have you heard of this, sounds not quite right to me

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    And of course I objected and of course I also sent their email to my legal ed. advocate. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen.

    After the worry that whatever "new" behaviors were too much for this pretty new school Q is in, we said, wait a minute, you haven't even analyzed the behaviors and tried anything. So we discussed and without an assessment they did put into place some new procedures many of which are working well if you go by how the past month has gone, much better overall.

    We still said we want those behaviors analyzed because we want to be proactive. They are now saying they never intended for me to think they wanted Q in a different setting. (SO not true and everyone else who went said that was super condescending to say...they specifically said, we question if this is the right setting, the building is too big, there are vulnerable mothers/babies here, other kids have had to suddenly be placed elsewhere and I'd hate for that to happen to you, I'll set up tours for you to see other schools, etc....why say all of that if they WANTED him there???)

    So, they insisted that their behavior person could do it. Since they did an overall behavior analysis and bip when he came.

    I said she is fine but I want the specific behaviors of concern defined and analyzed and a specific page to address those high risk for his removal from this school behaviors to be addressed.

    So, I waited, they said the plan would be in place to do that by the end of the week and it has been over a week since.

    Here is what she said....

    so, My understanding of that is they all sit down, look at the plan, maybe class data, and just write up things. UMMMM NOT a proper FBA

    OK, fine to update a plan. but even a re-evaluation needs a permission to assess. I think this is a more informal data collection method, not a true assessment and while VERY comprehensive and a good tool....it does not define a specific behavior and truly collect data etc.

    Its just such a head banging against the wall experience here. And I keep on because in the end, Q is doing better.

    And what the heck, why in he77 can't I just meet with the teacher to look at Q's work? If Q is THERE we will discuss NOTHING I will see NOTHING. He has never allowed that.
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    Yea, I would ask them exactly those questions. It doesn't sound right but I'm not sure what about it is nagging me. Did C say or do something to make them backpedal about all the things they said at the last IEP meeting? Something has made them change their tune big time. Personally, I would wait and see what they do and take it from there. See what they actually do and come up with. THEN you'll have something specific to refer to. It might be that they just don't know how to "put things in the right words" (LOL). I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Something is making them keep him all of a sudden. Let it play out and you can always deny their work after it's done unacceptably if it is.
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    Yes, I've had similar things happen but likely for a different reason. Our sd was the master of "stall."

    Did you formally request an FBA?