Have I mentioned that I really like my vet?

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    I've been with my vet since not long after he started his practice in what used to be a donut shop. He has since added another vet. He could add more, but he'd have to move to a different building. They have a wait list to take new clients which is unheard of in our small town. They have clients that come from Columbus (minimum of 30 min away) and my mom will be one of them as she is unhappy with her vet - and she's 45 min away. So, good vet. As I have 5 animals, I'm there quite a bit and they know what's been going on with me health wise. They are good people.

    I treated Jewel (and the cats) 2 weeks ago for fleas. Never had an issue at the other house with fleas, but this area is more mature with lots of wildlife. She was still itchy and we bathed her with oatmeal dog shampoo which seemed to help for a few days. Today, she woke me up digging at herself and she was shaking her ears a lot. I looked and didn't notice any mites or sign of infection, but it was obvious she was just miserable. So, I called and they got me in this afternoon.

    They had an emergency right before I got there and another as we were leaving. Appointments were backing up. It was standing room only in the waiting room with a couple of boxers who were so proud of themselves and came in announcing that the party could start now that they were there. :rofl:

    Vet checks her teeth, her ears, her skin, says her anal glands are full and takes care of that (Jewel was NOT happy). We talked about some issues - Jewel got really sick last year when easy child went out of town and he's leaving again next month. Put her on steroids for allergies.

    My bill?


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    Ok...so you're near Columbus........I can get there in 3 hours depending on potty breaks. Hmmmmmmm......how long did you say that waiting list was?
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    Wow. That is unheard of these days. $11? Shoot...I'd go see him as my doctor. (I might wind up with fleas, though.)

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    I know exactly what you mean! We've gone to the same vet for over 20 years, ever since he opened his practice in our little town. He knows me and he knows my pets and he's taken good care of them all for all these years. He's the only one I really trust. And he knows I don't have a lot of money but that I do take very good care of my girls. Last year my youngest Boston, Katy, was showing signs of mammary cancer (turned out to be PRE-cancerous, not malignant). He did extensive surgery on her to remove her back pair of mammary glands - my bill was $85! Bless his little heart!
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    Wow, I don't want to tell you what the treatment is for osteo. It's not 11.00 that's for sure. Enjoy the financial breAk.
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    Wow!! Very cool!
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    He's a keeper! When we got our 2 puppies I called around the most popular and well-known vet's offices to check about getting shots for them. They were all saying about several hundred dollars a piece for the entire series of shots. Then, I found one stuck in a quaint little building, he has evening hours twice a week, and he charged $88 each for the entere series of shots. I was even more impressed that I've since heard from several people that he is one of the best vet's around and will pursue further types of treatments and recommendations to university vet hospitals if the owner wants to when/if there are issues like cancer or serious illness. And, when we told him difficult child was interested in becoming a vet, he said maybe difficult child could volunteer some there this year. We're happy! Good people who just want to do a good job really do still exist!
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    He only charged me for the prednisone. No office call or anything. When they told me the total, I said, 'That doesn't sound right.' They checked and said yep, that's what it is.

    When Abbey was so sick with her kidney infection and we thought we might lose her, I was taking her in every other day for sub-q fluids and he only charged me $6 each time - just the cost of the fluids used.

    A couple of years ago, Puddles ate some string (darn cat ate anything...litter box was always colorful) and had to have surgery. It was on an emergency basis, they had to make 5 incisions into his intestines to remove the 148 inches (!!!) of string, he was there for 4 days, came home and went back the next day because he spiked a fever of 105 and had to have another surgery to make sure nothing was leaking out. Plus they neutered him and gave him his vaccinations. Total bill: under $400. (by the way, Puddles no longer eats what he shouldn't. Thank God.)

    Last year when I took Cassie in on emergency basis - called the vet in at midnight - she stayed for 2 days before passing away and was on an IV and had all kinds of bloodwork done. Plus, he let me come visit her when he was making his evening rounds. The total bill including her cremation was right at $200.

    But, I would go there even if I didn't get the price break. They are just good people and they take great care of my pets.
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    Keeper for sure.

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    What a heart warming story. Good for you that you found such a good vet who appears to also be a very fair person!

    My vet just quoted me $575 to clean my dog's teeth....I will have to pass.....
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    wow that's less then two happy meals at Mc Donalds!
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    I think I want on that waiting list for new patients! Truely, I'm not that far away, I think.

    We have good vets, but they don't do ER work. And although I like the woman vet I have, I often get her husband and him I'm not so thrilled about. He doesn't have ANY people skills and Both have been wrong several times with Molly.

    They tell me every year she's allergic to fleas. I don't buy it. I do think we have a plant in the yard that if husband doesn't keep it mowed bothers her. But honestly, I think it' s her anal glands. No I KNOW it's her anal glands. She hasn't been treated for fleas since last august yet hasn't knawed on her tail or fanny. Suddenly she's doing it again. Time for a trip to the groomer's to have the glands drained. (our vet won't do anything they deam grooming)

    But they are cheap. I buy frontline and wormer from the vet cheaper than anywhere else. I know cuz I check to be sure. They don't charge but maybe 10 bucks for a visit, and everything else is also not expensive. And they don't look at me weird when I tell them I give my animals their shots myself. (really it's not that hard)
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    Lisa -

    My first job was in a vet clinic. We had a lot of clients that did their own shots - especially breeders. The only shot they had us do was rabies because even though they can do it themselves, it's not considered administered unless done by a licensed vet (state or federal law - not sure - this was in Georgia).

    When Abbey got sick (she got sick on a Sunday) I did have to take her to an ER vet clinic as my vet wasn't taking emergencies that week. When one of the vets is on vacation, they don't take after hours emergencies because only one vet is pulling all of the clinic hours plus evening and weekend rounds. The ER clinic was outrageously expensive and the quality of care was only ok. When I saw our vet on Monday I gushed, I'm so glad you're here. He agreed that the ER clinic is handy to have as a back up but he recognizes it's drawbacks. My baby kitten was passing clots of blood and vomitting and in obvious distress - obviously dehydrated - and the ER clinic took back first a dog that had been stung by a bee. No, the dog was not allergic.

    I'm really glad he was here when Cassie passed. I would have been beside myself if she has been at that ER clinic.
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    No wonder they have a waiting list.......hard to find compassion in any medical profession....... Hope others are watching how this vet operates.....maybe offer a class in how to handle a medical practice.....fantastic!