Happy Wednesday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    It's the middle of the week and summer is so different from the rest of the year for me because for all I know it could be any other day.

    This week difficult child's camping trip is on Wed (today) because of the 4th weekend. They don't have camp on Friday so can't to the overnight on Thursday.

    After dropping him off and getting in our workout we may drive out of town to do something different. We would eat lunch and do a little looking around. I need to find a dress for my niece's wedding in Sept. so I may start looking for that.

    It's still very cool here, much more Fall like than Summer. I think we may finally start to have better weather tomorrow, at least it should get into the 70s-I don't think it made it past 62 yesterday.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    Good morning all,

    Sharon ~ your summer vacations are so refreshing; have fun with husband today.

    We have the same cool weather as Sharon today. AND we now have a 2nd senator (finally) after last year's election. The recount fight will not be going to the US Supreme Court ~ we Minnesotan's were getting darned tired of all this nonsense & losing faith in the entire election system.

    Busy busy day - I have a therapist appointment, then kt has therapist, piano lessons & a visit from risk management SW for kt. I have got to get a grip - I generally do not overbook like this.

    Hope your day is calm, peaceful.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Wednesday.

    Sharon/WO, it sounds like you have a lovely day planned. I hope you find a lovely dress for the wedding. I need to get cracking there also...

    Linda, I'm glad the courts aren't going to get dragged into the political bunfight. I agree, it's such a waste of time and resources.
    I hope today meshes together for you and doesn't turn chaotic. Sometimes no matter how careful we try to be, our days overbook anyway. At least it will be good to get so much of it dealt with.

    I had a long day today. First the infectious diseases specialist. I could have hit him when he said, "Why didn't your doctor call me? You should have been on antibiotics weeks ago!"
    I said, "My doctor DID call you, 3 to 4 weeks ago."
    So by the time I left we had a strategy in place for next time I have an infection problem and we can't get hold of him. Hopefully he will also put it in his report to the GP. The specialist confirmed whooping cough even though we don't have blood test results at the moment.

    Fortunately I finished with the specialist soon enough to make my next appointment - game show audition. I probably should have not gone, I am still very sore and driving hurts, but I had time to go a bit carefully. I even had time to take the slower way in and save $5 toll. And time to find a nearby parking spot and not have to pay a parking station.
    Outcome of the audition - I'm in! "Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Hot Seat"! Of course, just passing the written test isn't enough, they may decided they don't like my look, or they may already have their fill of middle-aged Anglo females... the last three game shows I auditioned for and got in with, all got canned before I could get called. And even if I get on the show, if something goes wrong and it never gets to go to air, I will never get any prizes I might have won.
    But if I get called, I'll at least get a free trip to Melbourne...

    The GP rang tonight - she'd been faxed the X-ray report and was telling me that I have a displaced rib fracture; but also it seems the lab has lost my last blood draw, if they don't find it by Friday afternoon I have to get it taken again. The reason it's Friday, is that's the next time I'm going "to the mainland". I'm not going to make a special trip when the lab stuffed up. Friday night is easy child 2/difficult child 2's pre-rehearsal dinner, when we check out the menu at the wedding reception place and choose what dishes we want. So as I described to easy child 2/difficult child 2, it's a "working" dinner. She's so out of touch, she rang me this evening to ask what she should wear to dinner! I told her, it will be like dressing for dinner when you're the only one home. Do what you like.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  4. therese005us

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    Hi there for Wednesday

    Hope the wedding dress searching goes well, and the pre dinner activities etc.
    I thought it was the 1st already today, and gleefully did the 'pinch/punch' onn daughter, only to have to coyly apologise and say she might get a turn tomorrow!
    I don't know what I achieved - yes i do - I have my reporting for the month ready to mail tomorrow - nearly a month late, and some of June's is ready also. All the photocopying is done for it, and I even sorted some paperwork. It's taken me all day to do it.
    The children were not so co-operative today, especially cherub, who went through numerous amounts of clothes and still insisted she was not wet/dirty when called. Trying to get her to come cheerfully, but I think we're a few weeks away from that yet.
    The little boy was also wet/dirty frequently today, but mum doesn't think there's a problem. I think some of it is stress, and a portion of it copied behaviour. Sister gets lots of attention, doesn't she?
    Baby was just lovely most of the day,though didn't settle for a morning nap. She was pretty tired by 5pm so I gave her an early supper and Miss R. (DD12) rocked her to sleep.
    tonight after the photocopying is complete, I am making collages of photos for bio dad's birthday next week, and also other collages for other members of the family.
    The valuer came,and he informs me indirectly, I'm quite rich (on paper) and there's no problem with the valuation matching the amount I need to borrow for my new home.....
    now all I need is to sell the land for the shortfall....
    Bio mum wants me to have all the kids again for a couple nights next week, so she can spend the night with bio dad for his birthday. Of course, I said yes!
    She still is in denial about the sexual abuse, but at least little cherub is safe - for now.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone