Haven't posted in a looong time, but still needy?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by tawnya, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. tawnya

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    I was posting several years ago, and now I'm back.

    You know, just when when you think you have a handle on a regular life because difficult child is gone, from your HOUSE, I mean, not from your lives....

    A month ago I was all set to post here about what an amazing turnaround that difficult child had done. Then....one Monday morning about a month ago, I went to pick up difficult child for work, and she didn't come out. I was a little worried because she had just moved out about six months agon into her own apartment. You all here understand how unsettling that is in inself, right? Anyway, this day I went to get her, no one came out, the dog didn't bark when I knocked, and the storm door was sprung open. I went to the office, but it was not open for another hour. I called husband with my concerns, but he brushed it off saying "you know difficult child, she probably got a ride and didn't tell us." OK.

    Then, later that afternoon, difficult child called husband and said that she didn't need a ride home from work because she was going to walk. husband said that is too far to walk (3 Miles) and she said no it wasn't because I MOVED! What? She had moved over the weekend without telling anyone. Some lady from work helped her and she gave the lady her new washer and dryer, which was a present from her mom, for helping her!

    She moved into a pretty crappy neighborhood because her rent went up $50 per month.

    Once again, she didn't think of the people that drive her to and from work (she can't drive) or how she used to walk to the grocery store, etc. etc. etc.

    Her dad is ticked off, but this time I am letting him handle it on his own.

    Oh, and when he asked her why she didn't tell anyone that she was moving? She anwered that she didn't have to tell anyone anything.

    I hope she has snow boots.
  2. judi

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    Aw Tawnya - sorry for the upset your daughter caused! Welcome back. These kids sometimes just don't think. Glad she is okay.
  3. branbran

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    It's like we are walking the tightrope and never know when we will fall. Sorry for the interruption to the "normal life", you just never know when the rug is going to slip right out from under you. I guess we just have to cherish the peaceful moments and brace ourselves for the storms. Hang in there. :smile:
  4. goldenguru

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    Welcome back.

    I'm sure this is all frustrating to you. Just when you think life is calm ... a storm rolls in. *sigh*

    Your daughter is 22. Sounds like she still has a little 'attitude'. What else can you do but let go? She'll have to worry about getting to work ... the grocery store, etc. Try to let it be her problem.

    Again ... welcome back.
  5. KFld

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    She sounds pretty selfish. I would just let her ride this one out and stay out of it. Of course she has the right to move anywhere she wants, but telling the people she knew would be picking her up for a ride would have been a nice thing to do!!

    I think the attitude about hoping she has snow boots is a good one. Just keep thinking thoughts like that. Puts the responsibility on her.