Has anyone tried Bach flower remedies?

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    Hello. My almost 7 yr old, N, is ADHD-inattentive and ODD (just with mom!). We have been using fish oils for a while. It has seemed to help the ADHD. We also just started magnesium last week. The ODD however is getting worse. Temper tantrums increasing in frequency and intensity, aggression increasing, child's frustration increasing- you get the picture. My sister in law suggested the flower remedies. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them and what the general opinions are. TIA.

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    I've never heard of it. Have you tried Feingold or gluten/casein free? I started Miss on Feingold and narrowed down her issues to food coloring and corn syrup (especially high fructose). It hasn't completely resolved the raging, but I can tell you exactly when she's had something she shouldn't.
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    I have been using these for two years now after being introduced by a friend of mine, and I have to say that they actually do work. I have gotten rid of shyness, impatience, a need to lie, and many other problems that I had for my entire life.

    Many of my relatives and friends have also used these with success. My mother, for example, was able to come out of a severe deppression that she has was in for a few years after immigrating to a foreign country.

    They work so subtly that a lot of people, after using a remedy, end up denying that they ever had the associated problem, and sometimes they work so fast that it's difficult to believe that it's true. But if there's anyone around, the changes are noticeable, and usually that there's change corresponding to remedies is reported by people who happen to be around the person who's under treatment.

    The remedies do not cause addiction, furthermore once you don't need a mixture you'll find that you start forgetting to take it. But the recommended course is 2 months, and stopping the treatment before that often causes the return of the problem.

    I recommend you to try them, too, and, for starters, here's the list of recommended resources:

    "The Spirit of Dr Bach - The Bach Flower Therapy"

    "The 7 Bach Flower Groups"

    "The Bach Flower Remedies" by Edward Bach, M.D. and F.K. Wheeler, M.D. (ISBN: 978-0879838690)

    "The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy" by Mechthild Scheffer (ISBN: 978-0892819416)

    Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
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    Since my original post, we have started the remedies and things have definitely improved. I have been taking remedies to help me be more tolerant and patient, letting me use "baskets B and C" (Explosive child book) more, which of course has led to more peace in our home. N and J and husband are taking ones for focus, as well as N on tolerance remedies. husband is also using elm for being overwhelmed and he is much less stressed. In fact, he forgot (ADHD hubby) for a day or two to take it thru the day and I noticed that he was stressing again. Reminded him and he has been diligent about taking it 4x a day and is calm again.
    I am very pleased with results so far. I particularly like that there are no adverse side effects and that if you don't get just the right one, it is not harmful.
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    Though I in general do not find homeopathic remedies to be effective, I did try the Bach Five Flower Essences on my CATS back in the days when I was breeding and showing Maine Coons.

    Another breeder recommended them to me for helping kittens and young cats who were scared/overstimulated by the hubbub of cat shows.

    They made a noticeable difference and one that cannot be attributed to placebo effect given that they were used on cats.

    by the way, the medication can be administered by rubbing it into hairless portions of the body such as the groin (in cats), or the inner side of the ears (should work in humans).

    My only real complaint about the stuff is that it doesn't work for beans for bipolar, and it comes with a GLASS eyedropper which in my humble opinion is not safe for animals or human kids.

    If you go this route you need to get an add'l dropper to use for administration.