Have You Ever Seen Your Childs psychiatric evaluations?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Janna, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Of course, I have a copy of every one. But, this time, it took me a while (what a surprise, eh?) to get current psychiatrist's referral for the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF).

    If you remember my frustration with psychiatrist (at partial), she left 6 emails and 4 days worth of phone calls left unattended to. Not to mention my son being sent into some type of manic episodes from the Concerta and her negligence to check up on him or return my calls. And, not to mention the fact that the Buspar was also causing increased stimulation and manic type behaviors, and once I, myself, tirated off of the Buspar (because she wouldn't return calls), he calmed down a tad.

    Then, last Thursday when D's head went through the window, and her only advice to me was to pump an additional 100 mg Seroquel PRN into him with her offer to "type up the referral right away" - I thought, good, I'm done with her.

    Of course, I am, but.....I have to share a paragraph from her referral to the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), because, it's interesting. It paints a picture of me, no matter how brief, that really burns my rear. It reads:

    "In the last week, mother had been quite anxious and upset about D's continuing behaviors. She has decided that she cannot keep him safe in her home, after an incident in which he put his head through a glass window in his anger at not having a snack he wanted when he came home. I had indicated that I would recomment an Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), and mother became somewhat agitated when I was not able to complete the evaluation as quickly as she had wanted. As we have discussed these issues, it has become clear that mother tends herself to be somewhat overstimulated by the struggles in the home".

    OK, MY SON PUT HIS HEAD THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW IN HIS BEDROOM. Not only that, the way he did it, he had to bend over the bed, and had he slipped, tripped, lost his balance, combined with the way the glass broke (all in the center), he would have severed his NECK!

    So yeah, umm, maybe I was a little anxious?

    And then, my MHMR worker gets the voice mail, 3 days after we asked for the evaluation (that psychiatrist PROMISED us we'd have right away), that says "psychiatrist will get to it when she gets to it", and was very, very rude.

    And, I was actually asked by therapist at partial to file a formal complaint against psychiatrist for negligence, which I did.

    So, I get this LOL! I mean, c'mon - let's grow up. I know it's probably kinda childish on my behalf. I'm not offended. I'm just mad because she SHOULD have put "due to my negligence and ignorance, mother became agitated because she contacted my office Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and did not receive a return phone call, nor could I take 22 seconds to reply to any of the 6 emails she sent me the previous Friday, Sat or Sun".

    Thank GOD he's getting out of there.
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    I'll bet your doctor would have been REAL calm if HIS kid had done that!
    I really wonder about our "mental health care experts" (cough, cough).
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    I would contact HER boss with that comment and the documentation of each time you called and each email you sent. Let the boss know that editorializing about YOU is irrelevant to the psychiatric evaluation, esp if she is not going to include HER negligence and cavalier attitude toward a child clearly in crisis.

    Sheesh. This woman needs a psychiatrist of her own!
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    That's why your a warrior mom! You saw your child in obvious need, and did not let up on the "professionals" in his life to get him the help he needed.

    Maybe the state board of health needs a letter from you regarding this doctor's lack of a timely response.

    I was very fortunate with N*'s psychiatrist. I called his office one Sunday night when N* began to hallucinate (bad reaction to Lexapro). I got a call back in minutes - and we were in the emergency room within the half hour. She was admitted to the hospital that night, and psychiatrist's office made arrangements for her to have testing done on Tuesday that same week. Whenever I needed a report, letter to authorities, recommendations, he and his office staff were on the ball. They seemed to work miracles with my insurance company. One day, I sent the office staff flowers with a letter thanking all of them for their continued care and concern for my child. I have recommended this psychiatrist to others.
  5. Fran

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    Janna, 2 thoughts

    1) The explaination as dr. wrote it explains the behavior of the mother(you)in response to difficult child and difficulty getting response from dr.
    2) your response to your child and the doctor is totally within normal limits.

    Overstimulated is mild and if she said "the mother was stark raving crazy over the downward spiral of her son" it is still a warrented response. in my humble opinion.

    No one reading that would think that the mother's response was anything but perfectly normal.

    We know that the first thought of every professional starts out with "what did the mother do to this child?" Fortunately if they have been trained correctly, they take a breath and use their knowledge and education.

    I'm sure all of us have our names in our kids charts as being "overstimulated". roflmbo.
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    Too true Fran, as I know I've irritated more than my fair share of docs just trying to get them to pay attention and do what they promised to do.

