have to brag a little on easy child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. ksm

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    Well, easy child did not do too well at her first track meet... last place in girls shotput. I asked her how many times she has actually thrown the shotput ... only twice before the track meet! Not two days of throwing it... two times she actually held it and threw it.

    But, she is a winner to me. She said she was with a group of her friends at the track meet, and a boy from the other school, whom she said was special needs came up to them and asked if he could have a picture with them. None of the girls wanted to, but she said sure and got up to stand by him, she said he was really happy and smiling, then all the other girls crowded around them and took photos. The kid was simply beaming! One girl posted in on FB and tagged easy child and the other girls in it and it got a lot of "likes" on the photo. Glad she was able to be the first one to be friendly and the others followed suit. KSM
  2. Bunny

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    That's great that she took the picture with the boy from the other school, and then the other girls followed suit. She gets two gold stars from me for that!!
  3. InsaneCdn

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    THOSE are the things that are worth bragging about!
  4. SuZir

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    Wow, you have to be so proud! She really did awesome!

    And about the shot put, how on earth was she made to compete without proper instruction and training? Shot put, along with discus and hammer, maybe javelin coming close are most technically challenging track and field events. And easy to hurt yourself if your are not properly instructed.
  5. InsaneCdn

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    SuZir... in our part of the world? They are the "nobody wants to do them" parts of track.
    I'm the worlds #1 klutz. And I was on the track team every year, because I was prepared to do discus and shot put.
    We got points per "placement" (1st through 4th), plus points for every sport we could field at least two people... I was one of those "easy points" for the team.
  6. SuZir

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    Ouch, and they happen to be the parts there you need most co-ordination and "quick strength." Every one can run or jump but try to do even glide in shot put, not even mentioning spin. Or trying to get discus or hammer even out of the cage. I was a jumper myself, husband was a okay javelin thrower but too klutz for other throws, easy child was/is really good thrower, difficult child has a co-ordination for those too, but he still did better in jumps and even short distance running. He just had too much quickly growing legs to get himself organized in the circle most of the time. For us track and field isn't really a team event. Maybe once or twice a year they may be a competition there they put points together (and most of those are not taken seriously, only in international level anyone cares.)
  7. InsaneCdn

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    Here, track is HUGE at the HS level. City competitions, provincial competitions... even interprovincial meets. Some schools run a dynasty in some event for literally years. It's not "quite" as big as football, pretty much as big as basketball, and bigger than volleyball.
  8. Jody

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    You should really be super proud of her. That was the kind and nice thing to do and it takes guts for kids that age to do things like that!!!!
  9. ksm

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    I guess they have practices their moves... but without the shotput. Maybe the junior high doesn't have many to practice with. I know the team got in trouble, as one was left on the field after practice, and the next day it was gone.

    I am just glad she went out for track. At this level, anyone who wants to participate can, and no one is cut from the team (unless for grades or behaviors). She is enjoying the after school practices and yesterdays track meet - got out of school early!

    And I am proud of her. She said she could tell by the way the student walked and talked that he had special needs. So proud of her that she was the first one to say she'd like a picture with him! Makes my heart feel good! KSM
  10. buddy

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    I couldn't help but think of Q in his place. Tears poured out.

    Tell her, when in track, q would come in last our close to it, he couldn't jump so didn't (has slight hemiparesis) but they'd line up and clap. He never said much about it but always wanted to try again.

    Later, he went to a trip with school. When asked if he would go on rides with other kids, he said...Well, I know some people must like me because in track they are nice to me.

    He had so few people treat him kindly and those few track experiences made a true difference in his self esteem.

    What she did may be bigger than she knows.
  11. SuZir

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    That really is great. And I'm sorry I kind of took your thread little off track ;)

    Your easy child's shot put talents, or possible lack of them, after all are not will make a difference on her life. Her social skill, compassion and leadership talents, that clearly are noteworthy, will.
  12. cubsgirl

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    Oh..I am so proud of her too. My son is special needs and he has had some easy child kids that have taken time out to do stuff with him and wow - what a difference it can make!