Has anyone tried Chiropractic, massage, reiki, accupuncture for difficult child "symptoms"


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My sister (a chiropracty fan) brought this up today as possible additional therapies for DD1 diagnosis's listed below plus possible bipolar or something else in "severe" problems not yet diagnosed.

While I believe in these practices, and believe they can definitely be helpful in alleviating some symptoms, I just wanted to know if anyone has had first hand experience and if it was worth the time and potential arguments with insurance to get it covered? (Reiki will probably NEVER be covered, but some of the other treatments might.)

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When difficult child was younger and her Tourette's Syndrome was crazy, chiropractic care helped A LOT with associated muscular aches she experienced. What I happen to notice is that if we used chiropractic maintenance care regularly, it helped with anxiety a bit. She's always been a sleeper, but often had nightmares-another thing I noticed was that her sleep seemed to be less interrupted as a result of regular adjustments.


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Chiropractic can, as hearts&roses pointed out, help with-assorted aches and pains, and perhaps some unseen pressure on nerves in the spine and neck, which can make her feel better overall and help keep her calm. A chiropractor might also recommend a different diet that would help prevent mood swings more in line with-hypoglycemia, such as complex carbs and more protein. And a chiropractor will look for things that other doctors will not look for, which may turn up some interesting areas you could work on and benefit from.
But if your daughter is truly bipolar, it won't be a cure. I hope your sister just meant what was typed above, as in, add-ons, etc. My husband is a chiro and he's got a few bipolar pts, and to my knowledge, they come in the for same things everyone else comes in for.


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My difficult child goes to a chiropractor, and has shiatsu treatments 3x per week. He has mild scoliosis, and the chiro and shiatsu seem to help with spine alignment, tension and pain levels. This means that pain and muscle tension are not contributing to his mood swings and other issues, but they don't really affect the symptoms from his Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or bipolar in any other way.



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I've asked our chiropractor about difficult child and she basically said that adjustment might help because the body will "work" better in the sense that there is less pain/tension. She also mentioned diet changes ( get tested for food intolerance, not food allergies). I am a firm believer in natural living and healthy eating (pushed to the extrem because of my easy child who has a severe form of GERD). But, honestly, after having that conversation with the chiropractor I decided not to waste money or time with that. It will simply not cure a mental illness/disorder. Just like healthy living will not cure it, just help maybe. That is just my opinion.


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Thanks for the input ladies.

I wasn't looking at the options as a cure or treatment, but a support - just like healthy living..