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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by lovemysons, May 22, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Well still no word from young difficult child in prison for the last 2 weeks. daughter in law and I have decided that he cannot write because he lost commisary priveledges after getting in a fight (over soup, sigh). And, he cannot make any more phone calls to daughter in law until next month because this months (allowed minutes) have run out.

    So sadly, young difficult child, has no idea how his new beautiful daughter is and hasn't seen any pics of her yet. I plan on getting some pics copied at Walgreens today and sending him a letter with them.

    I am such a proud grandma that I had to share the latest pics that I took over at daughter in law's (her mom's house) this morning. Also one picture out of the top 5 is my easy child who just finished her second year of college.

    I am sad at the situation that the grandbabies are in...that a new one is being brought into the world with young difficult child (their father) in prison, sigh...but I am thrilled that my new grandbaby is healthy and daughter in law has support from her mom and me.

    Here are 5 very recent pics...4 of the baby today, one with me in it with new granddaughter.
    I hope you all enjoy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/13271215@N05/
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    LMS: What a beautiful granddaughter! Her name, Jordyn Emma is also very pretty. I'm sure that this baby will be very loved by your family. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I'm glad that you will be part of this baby's life, so that you can spoil her like all grandmothers are supposed to do.
    HUGS to you,
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    Beautiful Baby! She is just perfect. I wish he could get info sooner. Hope he gets those pics so badly! The whole soup thing is so silly, gosh darn. How is daughter in law doing?
  4. exhausted

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    She is darling! Im glad all went well. Perhaps this will be a huge wake up for difficult child?
  5. Kathy813

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    Absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy!!
  6. lovemysons

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    Pinevalley, buddy, Exhausted, Kathy...
    Thank you. The grands are definitely spoiled, smile. But I so wish they had a healthy father in their lives too. I grew up without a dad and I know that dad's have such an important role in a child's life. I think for boys they need a hero...someone to look up to and believe what is said to them about themselves. For girls they also need a hero...and a protector and someone who teaches them how to value themselves/respect themselves.
    I also think dad's help children get themselves under control rather quickly. Amazing the affect my husband had on our children when he walked through the door in their younger years.

    I always felt that I was the "heart" of the home...but also felt husband was the "head" of the home, the leader, mentor, protector and provider. Both roles are SO important to a child...and my grandchildren are sadly missing that experience since young difficult child chose his addictions the past several years and the aftermath has resulted in prison time.
    I am concerned about the long-term damage.

    daughter in law is taking antibiotics and pain medication. The operation (C-Section) was fairly traumatic in my opinion. They had to cut through alot of scar tissue and the Dr even asked who did her last C-section as apparently things were not what he was used to seeing.
    daughter in law's mother has taken the week off of work and is staying at home with daughter in law through this next Monday. I am going to do my best to drive over to her mom's a few days a week and help out with all the kiddo's. I remember having 3 of my own with no support...It was a VERY tough job.

    Exhausted...Part of me feels so very guilty for the grands. It breaks my heart that they don't have the dad (my son) they deserve in their lives right now. It is the ugly elephant in the room between daughter in law's mother and me. Mother in law has obvious disdain for young difficult child for Obvious reasons too. And I...I have deep love for young difficult child and pain so heavey in my heart at times for the all of the unanswered questions...for the void that is right now. Wondering how all of this will shake out in the end and where all of their lives will end up as a result of this period of time.

    Regardless of what happens. I will be there. The grandbabies do have lots of love in their lives...but they need a father too. It is up to young difficult child to decide who/what he wants to be/do. I wish I could force him...for the grandchildren. But I know addiction. It doesn't care how much love or depravation you throw at it...it must come from within young difficult child to acknowledge and seek real help with and learn to live a new life without drugs or alcohol.
    It makes me very sad to ponder.

    On a more positive note...I DID write young difficult child a letter this morning and sent him pics of Jordyn. I hope his heart aches for who/what/where he should be. I hope he will hurt so badly that dramatic change is in his future.

    It is out of my hands.
  7. Nancy

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    Oh gosh Tammy Jordyn is just beautiful, seriously she is so precious. One look at her and difficult child should want to clean up his life in a heartbeat. I know you give your grandbabies lots of love and they need that in their lives.

    Congrats to your daughter, she is a lovely girl.

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    What a beautiful grand daughter you have and what a beautiful grandma she has. I too hope that the pictures do the trick and you son gets his act together real soon. -RM
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    Thank you Nancy...
    I wish a beautiful baby was enough for young difficult child to see and TRULY understand how important his role as a father is in the lives of his children. We shall see.
    And thank you for the congrats for my easy child...she really is lovely and one of the strongest people I have ever known. She works hard (in fact is already at her summer job today) and does what is necessary to keep moving forward in her life. She is the ONLY one that I want to help take care of husband and I when we get old and frail. lol.

    RM...You are such a dear lady. Thank you. I too hope young difficult child will get his act together soon. Enough of being a practicing addict, enough with the excuses...It is time for him to grow up and be a responsible and sensible man.
    Thinking of you as your son is now back in the free world, hugs.