Have you all heard? Court cases in the news

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    First off...Anna Nichole.
    I dont quite know what I think of this one. I do believe she was an addict but the "talking heads" really blew the whole list and amount of medications she was on. They claimed she averaged around 1500 pills a month. Honey, so do I! (If you count the fact that I am on an average of between 7 and 10 medications a month and some take at least 2 to 4 pills a day)

    Here is her list of medications....Notice not all are narcotics.

    She (Anna) would take more than the average person. I don't think her intent was to abuse it. I think she was looking for relief," her doctor said. Check out this small but alarming sample of just some of the drugs that Anna Nicole may have dangerously been mixing in her system:

    • Methadone - pain relief
    • Robaxin - muscle relaxer
    • Dalmane - sleeping pill
    • Cipro - treats infection
    • Topamax - for seizures and migraines
    • Paxil - sedating anti-depressant
    • Valium - muscle relaxer for anxiety
    • Dilaudid - pain relief
    • Morphine - more potent pain relief
    Yes I am very surprised they have her on dilaudid and morphine at the same time as Methadone unless they were trying to wean her off the morphine. How can they even argue about Cipro? LOL.

    Next case...the Billings case. The couple in FL who took in all those special needs kids and were killed in their home ninja style. Basically everyone plead guilty except the ring leader and he didnt even put on a defense and sat their smirking through the whole trial. Found guilty in less than a day. Death penalty phase is going on now and I imagine he will get it.

    I hope he gets it.

    Next. Little Zahra Baker. Missing from her home in Hickory, NC. Step-mom found her Dad on the internet, they fell in "love" and she went to Australia and got married and moved back to NC. This poor little girl beat bone cancer in which she lost her leg and hearing, she also beat lung cancer. Her bio mom still lives in Australia. Now they move to Hickory NC and the step mom has been known to beat her and mistreat her. Step mom is a known drug abuser and seller. She lives on disability and money she earns selling drugs. Father has been arrest prior for assault with a deadly weapon. Dogs hit on a wood chipper but so far nothing has come from that. They did find the prosthetic leg dumped in a trash heap in the woods. A mattress believed to come from the little girl was found in a dump.

    It certainly isnt looking good.

    I have my suspicions. Too much CSI but I have my feelings on why the dogs cant find her remains from the wood chipper. They are still searching the house and all around the house.

    why or why do people do these things.
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    About the Anna Nichole thing ... I wonder why she was taking all that pain medication? I had never heard that she had any kind of chronic medical condition that would require her to take several different kinds of pain medications. But taking that much of that many different kinds of medications, it would be very easy to have a mix up and overdose.

    And the story about the little girl in NC, that's just pitiful! That poor child! And if you notice, she went through so much, survived cancer and was terribly abused at home, and every picture you see of her, she still has a big smile on her face! The step-mom is just a monster that should be put UNDER the jail! But what I don't understand is the father! That little girl was beaten constantly and kept locked in her room most of the time ... no way did the father NOT know this was going on. He either participated or he knew about it and did nothing to protect his child so he is equally guilty.
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    This is the kind of stuff I originally went to college for, and I've even worked in death penalty stuff. I don't have an answer other than there is no blanket answer. If I went back to college now I'd be changing my major. I can't bring home those mental images of what I've seen anymore (I didn't have kiddo when I did that work), and I am too much geared towards justice over law (so I have a host of suggestions on what can be done to people like that, none of them nice). And to clarify ahead of time, I am speaking only of the last two cases and those like them, not Anna Nicole's case.
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    And so many others that never make the news at all.
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    I truly wonder about Kyron. His case is just so odd. Like one of the commentators said...13 remarriages between all the close parties involved. That is just odd.
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    Some of the cases that have really bothered me a lot lately are two cold cases. Totally unrelated to each other, but very similar crimes - a young girl (close to my difficult child's age) taken away, brutalized, and left for dead. Both lived. At least one perp was found recently, a cold hit in the DNA datebase when it was entered for being incarcerated for something else. Don't recall the other one, might still be unsolved.
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    This is why I had to stop watching the news. Seriously. Stories such as these were causing me to loose both my hope and faith in humanity. Not watching news has helped some, but not a lot. I plan to get my license to carry a concealed weapon soon right along with sister in law.

