Has anyone else had issues trying to volunteer?


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I love helping people, but it seems I never can find a "good fit".

*I have physical limitations (lifting, repetitive movements, standing for long periods of time) and most of the opportunities around me involve strenuous activity.
* I also have some executive functioning issues (need direction repeated, etc) and after awhile I don't feel welcome OR I get treated like a child.
*Also, the biggie, I can't drive.

I'm an introvert that likes do to "behind the scenes" things and I don't like being the center of attention/having to interact with large groups of people (concessions, crowd control, etc.). Plus, with the Dyscalculia, I don't feel comfortable handling money. I also, since I'm unemployed right now, don't have very much money.

I love animals and have tried several animal shelters/sanctuaries, but have had no luck. Most humane societies are over staffed or, like the one closest to me, poorly run and have a major issue with several older volunteers forming a clique and ignoring/shunning new people. For a time I volunteered at a hippo therapy center run by a disabled woman until the woman decided that since my dad drove me there that HE was the one she had to talk to. I was 18 and she would tell my dad things like "She had SUCH a good day today!". And when both me and my dad would stare at her speechless, she'd tell me to "use my words".:mad:



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Brodi, have you tried to find a voluntary placement through the Department of Rehabilitation?

Our local office offered my son a volunteer placement at the local zoo.

If you go through them they make arrangements with the work site so you do not have to negotiate it yourself.

Good Luck