Hashimoto disease

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by ShyChelle, Apr 28, 2009.

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    Well difficult child and I went to the doctor specialist today to see what is up with his thyroid. We had some test done after a scary incident in Nov. They pulled blood work and everything else checked out but something was up with his heart rate and thyroid levels. They were elevated. So they had him do an ultra sound and the tech couldn't find any trace of his thyroid which is the opposite of the trouble earlier. They sent us to a specialist today and the doctor said he thinks he has a form of Hashimoto disease. He is doing some more testing to confirm so will let you know what I find out. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Also would love your prayers. It seems like I keep getting more and more on my plate. Hugs
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    I don't have personal experience, but I know of others that have this. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disorder effecting the thyroid.

    Fatigue and depression would be common in this. I'm kind of surprised they haven't checked this before with his depression diagnosis. I have a long history of depression and my thyroid has been checked more times than they can count. Of course, some things do fly under the radar - as far as being diagnostically detectable - but there are still symptoms.

    Hopefully, treatment for this will also help his depression.

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    If I recall correctly, it's very treatable. Like Heather said, it may help the depression as I believe the disease also provokes psychiatric symptoms. If he has it, be glad they caught it. Many docs don't even think of it.

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    ShyChelle, sending prayers and hugs your way.
    My husband has Hashimoto`s. It can cause weight issues, tiredness, depression and sometimes psychiatric symptoms. Responds VERY WELL to treatment.

    Glad to hear that the docs caught this.

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    Shychelle, I have an underactive thyroid and my sister told me it is called Hashimoto's (it's quite widespread in our family). What it does is slow everything down, because the metabolism slows down, causing tiredness and weight gain, also hair loss, amongst other things. It is treated with Eltroxin (that's what it's called here in Israel, but I think it is a generic worldwide name for it). It takes a while to get it balanced. Mine seems to go in cycles. My thyroid is underactive, so my doctor ups the dosage, and then over a long period it becomes overactive, then the dose is lowered. We haven't managed to get it "just right" and this has been going on for several years. But it is livable with. A regular blood test gives the results, and one has to keep tabs on it by doing a blood test once every few months.

    Wishing him good health!

    Love, Esther
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    Eltroxin is one of the brand names for levothyroxine, which is what husband used to be on. His docs recently switched him from the Eltroxin to a combination of Synthroid and T3, which seems to be working better for him.

    It DOES take a while to get things in balance, but you can get there.
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    I take 100mgc of Levothryoxin once a day. I, too, go in spells of balance, and then have brief periods of inbalance. My dr. does bloodwork once a year and so far my levels have been good. Prior to finding out that my thyroid was off, I was extremely fatigued, my head hurt all the time, my hair was falling out, my skin was extremely dry, and my joints ached---especially my hip. I actually thought I was just depressed until I had a blood test done by a company that does blood work for a good price at my school each year. Once I started medications, my symptoms took several months to all go away.
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    husband has this and Synthroid works well. My thyroid is underactive. I have my suspicions re: Hashimoto's. When the problem hit...WOW! I gained 20 lbs, looked tired all the time, and my hair fell out. It was awful. Synthoid didn't really work. What helped was a weird medication called Thyrolar. You can't always get it. doctor said I might have to switch to Synthroid and a T3 medication. Just mentioning this. Not all docs will give the T3...but some folks need it...sometimes tests will show this...sometimes it is inconclusive. Just be on the look out for it if medications aren't working. However, synthroid alone sometimes works great for folks. Not sure....but it seems it works better for men. (wild guess, really).
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    Thank you everyone... the only thing different with difficult child is that his speeds up then quits then slows down in a cycle. So we will see. I haven't heard back from doctor to know what the test showed.