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    Just curious to see if anyone has tried the program and if so, how it worked .... I guess :redface:you can tell I am desperate .... lol
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    This question comes up every few months. parents here have tried this program in the past. Like so many programs, it seems to help for a few weeks but then stops helping. I have not heard from anyone (that I remember) who said that it made long term changes in how their difficult child behaves. Most of the people I remember did not feel like it was worth the fairly substantial cost or that it lived up to the advertising.

    Many of us find that Fran's "Do to Get" philosophy works pretty well, esp when combined with The Explosive Child methods. Do to Get simply means that if the child wants something, anything, extra then the child must do something to earn it - even if it is something simple. If the child is not behaving properly then the extras don't happen. Fran can probably explain it better.

    From what I have seen of Total Transformation, it sure doesn't seem worth the cost. I would buy some of the Love and Logic books/audiobooks instead. They advocate using natural and logical consequences while preserving the loving bond between parent and child. You can learn more about L&L at www.loveandlogic.com . I have been to one of their workshops and it was very much worth the cost (1 day session). It was geared more toward teachers but was still very useful. The website has lots of info for parents and teachers. I would look through/listen to the stuff for teachers also (free stuff) because it has some good ideas. Some of the books are carried in bookstores or you can order them online from the company.

    Just my two cents.
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    Here's the thing, just as everyone is different, each difficult child is very, very, unique. Part of their gfgness is the trait of not following that which makes others tick! Most of us have found that a combination of many discipline/behavior mod techniques is what works. And, what works one month may very well change in five.

    Just as each difficult child responds differently to medications, each difficult child will respond to a program like typical teen in their own unique way. It's a roll of the dice. If you are willing to pay the price for the program......

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    I guess I am just leary of these programs. It seems like they promise miracles. Everyone is different. I have never looked into them, mainly because it would be hard to get husband to follow through.