have you used virtuwell online health?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by buddy, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. buddy

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    I just checked it out as an option for a sinus infection.... only 40 dollars if I use it. So I asked an email question and got a response from someone with an Indian name which is fine but it makes me just wonder if they are actually in the USA? it says it is health partners and uses their logo so is it legal or not?
  2. buddy

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    So I just went to the call me number and it was a real life licensed nurse practitioner and I got a script for an antibiotic and if it doesn't work you get a call back at 7 days and for no extra charge they will change the script. I have had these before and if it does not get better I can go to a real life doctor (in fact I have an appointment next Thurs but can't afford to go twice that appointment even at 50% off is over 90 dollars without any tests......) so I will double check with her then....

    it is freezing here (my furnace works awful when it is this cold so the house is not comfortable either and I am in long johns... Q is not going to do the horsie thing today either...no way) and I have no desire to go out but I will to get my prescription.... I have no time for a sinus infection.
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    Ouch...I just got over one a week or two ago.

    As for the furnace thing....my furnace wasn't working right yesterday. When I went to bed last night it was 60 degrees inside my house. Got up this morning and it was only 54. Called the repair guy and he had it running in 15 minutes. That was 2 1/2 hours ago and it is FINALLY up to 64...but.....with windchills way below zero, it will be awhile before my house is warm enough to take my coat off. UGH

    At least the boys are gone for the week-end. I wouldn't take Q horseback riding either...no way. Stay warm, drink hot chocolate (let the steam rise up your nostrils, wrap up in a nice warm blanket, and read a good book. OR....curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. I think that's what I might do today. WAY too cold to do much of anything....inside AND out.
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    Thanks T. We will. yeah, we are not that cold inside yet. This was a complex designed to look beautiful, has nice amenities and people but really it is cheap construction and our front door has shifted and there is such a gap that even with their fixes we hang a blanket from top to bottom and push things against it.... all the windows have frost built up. Luckily we have a great fire place and it warms up the whole house quickly.

    Got my antibiotic, hope it knocks the sinus thing out. Q says on and off he has a sore throat so I am taking him in too... can't really complain because in terms of routine things we dont get them so much (just the crazy brain tumor stuff, LOL)