.

    It's been really hot today, I had to put the air conditioner on in the car even though it was late afternoon. The thermometer says it's been 32 C here only a couple of hours ago (that's 90 F). The western suburbs of Sydney would have been over 40 C (104 F). It will still be that hot there tonight, there are storms forecast and they're just beginning here. We get the weather changes a few hours ahead of the rest of Sydney, because we're so close to the coast.

    Tomorrow will be a lot cooler, thank goodness. We have a dinner tomorrow night at our church on the beach - a pot luck dinner. I'm planning on taking a large panettone. And if it's warm enough after the cool change - my swimsuit. I've only been to the beach about four times, but it's been mostly in the last week and I've got such a tan happening now! difficult child 3 got a bit of sunburn today, I've put some aloe vera on it, hopefully he will be brown by morning.

    Enjoy your Thursday.