Has anyone heard from peg2?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by FlowerGarden, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I haven't seen any postings by peg in quite awhile. In the last post I saw of hers she was having a very difficult time. Peg if you are taking a break from posting but still visiting to see what is going on, know that I am thinking of you and your difficult child. Hoping you post an update soon.
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    Thank you for thinking of me. It's too difficult for me lately, so I just shut down. My mom died July 22 and my difficult child was at the viewing and funeral, which I am glad of. However, it was very difficult for me to see him after 1 1/2 yrs. My oldest son wanted me to go outside and talk to him but I said no, there is a rest. order still and I would not without a therapist present. I had my older son give him the therapist card with my next appointment. He showed up!!!! My older son
    called earlier to say he would be running late, I almost threw up! He came in and the therapist said "you 2 know
    each other". Son said yeah.......... She had me go out and speak to him alone, I heard him get loud, I went back in
    and he said he doesn't care about me or my oldest son and thinks a mother should take a son back in no matter
    what. Basically and short and to the point, he was about to be homeless and wanted to come back home. Therapist
    told him my terms(I would not speak to him at all), that he needs a psychiatric diagnosis and maybe medications and
    therapy. He thought if he said he would go in the future then he could come home right away. Pretended he didn't
    know if a RO was in place. Was agitated and clearly does not like me and doesn't think he did anything wrong. I said
    his older brother and I would maybe help him get a place but he can't come home now. Went to a psychiatrist on
    August 30 while me and my 2 sons were on vacation, so there I am pulled off to the side of the road in Missouri
    talking to the doctor about his background. doctor called me after the appointment. difficult child didn't say much of anything and he
    couldn't make a diagnosis but said bi-polar based on what I said. So, we got nowhere and he is just going through
    the motions. Prescribed depokote but doctor and I don't expect him to take it. tested my older son and said because of the hurricane we had here here he couldn't live in his place(could be true, the shore got hit hard). We told him to
    check out motes, we could help. Last I heard he checked a place out but then nothing. Then, car impounded
    because he was driving while suspended, needed money for that mess. My older son got him a debit type card so we could re-load it but not sure how that will work because don't know what money is being used for.
    Also, at the funeral my brother does not speak to me or my older brother so he and his family treated us like guests at our own mothers funeral, which we expected and were dreading.
    Still seeing a therapist myself, but there is too much to deal with; it was terribly hard seeing my son but I am glad he saw his grandmom for the last time.
    Thanks for the concern.
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    Peg, thought I would send a big supportive hugs your way. I don't understand why life stacks problems on top of crisis situations but it sure sounds like you have good reason to feel overwhelmed. It is great that you have a loyal and dependable therapist to help you through these difficult times. Wishing you the best. DDD
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    Sending hugs out to you. I know it had to be so hard to not back down with your son. You did a great job doing the right thing for him. I admire how you handled everything.