Haunted Places?? Phht Just a Place I love

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    I'm going to link to a video that is a clip from a tv series. It shows a theater located in my hometown. A theater that has held me in awe since before I entered grade school. Majestic, downright gorgeous in it's architecture, I have been in love with the place for as long as I can remember. During my childhood I saw more movies in it than I could possibly count as mom didn't like the other theaters so much, nor did my aunt. I saw Jaws in this theater. lol

    Now this clip is about it being "haunted". I didn't click on it for that part, I just wanted to see the place again. Last I'd heard it had closed, been boarded up and it broke my heart. (I'm odd that way) I saw that it had been restored and I just had to see it again in it's glory.

    I had a good laugh about the haunted part. Now maybe it is, or maybe it isn't. I wasn't there 24/7 nor did I work there. But I never once picked up on anything "odd" or that would cause the fine hairs on the back of my neck to prickle........which often I do when there is something unusual about a place. As a somewhat young child......I would've picked up on it immediately. Instead, I just loved the place. Often I enjoyed letting my eyes roam all over before the movie started and enjoyed that far more than the movie itself.

    It seems that my hometown now has Haunted Tours. Cracks me up. The places they pick........oh, gimme a break, especially ones I am very familiar with.

    This clip starts with the urban legend that Decatur was built on an old indian burial ground........which is bogus. It's been proven where Decatur is located was hunting grounds. There is a mound about 10 miles out of town but it is not something you're not going to notice and has been left alone all this time.

    Given my paranormal activity over the past couple of years........I tend to have a different view of such things. I don't see it as "haunting" even if some spirit might be there, more like visiting probably. Hey, maybe they loved the theater as much as I did/do. lol

    And to yet again prove the ringing of my cast iron porch bell has to be deliberate........70 mph gusts during that last storm with a funnel over the house and it didn't make a peep. Yet it rings loud and clear at random. My house is not "haunted" in my opinion, I just have unusual visitors. lol

    But I posted this because I love this place. This is a theater to me. It makes it very difficult for me to enjoy a movie in the modern versions of theaters. It is just not the same experience at all. I wish business owners would revert back to the beautiful architecture of the past.
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    What a beautiful old theater! It reminds me of some of the ornate old movie theaters we used to go to in downtown St. Louis when I was a child! They were so beautiful, to me as a child, they looked like palaces! Probably all gone now unless someone restored them.

    Many old historic theaters are supposed to be very haunted places! Several years ago I took my son and a few of his friends to the old Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to see a performance by George Carlin. The Ryman started out as a church, then for many, many years was the home of the Grand Ol' Opry before a new theater was built but it is still used as a concert venue. Through the years countless performers and audience members have reported seeing the ghost of Hank Williams walking through the Ryman. Performers have seen him sitting in a seat in the back of the balcony watching their rehearsals and he's been seen walking behind the last row of seats on the floor level. This is not just a few people but HUNDREDS that have seen him! So when we were there, we kept turning around and looking from side to side, hoping we would catch a glimpse of him but he didn't show. Makes sense though because when we talked about it later we decided that Hank Williams probably wouldn't have gone anywhere near a George Carlin concert!
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    Reminds me of the Pix Theatre in Lapeer, Michigan. They just had a fire next to it last Tuesday. It is a live music venue now. They had put $300,00 in renovations into it. I don't think the Pix was damaged much, fortunately. I have memories of seeing movies there like Bami.