Have you got the fan cleaned off yet Janet?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mstang67chic, May 21, 2009.

  1. mstang67chic

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    Anything new with Cory's robbery? I've been thinking of him and hope everything is going as well as it can.
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    I dont know how things are going really.

    He comes over once a day to feed and water his dog but doesnt say much to me. I dont take that as a good sign. I fear depression sinking in. In good old difficult child fashion, he buried his head in the sand with his cable/phone setup and now that has been turned off. See, he got that turned on about 2 months ago...maybe slightly longer. He paid a fee upfront but they never sent a monthly bill. I know this because all his mail comes to my house. We have been looking for this bill and he has been coming by my house looking for the bill. He called me several times asking if I had seen the bill. He asked me if I knew where the office was. I didnt know and tried to locate them myself but I couldnt find the office. Well...in typical young kid fashion he figured...well if they dont send me a bill, I just wont pay. I have done the same thing so I really cant say anything. Heck...I just mapquested the darn address and the office is not even noticable. It doesnt even have a sign on the building or door! Only way I found it was there was a work truck in the parking lot. They sure dont want foot traffic.

    So in one week he gets robbed, gets evicted, and his phone and cable get turned off. Heck...that is in 3 days! I dont even want to know what else can happen...lol.
  3. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    He's still living in the trailer though? That landlord still sounds really hinky to me. Well, if he knows you posted about this, you be sure to tell him that we're proud of him staying relatively calm and we're pulling for him.
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    I went over tonight to just check on him. He seems relatively ok. He got the paper and was laughing over the stupidity of how they screwed up the crime report. (It was nice to have him in it for something he didnt do for once...lol)

    LUMBERTON — More than $900 in cash was taken from a N.C. 72 West home on Monday during a home invasion, according to a sheriff's report.

    Amber Locklear, 19, told deputies that she answered a knock at the door at about 12:30 p.m. and a man barged into the home. The report said that Locklear reached for a shotgun before the man grabbed the weapon and forced her, Jimmy Scott, 18, and Corey Allen McCall, 18, onto the floor. He then took the cash and fled.

    Ummm....Cory is spelled C O R Y. NO E! He is also not 18! He also was not there and certainly didnt get put on the floor. He also didnt have a shotgun in his house because that is a violation of probation. This thing in this paper could get him in BIG trouble! The robber took the gun in with him...not grabbed it in the house. How on earth could they get it so wrong? I think any cop with a brain would have noticed a person on parole cant have a gun...duh. Cory gave them his ID and told them his age and probation officers name. He wants no trouble. If someone cant read or write or do simple math...well...what can I say...Robeson County education and my IQ are looking better and better!
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    Sounds like the media to me. (Similar sitch with television several years ago.)

    It's good that Cory was laughing about it. Anything he can laugh about, will help.

    I thought the friend was female? Am I missing something?

    This really, really sounds like a setup... from inside...

    Sending you & Cory hugs. Lots of 'em.
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    Evidently the two people that were at his house when he was gone were Amber and Jimmy. Cory and Mandy had left to take her to work. They left Amber in the house because she didnt have to be anywhere and Jimmy lives across the street with his baby. He is back and forth constantly all day long.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I think I would be calling the police headquarters and getting a correct statement Janet - this COULD come back to haunt him....

    We were robbed at our business - the cops got it SO wrong that the robbers could have been arrested and weren't because the report was incorrect.......my boss was livid.

    Just for posterity sake? I called the police and had the report ammended - they sent a deputy out and he didn't get it right either - so I TYPED it out and asked that it be put as an attacment if they weren't going to do their job properly - and their sgt. came to our office and got it right -

    THIRD time was a charm -

    THE GOOD thing here is that had our insurance co. read the first two incorrect reports? WE would NOT have been sent cash to replace the stolen stuff.

    Oh and the stolen stuff - WE HAD THE ROBBERS ON VIDEO - followed them down the road, called the police - and they said "WEll it's your word against theirs."

    -they were trying to get them on a bigger case and let this slide.
  8. Hound dog

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    I'm with Star, Janet. Have Cory go down to the dept and make them make the appropriate corrections in the police report. Last thing he needs is some cop's errors getting him in hot water.

    I hope they catch the guy, ought to be interesting to find out who he is.