Happy Turkey Thursday!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by LittleDudesMom, Nov 27, 2008.

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    :thanksgivingday:Happy Turkey Day!! :thanksgiving1:

    No, I am not up at this ungodly hour because I'm cooking a meal for 35! I'm up because easy child is teaching a power hour water fitness class (the highest level) at 6 am. I had to get up early enough to get some coffee and 'puter in before hitting the gym.

    I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, but I will be cooking a fresh turkey breast and some sage stuffing! It's just not Thanksgiving if you are not doing some sort of cooking and the house smells good during the Macy's parade! I've always cooked a turkey breast in the morning as there are never leftovers and mother in law's house! The kids will go with bonehead and honey-wife and I'll go to my cousins where her parents are down from Maryland.

    easy child and I plan to pull out the tree tonight and, if nothing else, get it in place to decorate tomorrow. She also wants to hit one store early in the morning - she wants to go to the Betsy Johnson store (her fav designer). She has a gift certificate and is hoping she can get a good deal with a sale. She really wants one of Betsy's winter hats and scarf. We won't leave too early in the am - the store doesn't open until 8:30. After that, another series of water aerobics to work off mroe turkey day splurges!

    difficult child, easy child and I plan on doing the outdoor Christmas decorations tomorrow as well. This year we are doing something different. We have a set of four windows, a guest room, in the middle second floor of our home. We are going, from the inside, to put some nails, in no patterned order, on the exterior woodwork, and hang a miriad of different types of colored lights. Some draped across, some draped down - just a mish-mash of color hanging down against the house. Big bulbs, little bulbs, rope lights, etc. I have a big old mediterranean style house that is cream colored with a orange barrel tiled roof. I think the colors will look good against the cream. We'll see. We want it to look jumbled and wild! :christmaslights:

    Well, I'm off to grab my second cup of hmj.

    :thanksgiving11:Wishing all who celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving :thanksgiving1:

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    Morning - it has been awhile since joined the good morning thread. Thought since i am up at 5 in the morning (not a clue as to why) I would stop by and say hi and happy turkey day.

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    G'day, people. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

    Sharon/WO, I've been planning on cooking the turkey breast thing, but with chicken breast instead.
    We don't put Christmas decorations up until after school finishes for the year, or maybe the weekend before. But nearly! We might make an exception this year and go early.

    Beth, good to see you up and about, I hope you got enough sleep.

    We had a big day today, had a meeting at difficult child 3's school about his learning problems and some ways to cope. We also dropped in on the old primary school in the city that the older three kids went to, and showed them difficult child 1's wedding photos. I'll post separately about it all when I get the chance but it's busy at the moment, I have a lot of little things to do in the next few weeks before school finishes for the year.

    Have a good day today.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Sharon-What a great idea to hit the gym on Thanksgiving! If I had the time I would too but if I've figured correctly in order to eat by 3:00 I have to start everything around 8:30. Guess I could sneak out now but I don't want to wake everyone sleeping downstairs. by the way, your morning post yesterday about all the workouts you are doing motivated me to make myself go to the health club yesterday after work-I thought about just going home but didn't! Great idea about the turkey breast-have fun decorating!

    Beth-Good to see you on the morning thread!

    Marg-I hope your meeting today went well!

    I'm really looking forward to today. I just love husband's family and having the other kids in the house is lots of fun too and the bonus is difficult child will have playmates! That and he loves his older adult cousins as well. Also it makes husband so happy to have so many from his side coming this year-his family, especially he and his two sisters (which are the two families that are here) are very close!

    Wishing everyone a a very happy Thanksgiving Day:thanksgiving1:
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    Good morning. :coffee:

    I've only got a moment before I head off into the kitchen, dinner is at 3pm.
    Sharon/LDM- enjoy your workout and dinner at your cousin's house.
    Beth- It's wonderful to see you this morning. :)
    Marg- It sounds like yet another busy day.
    Sharon/W.O.- It sounds like you'll have a great day!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our members in the U.S., and hopes for a fabulous day to our members everywhere else! :thanksgiving1:
  6. mstang67chic

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I wasn't planning on being up this early since all I have to do is pull the rolls out of the freezer (tee hee) but I woke up and can't get back to sleep.

    LDM - have a good trip to the gym. The Christmas decoration plan sound neat. You'll have to post pics!

    Beth - No clue why I'm up early too although I'm glad it's not as early as YOU got up! LOL

    Marg - When exactly does school get out for the year? Hope your meeting went well and don't worry about the wedding stuff. Get to it when you can.

    WO - Here's to a good day and lots of good visiting!

    No huge plans here. We're going to dad and step-moms and it will just be them, the kids and us plus 2 neighbors. I've got a couple of reviews I want to try to get turned in before we leave but that's pretty much it. husband and I both have to work tomorrow but even though I was told I can go in whenever I want, I'll probably go in at the usual time. It's either going to be really busy or really slow. After that I think I'll take my brother and youngest sister to see Twilight. We've all read it and are dying to see the movie!

    Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    TM - you snuck in on me! Happy Turkey day!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Sorry I'm not listing everyone today, difficult child is quite busy today and I have minimal time.

    I hope everyone has a great day whatever it is they do, and difficult child's are happy :)

    WE are doing dinner out with-parents after all of that.