Has anyone heard of Countertop Transfauxmation?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I saw a thing on it was either DIY or HGTV...cant remember which one right now...but it was talking about this stuff that you can paint on over your current counters to make them look and feel like real granite for just a smidge of the price it would take to get actual granite.

    I am going to be redoing my mobile home in bits and pieces and have been watching all these shows and boy have they got my mind racing...lol. I have tons of ideas and a beer budget. I would love to be able to redo my counter tops because they are just a mess. I certainly couldnt afford new ones though. If this stuff actually works it would be worth trying.

    Im already fighting with Tony about removing the island that came with the place. I want it gone because it just takes up too much space and if I ever do need an electric wheelchair which I know is coming, I wont be able to move freely in the kitchen. I have found a small butcher block island at IKEA for less than $200. I even found a used dishwasher on craigslist for less than $100. Once we can get the boys out, we can really start to do some work around here. We are going to start at one end and work our way forward. I think we are going to try and either do this cool new vinyl wood flooring a found or laminate from the bathroom up the hallway to the kitchen and family room. Leave the carpet we have now in the Living, dining and bedrooms. Maybe get them professionally steam cleaned.
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    I have a friend who used and loves the stuff you are talking about. The laminate flooring that looks like wood is super easy to install and looks great. You just take up the carpet, put the underlayerment down and snap it together.

    As for the island, could the existing one be put on wheels? If not, get the other one and make sure it has castors or wheels - it will make a huge difference.

    Enjoy the projects - and I hope that you get at least Cory and Mandy out soon.
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  4. Suz

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    I love youtube! Here's another idea.

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    we did the living room/dining room, hallway and 2 bedrooms in Pergo about 2 years ago. Love it. Swiffer and a wet mop with a vinegar water solution are all it takes to clean it. It's amazing the crud that you'll realize was in your carpet all that time.

    We're going to be redoing the kitchen - it's our last major project. We will be ripping out to the studs and starting completely over. It's small, so we're going to do it the way WE want it.
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    You'll love not having carpets, I wouldn't keep any-maybe just in the bedrooms. If you're going to have them cleaned, why spend the money? Put it towards doing your entire place in the new flooring. We put hardwood everywhere downstairs, even the bathroom and kitchen. It's so easy to keep clean. You'll love it. We have a small island that doubles as our kitchen table that we bought at Sams. It came with 4 stools and it was so cheap. Getting rid of the kitchen table and chairs saved us a ton of space in there.
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    I tend to agree about the carpet.

    We had new carpet when we moved in her 7 yrs ago. It looks 50 yrs old now. The "bonus" of uber cheap carpet. In the diningroom there are places where it's worn through to the backing, which doesn't make much sense because if it were high traffic areas I might be able to understand it but it's all over the darn carpet even in places people don't walk. ugh So far the bedrooms have held up better. Well, ok maybe not Travis' room, but not changing his until he moves into his own place. lol

    I'm trying to get brave enough to pull up a corner in the dining room carpet to see if idiot man who re-did this house was smart enough to leave the original hardwood floors underneath. I call him idiot man because he poured (literally) cement down the chimney into the gas fireplace and made it unusable. I'd want to fix that disaster too, but the more I look at it the more I don't think I'll be able too, I mean it's a solid enormous block of cement in there. ugh If there is hardwood underneath, carpets will be yanked out and I'll sand them down ect and not replace with carpet.......even in the living room. Bedrooms.....since I know he lifted the top floor up on a crane to redo wiring/plumbing and duct work......I'm guessing he ripped out the original hardwood flooring, so not sure I'm even going to try it up there.

    I used to think carpet was lovely until mother in law and her hardwood floors. lol Now in her living room she had large pieces of carpeting she used as throw rugs, and I do mean large........but she got them cleaned twice a year and the way they were down she could take them up and get rid of them with no fuss anytime she wanted. Smart woman.

    Janet my bro has spent a great deal of his adult life in mobile homes, and made money for a while fixing up old ones and reselling them. Have you looked in to newer models to see if it might be both easier and cheaper to invest in that than put all the time, money and effort into the old one?
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    I would KILL to be able to get rid of this carpeting, but I just rent this house. The carpeting was brand new when I moved in to this house seven years ago. I'm not a vacuuming fanatic but I do it enough. Still, there is no way to keep them really clean. I bought a carpet shampooer and everytime I use it, what comes up looks like MUD! Having four dogs doesn't help, but most of what the shampooer gets up is pure dirt!

    My daughter and sister in law had carpeting in their whole house except for the kitchen and bathrooms, and it was decent enough looking but they spent a lot having it professionally cleaned all the time. Two years ago they pulled up all the carpeting and even the ceramic tile in the kitchen and had it all replaced with hardwood floors! It looks gorgeous! But the best part is that they can keep it really clean, where they couldn't with the carpet. With two dogs, a cat, and now a toddler, it makes a huge difference. Now they just run over it with the dust mop and they're good to go, and spills wipe right up! The little guy has allergies (just like his parents) so they are all better off without those dust-catching carpets.
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    And ya'll think there is NO reason why I'm in love with Holmes ..on Homes. Mwhahahaha.......It's not just the way the man fills out the bibs ladies. It's .......well he's SOooooooooo handy! I've been painting the boy's bedroom (finally after 2 years huh?) and it made me cry - but I'm about 90% done. Now I'm getting ready to tear out the carpeting, tape the baseboards, because they will do doubt be showing once I replace the new carpet with industrial carpet (finally able to think a step ahead without a ton of stress) and then I have one room complete - OMG you can't believe how long it took to PATCH ALL THE HUGE HOLES IN THE WALLS - I think there was nearly 1 sheet of sheet rock and 1 gallon of mud in there. Even DF now has a masters in paster patching.
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    One of the few things husband is good at is plaster patching or dry wall patching. difficult children made it necessary.

    I need to paint all the rooms downstairs too. Only I need to figure out the colors I want...........which will depend on it I can just rip up the carpet or not. ugh lol Not looking forward to it though......usually I am the one who winds up doing all the work while husband takes 20 min breaks every 5 mins. omg :groan::rollingpin:
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    Our pergo was really loud when you walked on it. We replaced it with hardwoods and tile.