Haven't been around much - Missed you all!

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    Hi everyone! Havent been here much. My s/o's aunt passed away, in her mid-50's, lung cancer. We were out of town for a bit for that. It was a very sad few days. His cousins are now parentless in their very early 20's. Their father was murdered when they were younger, in their home at night, with them all home at the time. They tripped on him as they fled the house. They must be reeling to lose their mother so young as well.

    On a better note, my Matthew turned 17 years old yesterday!!!! He's still not big on celebrating himself so it was low key. He was home with a eye infection so we just spent a lazy day together, ordered dinner (his fav restaurant) and watched movies together until pretty late in the evening. Only blip was his bio-dad sent first card ever received in his entire life. He almost let himself get a bit happy to see the mail sitting there for him. Until he realized his bio-dads new girlfriend had picked the card (a very mushy one, about the close bond of a father and son *Yeah right!*) and had also signed it. So the doofus couldnt bother to at least take 20 seconds to sign it. She instead did, signing it "I love you My Son" and putting little swirly hearts and x's and o's. That gave Matt pause for a minute, then he laughed it off and said he shouldn't have been surprised and that if she was going to pretend to be a father, a father should have put a few nice bills inside. He was being cheeky and he is not greedy, just his way of turning the hurt to a joke. He tossed the card out, said he'd have kept it if his dad sent it. And moved on with his day. It is amazing to see this kid turn into a man I tell you all. He'll graduate next year from high school and has 2 different courses he plans to choose between for post secondary studies. This from the kid that brought me here to you all 10 years ago and kept me here in tears for years. Progress is fantastic and I felt so blessed yesterday.

    For those of you who offered good thoughts/prayers etc for my foster moms son needing the heart transplant:
    J is still hanging in there. He's alive with no heart in his body. Every day brings new trials, leaking tubes, tubes not draining, lungs filling with fluid, etc. But they trouble shoot the problems and get him back to as good as he can be under the circumstances. He is desperate for a organ donation, I can't imagine the disappointment when they found a heart and it was too large for him :(. His parents are truly warriors, handling this with such bravery and courage and inspiring their J to continue to keep his spirits up. The surgeon who took out his heart and set him up with this new technology, is a firm believer in kids not being allowed to get depressed, he has studied his patients death and survival rates in conjunction with frame of mind. He managed twice now, with nurses none too happy with him, to hook J up to whatever was needed, to carefully transfer him to a special chair and to take him out on a short tour on his floor to a large fish tank and to get some sun through windows. Apparently J's spirits revived after his little journey's. That's one smart doctor!! I'm sure they would appreciate any prayers you may be able to continue to send. It is becoming very urgent now, nearly a month into this new way of keeping J alive, and he really does need that transplant asap, regardless of how well he is coping. Everyone knows that this can't last forever.

    Have I missed anything exciting lately? Other than missing you all?
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    It's good to see you Melissa. I'm glad difficult child didn't let the card ruin his day. That is one tough baby...Prayers being said.
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    Also glad the card didn't ruin his birthday. And hey, at least the girlfriend thought of his special day and took time out to acknowledge it. That's something, rather nice of her to do.

    Baby is in my prayers nightly, as are his parents. I can't imagine going thru all of that.