Have you baker acted the kids?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barbie, Sep 17, 2008.

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    Im losin it, dude for real. I am trying to make it work, but Eric is beyond anything I can do for him. He is about to kicked out of daycare #9, and seriously I am considering up custody to put him in the foster system because he would get more services, I just dont know. He has some behavior problems that are out of my reach, out of my domain of knowledge and I can't help him behave, I can't do it for him, and he can't be with me all day long, I work. He is in daycare #9 as mentioned above, he has come far, but not far enough, and I'm at a loss, and noone understands that I am really trying very hard, there just isnt anything else I can do without having a breakdown myself.:angry-very:
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    Barbie, please call and see if respite can be arranged for you. The program is available in some areas--basically a family trained to deal with special needs kids will care for yours to give you a break for a weekend. If you have a pediatrician, therapist, psychiatrist, school case manager or social worker, or any other professional on board with you, please call them and let them know you're reaching a crisis point and need help. If you've reached this stage you need some serious family intervention.

    Hang in there, girl--I know this is really tough.
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    I second SRL. Your family needs more support than what you are getting.
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    While you should get more support, I did foster care. We don't really know any more about taking care of kids that are difficult than you do. I was considered "therapeutic" yet we didn't get any real extra training. in my opinion it's best not to go there.
    Has kiddo been evaluated by the school district? There is Special Education for young kiddos with problems. My son started that at age three and it really helped him. He got a lot of servicses at school.
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    He has officially diagnosed with, adhd, pddnos, odd, Sensory Integration Disorder (SID), and multiple food allergies, asthma, eczema, and gerd, he was evaluated by the school system and has a developmental, speech, adaptive, social/cognitive delays, and is in a half day ESE program, but ESE will do nothing to help him with the cross over to the daycare. I am helpless with his behavior when it comes to that area. Noone will help the behavior therapists go and visit but dont stay there the whole day. I cant help me, I am at their mercy.
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    Since he receives services through the school does he have an IEP? Maybe you can call a meeting to see if you can get para services provided at your daycare. My son had a para in kindergarten and this summer when he began acting out at daycare (his 4th) I called a meeting and the school gave me a para from 9-1 at daycare. Lasted 2 days because difficult child went into inpatient. Maybe they could assist you that way.
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    I tried that since he goes to a private daycare, the orange county school system will NOT help me, also in his class room he doesnt exhibit the behaviors he does in the daycare because his class size is so much smaller, and he gets loads of attention. Today again his daycare says Eric had a "turbulent" day, I have a super important like my job depends on it, open house at my office, I think I'll wait until tomorrow evening and take him over to Lakeside alternatives and do a voluntary admission and see what we can do from there because if I dont I'm going to need the admission more than he does.