Have I said how much I hate summer!!!!

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    I really really hate summer.

    difficult child son was doing well up untill the last week of school. The last day? The bad he got sent home early after a pushing match at the end of the year stuff (very competitive and difficult child does not do well with this) the good? He actually chose to come home as he did not think he could calm down. He was able to tell the principle what he did and how it could have made the other kid feel, and how he could have misconstrued what happened (he was bumped into but like always thought he was pushed on purpose). He has NEVER been able to know when he cannot calm down, that was huge for him, as was his being able to accurately give what could have been the other kids perspective.

    difficult child is obsessed with Lemonaide stands. He makes a killing at them, but after this weekend when he did not clean out the jugs (there was black mold growing in them as he left the lemonaide in there for months), not cleaning up his mess in the yard, and when reminded to clean up his mess? I had to go out and tell him what to do, I told him no more lemonaide stands. He called and left me a message yesterday (I was too busy at work to answer) and said that since I told him he could (NO I did not) he had a lemonaide stand and could he and his sister walk to wal mart to spend the money? I do let them walk to wal mart together, as long as they are together, but I told him no. He was told he could not have a lemonaide stand and he needed to pay his dad back for buying the new jug as difficult child would not clean out the old ones! He was mad, I said no no no and hung up. Not my best response, but yesterday was a horrible day at work and I was not at my best. I texted difficult child dtr so she would know what the answer was.

    I get home, and his chores were to clean his room and do the dishes. He had apparently just restarted the dishwasher (they were clean) and tried to say he did the dishes. I made him do another load, and that was a fight. His lightbulb is out in his room, he does have a small lamp in there, and I told him I was not bringing the ladder in to change the ceiling light untill I could safely get the ladder in his room! there is no where to put it! He said he would just use the lamp. Whatever difficult child.

    I don't want to change any medications, I have an intake appointment with the neuropsychologist on the 28th, but really don't know when she will see difficult child, untill after the np exam. On the other hand, I don't know if any of us can take much more of this. He is now lying all the time to everyone, even told my mom to go to he**!

    Have I said how much I hate summer! This is how every summer with him is!
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    Argh! He's becoming a typical teen on top of it all.
    I have to supervise nearly everything my son does.
    by the way, I saw an episode of Hoarding while I was at the gym the other day. A woman had 3 Mr. Coffees, and told the reporter, "It's so much easier to buy a new one than to wash the old one." I laughed so loudly that everyone on the machines turned and looked at me.
    Sorry, it just struck me that way ...
    I think you'll have to spend about 1/2 hr with-your son every day making sure he's on track, and making sure there is a routine. It is SO hard in summer! I hate summer too!
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    Terry the problem is that he needs that in the morning, and I try to go to work early in the summer so I can get home early. husband is just not capable of it, he needs someone 1/2 hr every 3hrs just to keep him on track (I don't do that either, by the way). The reason I hate summer is the lack of routine. I do give difficult child son his pills before I leave for work, as if I don't ? He will tell everyone he took them and he did not, and he becomes a holy terror.

    As for the hoarders? Oh yeah, I can so see difficult child doing that. I wish he would put the effort he can into working at the lemonaide stand into other things too!
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    We have to give our difficult child his pills, too, or he'll automatically say he took them.
    And yes, summer in Klingon means, "Lack of routine."
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    I hear you about summer. Sounds like difficult child has made some progress but a long way to go. Is there anything he can do with the parks and rec department? Wish there were some way to get him some work experience. Being a volunteer counselor of some , working at the animal shelter or something that might help his self esteem It is hard to arrange when you are working.

    Gosh, we really need the difficult child summer program, especially working parents. These kids need structure and adult feedback and positive interaction all year round. We are so shortsighted in our funding. but that is another rant.

    Hope the NP has some suggestions, hope the psychiatrist does as well, though you probably have a good an idea as anybody.