Hard to believe that easy child/difficult child

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    turns 19 today:) It has been very interesting watching her this past year. In some ways she still has a long way to go (especially when it comes to difficult child) but in others it has been a delight watching her mature. Out of the blue last night she told me she loved me. She said even though she doesn't say it much (she says it is hard to say)she always loves me. I think having a gap year between high school and college has been very good for her. It has been really nice to see her smile and laugh more. She keeps up with her medications on her own (even ordering them from the pharmacy). She says she is so much happier and she is looking forward to going to school this fall. She will live at home and go to the technical college that is about 2 miles from our house and then transfer to a four year college after that. Sorry for rambling...it's so good to be celebrating her today!
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    :). I love happy rambles!
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    Thanks, this made me smile, I'm happy for both of you..........
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    Happy Birthday easy child/difficult child! I love the update!
  5. Happy Birthday to easy child!
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    Happy Birthday to my board niece!!!
  7. Fran

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    What a wonderful update. Congratulations on seeing the good stuff happening. It's amazing how different our kids are after high school. It's like the pressure is off and they can start to grow and develop.
    Enjoy your little girl.
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    Happy birthday to easy child! Glad to hear she is growing.
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    Happy birthday to easy child. You all are making me feel OLD, by the way. LOL