    As for Anna.............. I'm surprised they had her on the pain medication combo, but it would depend on her doses and her tolerance levels as like you said they could've been weening her from some and adding others and I have no clue of any medical conditions she has. But the disturbing part of the medications listed is that there are a lot of respiratory suppressants there. The cipro?? omg c'mon sheesh........obviously someone doesn't know their medications, it's just an antibiotic. lol:tongue:
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    Lisa...I am also wondering if they just picked and chose the drugs on that list to show for shock factor. Maybe she wasnt on ALL those medications at the same time. Like...maybe they knew dilaudid and morphine are both pain killers so they put them on that list together. Notice how that list...well it didnt show up here that way, but when I viewed it online...it was in two rows that looked so damning. Like on a torn off piece of paper.

    Well...maybe it was a list of medications tried. Good lord if you read my pharmacy log of what I have been on and tried but didnt work...sheesh...it would read like RxList! I have been on almost all those medications except dalmane. And more!

    If you count my pill count...not the number of medications but the actual number of pills because most of my scripts call for 2 or 3 pills per day...I get up there each month. Right now I am on the least number of medications I have been on in years and I take lipitor, synthroid, xanaxER, methadone, lamictal, topamax, zanaflex, restoril, and I think that is it. But that is 14 pills a day. times average 30 days a month equals 420 pills. I was on up to 10 or 12 pills at one time so it was more then.
  10. Hound dog

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    Janet I tend to agree. Putting the list out there like that was publicity seeking. It was put in such a way as to make her look as bad as possible. When in truth, you really can't look at a list of medications alone and draw any conclusions. You need to know dxes. You need to know if these medications were taken together or were just ones she's taken over a period of time.........like you said, many people with any type of chronic diagnosis will go thru a gauntlet of medications over a period of time until the right combo is found to treat them properly.......if you have more than one thing going on at the same time, well it just increases it.

    I doubt she was on all those resp depressant medications at once, because the dr and the pharmacist would have their licenses pulled for that type of thing. Sadly though, not everyone disposes of medications they are not longer prescribed. And in moments of intense pain, may think to self medicate by adding in old medications to the new medication combo.......thinking more is better, when that is not the case with medications. You see a lot of such cases in the ER.

    Anna was not my fav person by a long shot. But it didn't take a degree to tell she had past issues in her life she never dealt with that give her a lot of pain. I do recall Nichole having her show on once or twice and me thinking omg she is sooooo over medicated or deliberated stoned out of her mind and how can they tape her show when she's like that. Made me sad for her.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Oh I think she was probably addicted only they didnt find her guilty of being addicted. Not that it matters anymore. I assume that her doctors and that boyfriend also probably allowed her to overuse the medications at the end. I mean good heavens, she had pictures of her and her psychiatrist in a bathtub together! I cant see me and mine in that situation...ewww! Love him a lot but still...lol. I know the clown video that went around was bad but there are an awful lot of people in that same situation...in and out of Hollywood.
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    I have long suspected that Anna Nichole's medication lists were more lists of medications she had been on in the past. I can easily see how she might add old medications to her current medications if the pain was intense. It is one reason I don't keep old medications around. My pain doctor was SHOCKED when I brought him the unused medications that I had been on. Not that I had been on them, or that I had some left over, but that I brought them in voluntarily. Seems many patients don't do that or don't liek to do that so the docs have to ask if they want the medications returned. My doctor mostly just doesn't change medications except when you are due to get a new rx written each month. The doctor before him had rx'd the medications I took back to him. I just didn't know how to get rid of them because they were patches. Pills can be crushed and tossed into the trash as loose powder.

    I would NOT be surprised if Anna Nichole did not get her own pills out of the bottles. I remember her as having very long nails and it is hard to open bottles with them - they get in the way for me. The men in her life seemed very controlling and it has made me wonder if they didn't hand her the pills for each dose so she had no clue what medications she took, when she took them or anything else. While watching her show was like watching a human train wreck, no one deserves to be treated the way she was by her docs. It seems that few men in her life did anything for her with-o sex being involved. She would have been an incredibly easy person to manipulate into thinking it was her idea when really she was being pressured into sex and risky situations.
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    In re: nails, it depends on how long they are and how used to having them you are. I used to have pretty long nails and I typed with the tips and never had problems opening small bottles (cans were another matter, I used my keys to get them started). Pill bottles you just use your palm to grip and push down to open them, which I still do now even though I can't have my nails long any more (and haven't been able to for years, food-handling jobs it's not allowed) just because it became such ingrained habit.
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    If you want to open a pill bottle...hand it to a 4 year old!