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    I didn't want to jinx myself, but difficult child is doing quite well right now. The psychiatrist added buspar to her medications, and it has brought her anxiety level down alot. She has actually told people that she is excited to back to school!! I about passed out when I heard her say that. She has a boyfriend right now. We have only met him a couple times, but he seems nice, and she is quite happy about it. So, that is a good thing.

    School starts on the 25th. I am really nervous, but hopeful. She has been more like a typical teen with her whining and moaning. That I can handle. I can't remember the last time she raged. And, she has been giving hugs, and has shown some empathy. I am very very excited and hoping that it will continue.

    husband and I are a little worried about how difficult child will deal with easy child heading off to college. They have an odd relationship. They are not bff's, don't really go and do things together, but they would throw themselves in front of a bus for each other. They tease each other, torture each other, make jokes about each other, but no one else can even think about doing that without the wrath of the other sister coming down on them.

    So, continued pretzeling and rattling that difficult child continues to do well.
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    I am glad to hear that something is working and that she seems to be on an even keel. difficult child 1 is in a similar place (don't get me started on difficult child 2). The relationship between your two sounds a lot like mine. difficult child 2 is leaving tomorrow for a week and a half and they are both saying they're glad to be away from each other but the truth is, difficult child 1 gets "out of sorts" when difficult child 2 isn't around. I hope difficult child handles it okay. Do you have a way for them to Skype or something similar with video so they can "see" each other while they talk? For difficult child 2, that was a HUGE help when my niece (whom difficult child 2 was attached to at the hip) went off to college.

    Here's hoping. **fingers crossed**
  3. TeDo - Great idea for easy child and difficult child to keep in touch with each other.

    Stressed - I'm glad things are going well for difficult child and she is doing so much better. I remember how awful things were for you last spring. Good to hear that things are getting better. Gives me hope!

    Will say a prayer that difficult child handles easy child going off to college well.
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    Stressed-glad to hear that difficult child is doing so well! I hope things continue and that she does well with easy child heading off to college. by the way, my difficult child just started the Buspar and we are hoping for some reduction in his anxiety. We were told it could take 4 weeks to really see any effect. He's only been on it for 5 days. He has seemed somewhat less anxious the past two days but we'll see if that continues.
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    Sharon, we saw results almost right away. (Or should I say difficult child felt the results almost right away.) We did have to up the dose at her last appointment. She is now at 10mg twice a day. It really seems to bring her anxiety down. It isn't perfect, but it is better. We have explained that she needs to work on getting past some of the anxiety on her own with coping behaviors not just rely on medications. The horse has been a huge help also. She really relaxes and is herself out at the barn.

    And skyping is a great idea. They both have accts. I will have to make sure that they talk to each other. I didn't even think of that. Thanks for the idea Tedo.
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    I'm no expert, but I think that this is alot more common that we realize. It's that old, "You better not touch my sister or you'll have to deal with me, but I can beat the :censored2: out of her if I want to" thing. I see that in my kids, too.

    When does easy child leave for college? It will be an adjustment at first for everyone, but gradually difficult child will get used to her being at school. It might even be good for difficult child. With her doing better she will get more positive one on one time with you and her dad. Not that I'm saying that she doesn't get one on one time now (please don't take it that way) but when there is only one kid in the house you don't have to fight so hard for attention. Know what I mean?

    I'm glad to hear that difficult child is doing better. Hopefully, this will be a better school year for her.
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    SM... we had the same thing with most of the medications difficult child is on. We had to tweak dosage, but right from the initial level there was some impact. Really helps when it is that way.