    Janna, I'm glad you're switching psychiatrists, sounds overdue to me. And I wouldn't worry about what's in the chart either......Any psychiatrist worth their salt will read it and know it's an appropriate response of a loving parent who is concerned with their child.

    If psychiatrist has one, I'd report to her boss. difficult child could've been seriously injured due to her neglect to respond to your calls for help.

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    I know you're right, Fran. I guess I was quick to get offended, and certainly angry at the lack of responsibility psychiatrist took in her own negligence, which is what led to the agitation (she's ODD, I'm telling ya).

    Thanks for the responses. I am going to file a complaint, again, with partial - and ask the paragraph be removed per therapist's advice.
  8. Shari

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    I've often wondered what has been written about me. LOL

    I agree with Fran, tho. They could write you were stark raving mad and it wouldn't be out of line.
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    yes, I have seen every psychiatric evaluations my d has received. I have every paper on every thing, with the problems she has. I have blowed up at a few things at times. Also what bothers me with the new privacy law, we can't call the dr when we have a problem happening. (they won't talk to you what so ever). But because of fighting for SSI and SS since 2002, we have everything from all dr's.

    There was one psychiatric she went to, that swears everything that is wrong with our d is our fault. With out even seeing her parents (us). They only get one side of the sorry. When we read that evaluation, she was taken out of his care and place where she is now. So far things are some what better and also they have a emergence hot line that the family can call and tell them what is going on. They put the call into the person file and the next time they go to the psychiatric or therapist, it is brought up what happen to find out why or what was going on. Most time, our d comes back home or to her gp and apologies to that person. We just had a outburst a few days ago, the hot line was called. She has appointment in a few weeks, so it will be brought to her attention.

    yea, so of those psychiatric is not for the other people, they are only for their pockets. So if you feel they are not treating the child or adult at the matter right and show any caring feels on what is going on. Then you should find someone that see their lifes needs help, caring, and loving help.

    Hey, our daughter was mad one week. She went to her psychiatric and told him we had abused her all her life. The psychiatric informed her that he will get in touch with us and let us know what she is saying about. Before he finish telling her this, she denied everything she said. That is what I like about this Dr. He does not allow her to manipulate him, as she tries to do with every dr. We are told this is part of her ODD and personality disorder. (as her dr says, she always try to play the game. But he says it coming and stops it in it's path)

    That is so much better, then having a dr that does not care for that person.
    I don't blame you in changing psychiatric's I would had did the same thing.

    Hey, you ask if you ever seen your child psychiatric evaluations.
    Think if you did not like that one.
    Try to get your child reg dr evaluations of each time you take them to the dr.
    You sure would no like that either. I could not belive what I read when we got out d and s one year.

    They would make you feel like you never take care of your child. It tells of ever speck of dirt that was on the child, what the clothes looks like, if they were fussy and so forth. Like one time it was very hot outside, the kids did not want to wear their shoes. So I figure not a problem this one time. Well in our kids reg dr file, it stated that the kids had not shoes, that it looked like we could not afford them. Now the funny part of that is, they had brand new shoes and also sandles and water shoes. So yea we could afford them. Now if he had asked why the kids did not have shoes on, I would had told him I allowed them to go with out the shoes that one time for a treat since it was so hot. LOL, I love Dr and their minds, I just they would listen more.

    Well, off to the store.
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    Yes, I have every one. None of them have any personal comments about or the family. HOWEVER, just before I was ready to take the SD to hearing for special services, I demanded a copy of her entire file and then I saw the notes. Nothing bad, just mostly a list of my concerns and in some cases, teachers' comments regarding those concerns or discussions.

    One thing that happened once when difficult child was in 7th grade or so. The school psychologist asked difficult child about her dad and what he did for a living (he's a carpenter) and then she asked whay my H, her stepdad did for a living (he's a carpenter) and made the comment to difficult child, "I guess your mom likes carpenters"...well, that warranted a phone call because difficult child asked me if there was something wrong with carpenters. Yeesh. The school psychologist of all people. She tripped over herself apologizing when I suggested we have someone else do difficult child's further testing, which we did. I wanted her off the case completely. Ugh. Anyway, sorry to rant.

    I am so glad my kids are out of school, really. Fingers crossed that time flies for you as well!